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    it's supposed to be for galacticraft. If it doesn't work, bug micdoodle I guess? :P the api changed a bit once, so make sure you have the latest/dev versions of both...

    Doesn't really bug me if it doesn't work(the air sealing thingy I mean) because I haven't built a spaceship yet(nor will I get a chance to soon what with the challenge I'm getting ready to do), and I enjoy hearing about all the people who it didn't work for and silently laughing my ass off.

    I grabbed the update and decided to try all the new cool things.
    Noticed that my suit looked pretty lame(but I didn't really care) and then noticed that there were several new toys. Tried firing the buzzsaw thing, thought it was pretty nice, tried the plasma weapon again and noted a red bar went up a bit. Tried using the rail gun, managed to fire two shots(at max power, like every other thing I could configure) and noticed | was on fire and the bar was way above the top.
    Death message was just some debug print.(as in didn't say "YX33A got baked/roasted/cooked" or "YX33A forgot to fix the fire detector" when I died but instead said something like "user.heatdeath")

    TIL(or rather yesterday) that rail guns get hot if you fire them too fast. And it is likely that today I'll learn about the air sealed upgrade and what it does, which I would guess is for MystCraft travel safety? Because it doesn't work with Galactic Craft which has lead to many people dieing in space trying to figure out why they can't connect their air tanks to the suit.

    I know one can use Forcium in a Mass Fab and I constantly wonder why one would want to(I mean, it's as good as scrap but way more valuable).
    At least that's how it was in ThunderDark's last version.

    Basically I am in the same boat; you should get roughly the same amount of energy saved by using forcium in a extractor to power a field as you would using it in a mass fab. Thus it's just a straight link between the amplifier bonus and the new field generation bonus in my eyes. Of course, this does mean you should boost the value of Forcium in a mass fab as well.

    Anyway, the constant toll of "ZOMG NEW FEATURES" is wearing on me with Cal's version. You know you are using a mod by him when you download the latest build, make tea, open minecraft and find out there's a new build with a new feature waiting for testing. I haven't even had a chance to play really today what with all the hell I've put myself through to get my Complete Bullshit 2.0: More Bullshit install working. What little I did play I was chasing pigs with a battle sign to steal their hats. Eventually upgraded to a rapier simply for the lower invulnerability time for them so I could murder them faster.
    Long story short Hats is awesome. And I'm tempted to make a straw and drink that brown lake because that might clean it up a bit, even if I'm liable to die in the process.

    I suppose I just miss the old way of doing it. Well, how I always thought it worked anyway. You could run massive fields... with a massive infrastructure. A CASUC reactor could in theory generate enough power to run the system which protects your base from monsters back then(in my head canon).
    I wouldn't mind using Forcium except it's kind of hard large amounts of it some times.

    I would love a way to simply jam more energy into a device and have it run on nothing but energy... But alas, I use GregTech so using the Matter Fabricator means I'm almost always not going to have a surplus of UUM. I suppose a way to generate forcium in a fusion reactor wouldn't hurt for us who use GregTech. Well, I'm getting off topic because I have currently got Cal's version installed so I can see if it can run without green rocks.

    I'm still trying to decide if I want to use this version of MFFS. I mean, there are three versions now. Cal's with it's super fancy graphics(but I think it can generate the fields without any weird resources), this one(true to the v2 by thunderdark, thus will need weird ores but doesn't have insanely fancy graphics), or Immibis's version(no ores needed but doesn't have some of the v2 features).

    Truth be told, I'm still kind of pissed that Cal decided to remove the in game manual from the multitool. Not a really big deal, it's just that AFAIK he hasn't added a different way to look up how things work in game.
    But that's all kind of moot because I'm quick enough to catch on usually.

    Long story short I wish one didn't need to mine that stuff to generate fields.

    So in my opinion, the only thing which beats mining by hand is mining by hand with better tools and ways to detect resources. Frame quarries are massive world eaters, BC quarries are just as bad, except you have to move them by hand and they leave a mess behind, and Turtles are just a more complex world eating system. Personally I would try using Railcraft Tunnel Bores if not for the lack of a Ender Chest cart(which has been in the pipeline for a long time but no mention has been made in ages), and the fact that they can't dump more then 30 blocks of ballast in one spot, meaning they will fail to get past most underground Ravines(and I often find them).

    I guess I'll give Steves Carts another go once I get my game running faster. I like mining by handy because I can use a silk touch tool to mine things like coal or lapis and send it through some grinders, but I also like the idea of using Steves Carts because they are easy to automate. And a mix of the two is a good idea, when I need specific resources I can go gather them by hand, but when I just need bulk resources, I can send out a cart.

    I have a easy way of beating mining by hand now. The Wand of Excavation(with Treasure and Recharging) and a Thaumium Pickaxe(with silk touch and repair). I plan on making a Arcane Bore one day, just to see how it works. I might make a frame mining system with one later, depending on how well it works.

    If you're adding a apiarist suit armor upgrade, you should also add a scoop upgrade for the multitool. I found out the hard way that one can't use the pickaxe mode on the multitool to gather bees from their hives.
    In addition, I might as well request a integrated mining laser. It's one of the things which can gather bees oddly enough, as can the Dig spell from Ars Magicka.

    Oh, and that reminds me, if it's at all possible(not sure if there is a API or method for it), I think some magic defenses for the suit would be nice if one is using Ars Magicka.

    That being said, I managed to make a suit and multitool with GregTech recently. It's just basic plating, a pickaxe, the diamond upgrade, and the power fist upgrade, though. Well, and colorizers to make it orange.

    Though the armor seems a bit bugged. I have full protection level on my basic plating(all four of them), I'm super slow(I don't even bother sprinting because it's not faster), but I only get 3.5 armor from it all. Tested with version 0.20-45(which is what the server I'm on is using). Anyway, going to try with the latest build to see if it's working as intended there.

    EDIT: Seems to be. I had four max size basic armor plates and had a full bar of armor. Could barely move, though.
    Also, it looks like the Invisibility upgrade works in SSP, but oddly. I was able to use it, and turn invisible, but when I turned it off, it didn't go away. As in, my armor was there, but I wasn't(I had the invisibility upgrade linked to my suit vanishing upgrades). Other then that, it was very cool. I also tested the mode switching, and it's somewhat confusing to switch tools and try to remember what tool is what by icon alone some times. Might I suggest making the active tool show in the name of the tool? That way when you switch tools, it will show you what tool you have active under your hotbar for a bit.

    Dear Christ almighty, over 10k lapis used on that design Truc. Unless you have a epic setup which shuts off the reactor after it pulses once, that's gonna explode in a instant. And you'll likely have to manually rebuild the condensators.
    Please tell me you tested that and it worked. Because while it's utterly INSANE, it might just make me get into IC2 nuclear reactors.

    I just checked your to-do list and saw a Improbability Generator idea. And that got me thinking, "Madness Combat style would be cool, but even better would be Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy style". Then I thought, "why not both?" and decided to make a suggestion.

    First off, the Infinite Improbability Warp Drive. It can teleport you places. The catch is that you have no real control where you go. Could be to your bed. Maybe it takes you to the end. Or a MystCraft Age(new or not). Or into Limbo with the Dimensional Doors mod. And it rarely takes you anywhere without causing Weird Shit(Patent Pending) to happen. Maybe everything near where you appear catches on fire. Or some sheep appear. Or maybe even it starts raining Squids, which explode(violently) when they hit the ground. Or pigs start to fly(and also explode after a bit). Or hell on earth happens(for about a minute, the area where you end up is a hell biome, and ghasts and pigmen can spawn) and after it ends, all dirt based blocks end up with some plantlife on them(as if a big bonemeal effect goes off on only grass, tilled soil gets some crops if nothing is planted yet, that purple mushroom grass stuff gets mushrooms on it, etc). Or maybe even all pumpkins in the area disappearify. And one can't even place them in the area without them vanishing after about 3 seconds(golems which use them get killed and turned into dropped blocks of what they were built out of).

    The Madness Combat Infinite Improbability Generator is much like the Weird Shit from the Infinite Improbability Warp Drive, but Better* and follows you around, while giving you some buffs/debuffs now and then.(OMFG YOU CAN NOT KILL THE CLOWN. THE CLOWN KILLS YOU)

    *According to some opinions. Not recommended for Children, Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant, the elderly, men with erectile dysfunction or without it, and basically everyone else. Extradimensional sentent Plushies stuffed with fire and candy who are completely batshit insane sold separately, but tend to show up when you install this device, causing confusion and fires as they explode all over the place. If any show up talking about their flammenwerfer guns, do yourself a favor and kill your self right away, preferably with 15 grams of antimatter, because otherwise, YOU ARE THE PLUSHIES.

    Reading some other posts I learned of the GT options, but 50 J to 1 EU is crazy, and for the exponential costs, no, 10 J to 1 EU sounds good to me, and what is this about breaking BackTools...

    The mod doesn't break BackTools actually. But Backtools apparently doesn't work with one of the required APIs for this mod. And 50eu to 1 joule isn't that bad compared to 180 eu to one joule. But the current standard for IC2 to UE power as set by Calcavica is 500 watts/joules to one EU. Keep in mind the base unit of energy with UE is a joule. 1000 joules is a kilojoule. 1000000 joules is a millijoule. I actually support the 500 watts/joules to one EU, because otherwise converting to UE from EU is pointless in this mod considering how many Joules it takes to charge this suit.

    Best choice for the conversion ratio however, is configurable. Depending on who you listen to, the ratios are very different. PowerCrystals has it at a 1800 EU to 10 UE something(I have to check, actually), which depending on how one looks at it(and if it's MJ or KJ or even J you get), it could be very powerful or very weak. But his mod is configurable, so one could make it any number you wanted. And in modding, the end user always knows his install best, and thus adding the ability to chose your energy ratios is important for people who want to tweak their install.

    About 5 seconds. 1 to add them with NEI, 4 to equip. Including the search time, it was about 10 seconds. Back in 1.2.5, anyway. Now it's over a minute.

    But for real, ETA: 2 Forevers. I don't want a quantum suit anymore. Honestly, I found them somewhat cheap.(not as in not pricey, but as in OP) It feeds you, protects you from all status effects, holds massive amounts of power and uses it slow enough that it takes a ton of actual fighting to drain, and is basically a Obsidian Armor in of that wearing a full suit makes you invincible when facing foes which don't do suffocation damage.
    Plus it does all this and more.
    No thanks, I think my Enchanted Thaumium armor is fine. I might try to get a Nanosaber with Vorpal V something else sometime, but not yet.

    @above: Not railcraft.

    If you want to get technical, Yeah, Railcraft does have a pump. It's called "The Buildcraft Pump". Railcraft uses parts of Buildcraft's API, and has Buildcraft power engines, Buildcraft fluid system API bits, basically it is a standalone Buildcraft addon. Works on it's own, but is designed to work with Buildcraft by virtue of using Buildcraft API sections.
    Many mods have API sections for other mods. They can work without the mod the API is from, but work with it. Very well, actually.

    One cubic meter. That's the size of most things in Minecraft. And steve can carry stacks of 64 of these things. If steve wasn't superman, how would he carry 64 cubic meters of iron like it's nothing, while also being able to hold 35 more stacks of 64 cubic meters of iron. And a cubic meter of iron weighs 7,874 kg.

    Or, there is one very different explanation on why Steve is so strong. He is actually from the Monster Hunter series World, and is thus exactly as strong as he needs to be.

    They both have their merits.
    UE Watts are designed to be more realistic, where as IC2 EU is simple and effective. UE has some very fun stuff in its net, where as IC2 as well, but they differ in how one goes about using them. UE is a API, where as IC2 is a Mod. There's where the difference lies. UE is designed to provide a realistic electricity system for modders to use. It was designed in the begging as a alternative to IC2 power due to the IC2 API EULA and Calclavica not wanting to agree to it's terms. So UE is mostly used by people wanting to not agree to the IC2 API EULA. It's a matter of taste to most modders, but to ones who read fine print and whatnot, UE is a somewhat better choice. Most IC2 addons are small, or not fit for inclusion into IC2 itself(Yay GregTech!), but if ICBM was built within the IC2 EULA, you could bet your 2 stacks of UUM that it would be in IC2 within one release.

    But in a Nutshell, Hazelnut. In short, UE is not anything like IC2, because UE is just a API, something many people forget. One could use parts of UE in your own mod without much effort or even fuss. But IC2 is a big mod, with plenty of different aspects, some of which many people use(Nuclear Reactors), and some almost no one cares about(Crops, or scrap boxes). A good thing to note is one can't(assuming it hasn't changed since I last checked) use a Monetizing link for your IC2 addon, but one can do so just fine with a UE mod.

    Things I enjoy with UE: ICBM, Atomic Science, BllastCraft(I like being able to see through my windows without worrying that they will break if a creeper shows up, and very few mods have such durable glass blocks), Power Suits(used it a bit before it was on the IC2 forums, loved it), and some parts of Mekinisim(mostly the powered bow. I need a energy weapon that isn't a mining laser).

    Using PowerCrystals Power Converters 2 math gives us a crazy big difference, but a reasonable one due to the logic behind the math. It's based off of the energy needed to smelt one object in a furnace. The applied conversion is 10 - 1800 for UE to IC2. But to be honest, his math seems flawed. Why? I tried using his LV UE Consumer with a basic Coal Engine. Friggin' thing exploded. One coal engine! Barely finished heating up before I hear a explosion, and get dirt in my face... Maybe it's fine, though. But I find the math iffy. I wish I knew exactly how many watts it takes for a powered furnace from UE to smelt one item. Because the actual conversion numbers were increased by a factor of 10. But hey, math is math, and UE is weird.

    That could work as well. I went with 30 units of liquid UUM because it's more then double any UUM recipe. But making the cost dependent on modders to set a value for their products might make it less likely to be enduser friendly, as one has to convince modders to add the methods for the values.

    Maybe a double layered method. Make it so one can define a value with the API, but if the value isn't defined, just make it pricey but possible. AKA exactly what your plan seems to be upon reading your post again.

    So pricey UUM base cost, but modders can adjust the value of items in their mod if they choose to.