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    I updated the java and it didn't fix it. I did however re-download the IC2 jar file. All seems to be working now :). many thanks for the assist... though now i feel kinda stupid for not thinking it through haha.

    No, you needed to update Java because you had serious security holes...

    About the corrupt jar, many people have had issues with that. Just keep downloading til you get a ~2.4 megabyte file.

    Let's get things straight here... I doubt anyone is against mod packs.
    Mod packs are great for newbies and insecure people to get into mods. We are lucky this isn't OTTD or everybody would be using mod packs. OTTD requires you to combile C++ code to insert addons.

    I shall repeat where i stand on the matter:

    • I dislike adfly etc links. They are totally pointless and only makes downloading the mods painful. Especially when ALL parts of a mod (BC, RP2) are linked through one adfly link each. I simply open the first one (with adblocker of course) and then manually make a list of all files from the "direct" download site they have behind their adfly links.
    • I don't agree with the restrictive copyrights modders use... They hamper the community and doesn't serve the modders that much really. What are they afraid of? That someone will mod their mods? (Double moral if anything)
    • Even if i disagree with the above two, i respect their wishes, after all they are the ones making the mods. They at least have a say in how they want to use the mods. If we start crapping in their face then they may stop making said mods and as such no Technic pack and no mods for ANYONE. Now who's the e-hero?
    • Thus, i think adding mods to a pack without permission is even worse than trying to stop the Technic pack in it's track because some thousand noobs doesn't know how to use an archiver and copy files around. (It's that simple)

    I am not sure what exactly you are trying to say.

    Hah, i am not so sure myself now that i read your post again. But either way, if one is using MFE's or MFSU's transforming it to LV and then transferring it using transformer hax (yeah, it's exploiting IC2's voltage rather than current mechanics and the transformers ability to turn one large packet into several small ones or several small ones into a large one.)

    But meh, i actually prefer to just stay out of it. Just saying because this discussion about using LV lines to transmit 128 EU/t really bothers me. It's not intended behavior and should be patched. Then there would be no discussion about LV vs EV.

    EDIT: And once again, i am probably making zero sense.


    I think you forgot to mention the added benefit of 600,000 EU (or 10 million with MFSU's) storage over just 40,000 EU storage with a LV system. I use MFE's/MFSU's to store power in, not to transmit power over long distances.
    Now, since i already have HV i might as well convert it to EV for long distance transfer.

    Ice stacks meaning only 1 free spot would be needed in the reactor. So i think in theory you should be able to run this baby:

    Unless it can only use up 1 iceblock per tick from that stack. If that is the case iam just creating a nuclear bomb on my world. Then you could go with this:

    No, the reactor only takes one item out of a stack per reactor tick. You need enough stacks to cool the heat added each reactor tick.
    I initially thought as you do that a number of ice would be consumed in a stack but that ended up in lava, fire and other hilarity.


    Another thing though about these snow golems... They where added after MC 1.9 and IC2 buffed ice in 1.337 (prior to the 1.0.0 port) and now i am starting to think that ICE is OP with Snow Golems capable of creating it soo freely.
    But then again, EE fed reactors are also OP... Except, Snow Golems exist in vanilla minecraft and as such has to exist in all games with IC2 in it.

    If i am not mistaken, rubber trees are placed on a per chunk basis during generation and they are placed in the center of the chunk. "Gridding" can occur if many rubber trees spawn in chunks close to each other. The possibility of this happening is greater in swamp biomes.

    If that isn't the case then you are very lucky to find such a formation.

    First of all, you are using the Technic pack... As such i should flame you and not be helpful one tiny bit...

    But, the miner will ignore Copper and Tin from mods that doesn't add it as a valuable ore type. The miner will only mine the ores it has been set up to mine.

    There is a line in the config that allows you to set the value of certain ores. It might be possible to add other block ID's there to make it mine those too. But that is just a maybe!

    Ice CASUC: 1
    Bucket CASUC: 0

    I would be more inclined to say
    Ice CASUC: 1
    Bucket CASUC: 1

    It's not like bucket CASUC doesn't work... If however you would say that this design is better than a bucket CASUC i could somewhat agree.
    Question is, what is the EU/t rate after those singularity compressors? They DO consume energy mind you. I think it's 16 EU/t per compressor. From what i can see there are 4 of them so that's 64 EU/t spent. 1820 - 64 = 1,756
    Now, with a bucket CASUC you are not going to need a bunch of singularity compressors (expensive stuff) and it produces 1740 EU/t in safe mode and can survive with 1,770 if you feel adventurous.

    So this design produces 16 EU/t more and costs alot more to build. (You seem to care a great deal about spending a few extra resources Rick so how did you miss that?)


    Very nice idea, didn't even know snow golems existed let alone produced an endless amount of snow like that.

    Yeah, that's all fine and well.

    They didn't ask for permission first = bad manners.
    They received permission after the fact and apologized = All is forgiven.

    They still have X number of mods in their pack that they haven't received permission to use = They still don't give a rats ass about other peoples work.
    They still have X number of mods in their pack that they have been asked to remove but refuse to remove = They are being asshats about it.

    All of this could have been solved if they had spent some extra time asking first and adding later.
    And further more, taking in that many mods and releasing a mod pack means they will ultimately have to deal with all the support requests for said pack.

    If someone is using Techinc pack i will redirect them to the Technic pack thread/forums/whatever they have if they run into a problem.
    And i will still suggest they DON'T use Technic pack for the above reasons and the fact that installing mods isn't rocket science... Heck, even installing the Rocket Science addon isn't rocket science. ;)

    Do you have a good example of a continuous use case where this would make sense?
    I just don't see a use for it as it stands. I would much rather have a detector that detects how much energy is stored in a batbox/MFE/MFSU.

    Consumption rate is not that important to me I just need to know when i need to start my generators to meet demands.
    Though the "power network" thread might see a need for a meter that shows how much current has passed it in the last X minutes or so.

    Nope, broad and sweeping statement from someone who doesn't know the mod well there. Redstone engines *can't* overheat as long as they have work to do, such as say... running a pump.
    I've got 2 pumps in my world that are powered by redstone engines, all of which have been stable for a very long time.

    Restone engines CAN'T overheat (Explode) unless they are fed by another engine. Leaving a redstone engine alone and powered will make it turn red and have it's max potential energy stored. It will not explode unless fed energy by another BC compatible engine. Unreachable code for Redstone engines until being fed energy externally.

    Redstone engines CAN explode even when attached to a quarry IF they are fed power from say a combustion engine. They can only release 1 MJ of energy per revolution and the combustion engine will feed it 125 MJ per revolution on fuel.

    BC engines only explode when they have 100% energy/heat stored in them. And redstone engines only check for this condition when fed energy externally.

    What, you mean green exploding wangs, countless undead, spiders bigger then a grown man, taking 8 cubic meters of gold and putting it into a apple(which then becomes able to cure any wound, save death), weird dust which can power damn near anything, interdimensional travel, giant flying jellyfish which shoot fireballs at you, rocks which emit as much light as the sun, slenderman knockoffs which can teleport, and the ability to carry 2304 cubic meters of stuff without a backback isn't "Magic" enough for you?
    Face the facts: Minecraft is a Fantasy genre game, even if it IS a sandbox. Magic comes with the genre, and is often omni-present.

    ...Though yeah, Coal has MUCH better uses then simply burning it. I had a double chest full of it on one world.

    I don't see mobs as magic (though i have a hard time with endermen and skeletons) i just see them as a badly skinned version of the real life equivalent. (Mind you, i only go to the nether for lightstone dust and ONLY that, i hate the nether)

    Zombies = My mom when i wake her up in the morning.
    Creepers = I live in the concrete jungle, i see them everywhere... They just don't go *sssssSSSSSSSS* yet and explode on me.
    Spiders = Something really bad was released into the environment and made then grow extremely large and very angry at night because they suffer from insomnia.

    They could all just as well be...

    Zombies -> Angry mobs.
    Creepers -> Jihadists
    Spiders -> Spiders, just smaller and very hostile at that and nearly impossible to kill with a sword... Bring a flame thrower!

    As for carrying capacity... That is really all about GAME BALANCE. A lot of people claim the game "Armed Assault 2" is the most realistic game of all time. Yet, a soldier carrying a M240 machine gun and a AT4 launcher as well as more ammo than 2 people normally would can run over 4 kilometers in the same time as someone who wears nothing but his undies.
    We can carry that much because how fun would it be if we had to drag stuff out of our mineshafts a few rocks at a time? We dig mineshafts that hold MILLIONS of tonnes of rock in 1 hour. Say we dug out 5 million metric tons. out of a 50x2 meter long tunnel. we would have to make 200 trips back and forth just to empty the ROCKS out of that tunnel. We would probably find a few nuggest of gold and iron. After having spent more than 200 hours hauling rock...


    You see, there is a clear distinct line between what is game balance for FUN and magic lalala stuff that only little girls who watch sparkling vampires should like.

    You only get 1 Coal dust by design... Coal is a precious resource in IC2, you can make diamonds out of it. Coal is rather abundant in the world so getting one dust out of it makes perfect sense to me.
    As for diamonds. I kinda have to agree but running a diamond block in a macerator... Diamonds would tear the macerator apart and would stay diamonds.

    Maybe a diamond drill upgrade that not only gives you the ore or diamonds as you mine but also gives you a 3rd resource like some diamond dust which can be used to lessen the cost of making industrial diamonds or can be used on the chainsaw to make a diamond chainsaw.
    Or used as a macerator upgrade to make it macerate faster?

    Industrial Enhancer (not enchanter) and chemistry lab... I approve!

    Just remove any mention of Enchanting and potions and make it use real ingredients like sulfur, dry ice and hydroperoxides etc. Add more diamonds to your diamond drill and make it break down into a normal diamond drill again after a while etc. The effect would be you get dusts as you mine instead of ore blocks.

    I don't know really. It's problematic too, improvements IMHO should be temporary. Having a super diamond drill that gives you 2 blocks (magic) is really not that great. Making it dig faster when we are already nearly at the limit of how fast it can dig without looking totally stupid is also kinda silly.

    Maybe a mining drill that drills two blocks really fast and inserts a dynamite stick in the hole. It consumes energy AND dynamite sticks. I has a cooldown of .5 seconds before it can dig another 2 block hole and insert a new stick. Perfect for clearing out large underground areas if you have dynamite, useless without dynamite.