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    It's not Lava that's overpowered. It's Nether/MystCraft Lava.
    I wouldn't mind if Overworld Lava was that good, because it is hard to find and not plentiful, Nether is just too easy.

    Greg, are there any plans for an Iridium Anvil?

    I wish I could upvote posts here.

    Both the fact that someone else seems to understand the underlying issue with ANY mod using lava for fuel for one of their machines ends up basically boiling down to everyone using only that machine to get their power, and the actually pretty cool idea of a Iridium Anvil makes me want to upvote your post.

    Just think, it could work like a normal anvil(even down to falling on peoples heads and squishing them), but could be used forever without it breaking, and the EXP cost to repair items doesn't go up. Or maybe there IS no EXP cost while using it, which would be kind of insanely good, actually. Like, borderline "Overpowered". Except the anvil isn't all that powerful anyway. You can repair items in it, or rename them. Sugoi. Making a super expensive version which can do all this for free isn't all that powerful. It'd be like making a fusion powered toilet paper dispenser. And the fusion engine only works if it's being used to dispense toilet paper.

    it's supposed to be for galacticraft. If it doesn't work, bug micdoodle I guess? :P the api changed a bit once, so make sure you have the latest/dev versions of both...

    Doesn't really bug me if it doesn't work(the air sealing thingy I mean) because I haven't built a spaceship yet(nor will I get a chance to soon what with the challenge I'm getting ready to do), and I enjoy hearing about all the people who it didn't work for and silently laughing my ass off.

    I grabbed the update and decided to try all the new cool things.
    Noticed that my suit looked pretty lame(but I didn't really care) and then noticed that there were several new toys. Tried firing the buzzsaw thing, thought it was pretty nice, tried the plasma weapon again and noted a red bar went up a bit. Tried using the rail gun, managed to fire two shots(at max power, like every other thing I could configure) and noticed | was on fire and the bar was way above the top.
    Death message was just some debug print.(as in didn't say "YX33A got baked/roasted/cooked" or "YX33A forgot to fix the fire detector" when I died but instead said something like "user.heatdeath")

    TIL(or rather yesterday) that rail guns get hot if you fire them too fast. And it is likely that today I'll learn about the air sealed upgrade and what it does, which I would guess is for MystCraft travel safety? Because it doesn't work with Galactic Craft which has lead to many people dieing in space trying to figure out why they can't connect their air tanks to the suit.

    I know one can use Forcium in a Mass Fab and I constantly wonder why one would want to(I mean, it's as good as scrap but way more valuable).
    At least that's how it was in ThunderDark's last version.

    Basically I am in the same boat; you should get roughly the same amount of energy saved by using forcium in a extractor to power a field as you would using it in a mass fab. Thus it's just a straight link between the amplifier bonus and the new field generation bonus in my eyes. Of course, this does mean you should boost the value of Forcium in a mass fab as well.

    Anyway, the constant toll of "ZOMG NEW FEATURES" is wearing on me with Cal's version. You know you are using a mod by him when you download the latest build, make tea, open minecraft and find out there's a new build with a new feature waiting for testing. I haven't even had a chance to play really today what with all the hell I've put myself through to get my Complete Bullshit 2.0: More Bullshit install working. What little I did play I was chasing pigs with a battle sign to steal their hats. Eventually upgraded to a rapier simply for the lower invulnerability time for them so I could murder them faster.
    Long story short Hats is awesome. And I'm tempted to make a straw and drink that brown lake because that might clean it up a bit, even if I'm liable to die in the process.

    I suppose I just miss the old way of doing it. Well, how I always thought it worked anyway. You could run massive fields... with a massive infrastructure. A CASUC reactor could in theory generate enough power to run the system which protects your base from monsters back then(in my head canon).
    I wouldn't mind using Forcium except it's kind of hard large amounts of it some times.

    I would love a way to simply jam more energy into a device and have it run on nothing but energy... But alas, I use GregTech so using the Matter Fabricator means I'm almost always not going to have a surplus of UUM. I suppose a way to generate forcium in a fusion reactor wouldn't hurt for us who use GregTech. Well, I'm getting off topic because I have currently got Cal's version installed so I can see if it can run without green rocks.

    I'm still trying to decide if I want to use this version of MFFS. I mean, there are three versions now. Cal's with it's super fancy graphics(but I think it can generate the fields without any weird resources), this one(true to the v2 by thunderdark, thus will need weird ores but doesn't have insanely fancy graphics), or Immibis's version(no ores needed but doesn't have some of the v2 features).

    Truth be told, I'm still kind of pissed that Cal decided to remove the in game manual from the multitool. Not a really big deal, it's just that AFAIK he hasn't added a different way to look up how things work in game.
    But that's all kind of moot because I'm quick enough to catch on usually.

    Long story short I wish one didn't need to mine that stuff to generate fields.

    Also, what you would want is actually a radiological bomb. It doesnt make THAT big of an explosion but cuases a ton of Nuclear fallout within a few miles, making the area completely uninhabitable due to near-instant death on breathing in the Fallout. Or a Biological bomb that spreads from Animal to animal and kills everything like in the Time Riders series.

    Sounds like what you actually want is a "Dirty Nuke", which is based around spreading nuclear waste basically. Or maybe a "Salted Nuke", which leaves highly irradiated chunks in the affected area. But I personally would want a Neutron Explosive, which has no real explosive power, but emits a lot of Neutron Radiation, which can kill damn near anything in the area affected, passes through pretty much everything, and best of all, leaves no fallout.

    And in order to make a "radiological bomb" spread fallout for a few miles, you would need a very potent explosive(likely a Fuel-Air bomb) and a hell of a lot of nuclear waste. A radiological bomb is just a fancy name for a dirty nuke, which is just a conventional explosive which has a bunch of nuclear waste strapped to it. You're better off using a Salted Nuke for your plans to Salt The Earth.

    Speaking of the Chemical Reactor, I have a suggestion. Chlorine Trifluoride. IRL it's used mostly for uranium reprocessing, producing Uranium Hexafluoride, which I suggest can be used to produce more cells for your reactor then if you just used uranium. A more complex way of producing fissile materials for your reactor with a greater output per uranium. Also Chlorine Trifluoride was suggested for as rocket fuel for NASA IIRC, so using it in a semi-fluid reactor might be good for some EU production.

    This would give use for Chloride Cells, which do nothing but look nice, and Fluoride Cells, which I think also just look nice.

    So in my opinion, the only thing which beats mining by hand is mining by hand with better tools and ways to detect resources. Frame quarries are massive world eaters, BC quarries are just as bad, except you have to move them by hand and they leave a mess behind, and Turtles are just a more complex world eating system. Personally I would try using Railcraft Tunnel Bores if not for the lack of a Ender Chest cart(which has been in the pipeline for a long time but no mention has been made in ages), and the fact that they can't dump more then 30 blocks of ballast in one spot, meaning they will fail to get past most underground Ravines(and I often find them).

    I guess I'll give Steves Carts another go once I get my game running faster. I like mining by handy because I can use a silk touch tool to mine things like coal or lapis and send it through some grinders, but I also like the idea of using Steves Carts because they are easy to automate. And a mix of the two is a good idea, when I need specific resources I can go gather them by hand, but when I just need bulk resources, I can send out a cart.

    I have a easy way of beating mining by hand now. The Wand of Excavation(with Treasure and Recharging) and a Thaumium Pickaxe(with silk touch and repair). I plan on making a Arcane Bore one day, just to see how it works. I might make a frame mining system with one later, depending on how well it works.

    If you're adding a apiarist suit armor upgrade, you should also add a scoop upgrade for the multitool. I found out the hard way that one can't use the pickaxe mode on the multitool to gather bees from their hives.
    In addition, I might as well request a integrated mining laser. It's one of the things which can gather bees oddly enough, as can the Dig spell from Ars Magicka.

    Oh, and that reminds me, if it's at all possible(not sure if there is a API or method for it), I think some magic defenses for the suit would be nice if one is using Ars Magicka.

    That being said, I managed to make a suit and multitool with GregTech recently. It's just basic plating, a pickaxe, the diamond upgrade, and the power fist upgrade, though. Well, and colorizers to make it orange.

    Though the armor seems a bit bugged. I have full protection level on my basic plating(all four of them), I'm super slow(I don't even bother sprinting because it's not faster), but I only get 3.5 armor from it all. Tested with version 0.20-45(which is what the server I'm on is using). Anyway, going to try with the latest build to see if it's working as intended there.

    EDIT: Seems to be. I had four max size basic armor plates and had a full bar of armor. Could barely move, though.
    Also, it looks like the Invisibility upgrade works in SSP, but oddly. I was able to use it, and turn invisible, but when I turned it off, it didn't go away. As in, my armor was there, but I wasn't(I had the invisibility upgrade linked to my suit vanishing upgrades). Other then that, it was very cool. I also tested the mode switching, and it's somewhat confusing to switch tools and try to remember what tool is what by icon alone some times. Might I suggest making the active tool show in the name of the tool? That way when you switch tools, it will show you what tool you have active under your hotbar for a bit.

    Fun fact. One of my friend made Thermite, but wasn't able to ignite it, due to high temperature needed (he hadn't raw magnesium, sadly ^^). So I know how to do it: 2/3 Fe03 (I'm the sure about this oxyde, that could also be Fe2O4, FeO2 ... I just don't remember ^^) and 1/3 Aluminium, both turned into very pure dusts.

    Hence why I'm suggesting Thermate. It's a Military Grade Anti-Material Incendiary. Easier to use, and more complex to produce.
    Wiki 'dat shit
    (also 2/3s iron oxide 1/3 powdered aluminum sounds about right. I'd be willing to bet your friend used a mix of Fe2O3·nH2O and FeO(OH)·Fe(OH)3), though, but still, it works out about the same for DIYers)


    Quoted from "YX33A"

    I was trying to upgrade the Industrial Blast Furnace in the crafting room, but I was only able to replace one block with the new Chrome Machine Casing, due to block protection, so the thing still isn't at 3k heat, though I have all the parts needed to hit that heat level.
    Also, I made a Power Armor Tinker Table for the crafting room, because I noticed there wasn't one.
    Dude, you're playing a lot ^^. I can't do that for now. But I may do that when we'll have a PvP world :D

    I just joined yesterday, and started playing this morning. I made them with some spare UUM.

    I'll put them in the lost and found for now.

    Hydrochloric Acid? Why not also add hydrofluoric acid, for uranium processing, and "Other" uses.
    *Insert Evil Laugh*

    Ok, something odd I've noticed, but can't understand. I can't make Sticky Resin Torches with GregTech installed. Yet I can't find a configuration option to enable them.
    This is my only real gripe with GregTech ATM, because I always used Resin Torches when I had a surplus of rubber. I actually prefer Resin Torches because they are easy to make and allow one to use up spare resin instead of coal/charcoal, which while Charcoal is basically free, it's a PITA to smelt up enough charcoal for the amount of torches I use.

    In short, Greg, Y U no have Resin Torches in Configs?

    You had me at "Self Destruct Mechanism". Scale up the explosion for wiping out everything in the area, scale it down for tamper-proofing a room.
    Personally, I want Thermate for defending important objects from foes. Mostly Computers and Turtles from Computer Craft, as well as stuff in Redpower 2 on computers.
    Doesn't matter if it would ruin the object, if it prevents your ICBM launch codes from falling into enemy hands, it's useful. More useful for PvP servers with ICBM, but any mod which adds items which can be used for large scale destruction could benefit from adding Thermate to protect it from falling into someone who you don't trust's hands. Even a linkbook from MystCraft could benefit if it links straight into your base.

    Plus, Thermate is great for burning everything. Add a few thermite cells to your Variable Yield Explosive, and you can clear anything from a room that isn't able to ignore the heat.
    Note, I'm suggesting Thermate, not Thermite. Thermite is needed to craft Thermate, but Thermate is a military grade incendiary, meant for either destroying sensitive documents, or ruining objects very quietly(no explosion means not much noise).

    Also, variable yield explosives could be handy for mining. Not just room clearing, but actual mining. If you can make a shaped charge with it, one could use it form strip mining everything but ores. Personally, I would love Variable Yield Explosives. Mostly because my current fail-safe is just a bunch of ICBM nukes scattered across my base. Not very clean.
    I would give two stacks of UUM for a better way to scour my base of life. Plus a T5 enderman soul shard if it can clean both a big base or a small one, without undo damage to the world.

    Dear Christ almighty, over 10k lapis used on that design Truc. Unless you have a epic setup which shuts off the reactor after it pulses once, that's gonna explode in a instant. And you'll likely have to manually rebuild the condensators.
    Please tell me you tested that and it worked. Because while it's utterly INSANE, it might just make me get into IC2 nuclear reactors.

    Look at the uses for the nether star in NEI (assuming it is not a hidden recipe).

    Unless it was added recently, it's a hidden recipe.
    Checked for uses for Nether Stars when I added Xeno's Reliquary. In fact, I check nether star uses quite often, just because when I update GregTech, I look to see if there are any more "Magic" blocks.
    EDIT: Yup, it's more recent. Or at least not hidden anymore.