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    My feelings on TC are well-known by now, so I won't repeat myself.

    My feelings as to what is gonna happen is this as of now :

    HK3 stays open. Of course.

    HK4 will be. While it won't be all too useful now, it will be someday. Better be safe than sorry.

    Why won't it be useful NOW ?

    Well KR will see the day. People will fucking rush to it, especially since summer is about to end. KR will overflow.

    K1 which is almost dead will shortly be replaced by KR1. This will be the final step for K2.0 and I will then release pruned maps with manageable size for nostalgics to download. (People who wonder what happened to the old map will then realise.)

    First two and last two servers are gonna get linked through qCraft portals in pair.

    I expect KR to be semi-short-lived and rather intense while HK will get a long hiatus while Greg works on stuff.

    As GT6 becomes more complete (and the pack as well.), people will slowly get back on it.

    KR will then die slooowly... As in excruciatingly slowly. And that's about as far as I can see.

    A TC containing server could possibly open as a fifth slot for a short time, as I know the server can handle it well. (We've had 5 maps for a while, you just never seen the fifth one.) This would be vanilla stuff. If it ENDS UP being popular, we'll see. I doubt it'll see that many users though.

    The one reason I like TC is because of its magic tools and TC-GT integration.

    Balancing could be done, but that is work, of course.

    Balancing a mod that big against GT is a lot of work I'm not willing to do for a mod I don't quite know well enough. That being said...

    Since aaall the TC fans are gonna bug me over and over, I might (Probably will...) include a poll in here soon to see if KR should have it. No balancing will be done about it, or any other mod as well, since if everything is balanced but TC... Well that would mean lots of work for very little results. (As in in would remain unbalanced even though I'd leave only TC vanilla.)

    On another note, it's still nearly 40° outside and I'm unable to do anything remotely productive. I'll try to keep the deadline for KR, but HK4 might be pushed a bit further. Sorry.

    Seeing how far people got on KH3 and how poor I am on this server (also note I didn't enjoy the trip that much because of low performances), I'll give KH4 a try. This should be another brand new map with fixed Oregen, right?
    I have 15 days to play, from which you can subtract up to 8 days since I'll spend some times IRL other than playing. So not today and not until a long while. That means I'll be playing when GT6 will be finished, since my next long holidays will start on may-june 2016 (although I'll consider working to get money, so really only July to September)
    Arch what about wiping off TC in preference for Botania? Just decrease drastically the flower gen, make mana steel requires steel, dragon stone requires diamond + endstone, elementium would be titanium thrown into the portal (+ maybe one mana steel ingot, so 1 ti + 1 maSt = 1 Elium), and probably make the flower cost a bit more pricy (like the ore generating flower, this one while hard to get required me 1 day to get in SSP, from putting down my first white flower thingy magicky turning stone and wood into living things to kekimurus production). Botania isn't heavy on world gen at all and I suppose most of the people will like this. But really, it's just a toy, don't see this mod as a wide depth game play such as what TC used to offer.
    If my computer (or my new one, idk the future) can't handle KH4, I would be glad playing with GT5Ex and botania :p

    Honestly, I'd rather have TC than Botania. I'd still prefer having none. ;] If K5 comes to be someday, maybe, then this would be the one to include TC. Certainly wouldn't do any balancing about it though. And if for some reason I cannot quite understand it'd become really popular, I would include TC in future servers... I guess.

    Or maybe such server could replace K1 once nobody's interested in it anymore. (Then would be the time to make K2.0 maps available, by the by.)

    Sorta lost right now as to what to do. Lots of conflicting ideas. Some even in my head. ._.

    Keda updating HK3 now. Will tell you how it goes.

    Mods will be the following :

    Finally updated it myself after much trouble for no appearant reason. Updated and all is fine. :3

    Makin' it short...

    HK4 would fix a few problems with HK3. Main reason. Also I can afford 4 servers. So why not ?

    Update I mentionned on HK3 will happen now. Keda will be in charge of it. Those will be mods that need updating :

    I will update main modlist and nothing else for now. A bit too drunk to do it all tonite. Sowway. ;P

    Love you all. <3

    EDIT : Keda had a liiil bit of trouble using FTP, so I'll be doing the update. Will still keep you informed.

    EDIT II : GTExtras won't get updated. Rendering problems when on Armor Stands lead to crashes. Downgrading to 0.3.1. (Or staying the same, if you prefer.)

    So... I've got told apologizing was boring. So I'll go with this : "I'm back, bitches !"

    Arch is currently very sparsely online due to IRL Issues. You may need to wait a little. Sorry about that.

    I could quote every message in here and answer to them all. I'll quote only this one as it is the most important one in my opinion. Thanks Greg for telling people over TWENTY days after I disappeared that I did not suddenly liquify or turn to ashes. I'm trying to stop that. I swear.

    So bad news is... I left server in a kinda shitty state for a while because RL and couldn't do shit against it.

    Good news is keda now has root access on the server and could troubleshoot should something so drastic would happen again. 6 days downtime really sucks, I know, but as I don't plan on repeating mistakes over and over, it won't happen again. Unless keda also takes a liking to turn into liquid while I'm ****ing **** in a ****'s ***. Who knows ?

    If anybody cares, I've lived through 3-4 years of awful depression and it's finally over after surviving one month with all kinds of retards and fucknuts. The reason I did not post in here is because I felt too... Shitty (Meh ?) to leave the server like that and had no idea when this would end. I could go into more details, but I usually keep those rants for the IRC channel, which some of you should visit. Pretty lively in there. Good place to be when I'm not around at all times !

    So. Let's continue and skip the boring apologies and explanation for now. Since I'm back for good, I bet you'd like to hear about my future projects with the server. I haven't left you and I'm back on track as soon as now.

    First thing first. Current servers that work and that will still work for a long time will be given some love. This includes petting them, cuddling them and most importantly updating them. First to get updated will be HK3 as usual as it is the most active. I will also update K1, but that will come later today as currently I'm totally ignoring the people who came to visit us. K2... Well K2... Airam do love K2 still, but only because my next project which I will talk about in a minute is not yet open. Not even sure this one will update. Or maybe it will. Or... Eh, dunno. Probably will, just 'cause, although I do believe this to be unneccessary.

    Nothing too dramatic so far (Except the amount of updated mods which is pretty much that... Dramatic.), and if you had faith in me all along, you knew this was coming. Now... Some people noticed K4 is not able to be accessed anymore. Well I closed it one day and realised a few day after I never opened it again. Invultri would agree with me there... People wanted some GT6 LONG before it was ripe and even with tremendous effort, there's no way the server (which did not even have complete oregen...) could've been as good as the others. In my opinion, it was a dead weight I was carrying. Not that it was hard to update or anything... But at a point or another, I would've killed it. People moved out AS SOON as HK3 came out, and even if they didn't like the survival aspect of it... They never went back to K4. Glad those people are still around though and are just waiting for me to open something great, just a little bit less... Yeah. A little bit less like HK3. =]

    So... If I update only K1 and HK3... That leaves two empty spot. My mind is pretty much set on what I'd like to do with it... But I'd still like your opinions. If you think you've got ZEH PLAN, tell me. I think this will however please everyone.

    First server I would like to open, I'd open soon. This won't change the life of too many of you but since most newcomers seem to be more interested in HK and since I fucked up a wee little bit (That's harsh on me... Say I could make it really good that way...) with a few details about oregen, worldgen and... Lootgen ? (Greg, I still remember you said my loot sucks. I still think it's amazing... Just yeah... Just needs lotsa love.), I would like to open HK4. Everything that current regulars came to love about HK3, fixed and even better. I'd link both servers through qCraft portals as well, since Kirara always had those, and I think the idea is amazing. (Not to mention efficient at splitting workload.) Not much to say about this. If you didn't wanna jump into a 2 months old server and would like to start in a fresh new map, this is your chance. Or your doom. Your call.

    Second server I would like to open would be called KVR, standing for Kirara Vintage (GT5Ex) Reborn... Some people have been asking for a fresh new map with GT5, well this is the time or never. Well, when Bloody releases GT5Ex officially, it will be time. I won't post any modlist or anything even though some people would enjoy that, I'm not quite ready yet. I still have a few things I must decide about which mods to ditch, which mods to keep and which mods to add... Haha. Nah. I doubt I'll add any. I would put as much work into this one as I would put into HK3, so lots of time spent balancing the pack. That is unless I become soft upstair for a second and add TC to the mix due to popular demand. While TC is GREAT... It makes balancing nearly impossible, or rather something I'm not willing to put any energy into. Other mods suggestions will be thoroughly evaluated by *** *****. Imagine HK3 as it is now... Without any survival aspect. Just plain tech-based, slow progression server centered around GT. As AE wouldn't be so late-game I see no point in having LP and BC as well. This would mean a lighter pack and... Some tangible end-game to take the attention off HK3 for a while, as we'll ride spaceships remotely ordering hordes of crappy circuits I made right before... Melting a nice batch of Steel in Vanadium crucibles.

    I would consider maybe opening something very different, very small as a fifth server, if anybody has any idea... I don't.

    Long rant is almost over.

    Timechart of all this :
    Update HK3 : RIGHT NAO. Will tell you how this goes.
    Update K1 - Later tonight, my time.
    Update K2 - Yeah... Maybe later.
    I also plan on fixing 2-3 major flaws tonight. Flaws you wouldn't notice much but that bother me a lot.

    Open HK4, fixing HK3 and splitting the workload - Excpect this by Tuesday.
    Nerf Galacticraft, and a bit of everything else by the end of August.
    Open KVR, closing KV2 : I plan beginning of September, if Bloody is done with the world-gen and first version has been out for a weeee little bit.

    Lose a part of my soul working on 3 different packs, including 2 rather new ones : Not gonna happen.

    I'm not saying this because this WILL happen. This is what I would like however. I tend to set unrealistic goals, so expect a few days delay for something or the other.

    All in all, read this, it should be worth your time. I apologize for being absent for so long, but life is life and I suck at boardgames.

    Thanks to all who kept faith, and to all those wondering what's happening with all of this... I'm doing my best, and every current regular SEEM to enjoy the time I'm putting into this. Come visit us on IRC sometimes. While it never gets lonely, I'd never refuse another friendly soul or a cute *********.

    I <3 you all. =]

    Well that seems really interesting. I definately wouldn't mind waiting for that.

    I might consider making a base there myself.

    The set-up I'd like to have is this :

    Exact same modlist as HK3 except Enviromine, Spice Of Life, Grimoires Of Gaia, Custom NPCs and the likes. You know ? All that survivalish stuff would be gone. Except maybe Special Mobs which would be toned down a little and Hunger Overhaul & Pam's Harvestcraft. Because veggies.

    The world-gen and mod setup would remain, except maybe Logistics Pipes, as I could put AE2 a tad bit earlier since it's not meant to be full-on hardcore. ;P

    Would people be interested having my recipes over there ? They'd be MUCH more manageable than in HK3 because you know, crucibles. Plus I'd have much less work to do with those as the work has been mostly done with my old server and HK3.

    Maybe I'd like to have IronChests added as well. Since you know... Nobody uses Greg's chests. ;P (That'd be nice on HK3 as well. ._.)

    keda : If what I want to do happens, you should be REALLY happy with how it turns out.

    I'm sorry. Really busy lately.

    But it should be solved right now. Sorry for the time it took.

    On another note... I'd like to close VK2. People haven't done anything on it in FOREVER... I guess people took me seriously when I said I'd kill it someday.

    So... That would make one free server I can open. What would you people like to see ?

    I've thought about either another HK where I could send new players. I could have qCraft portals between the two and a slightly fixed oregen on the other side, as well as better dungeon loot and stuff.

    Either I could open another map sorta like a "new" VK2. Similar mod set-up, just a new, fresh map.

    Either... I could kinda fuse the two together. Sorta like Hardcore Vintage Kirara. Pretty much what HK3 is right now, maybe a bit less with GT5u.

    But I need to know what people would be interested in. I guess I'll open a poll.

    Can't you cure it? For example with a regular golden Apple, like you do with Villager Zombies?

    There's a way to make something to cure it. But I fear what would happen is :

    1. Get hit by zombie.
    2. Get infected.
    3. Try to search for a cure.
    4. Die of starvation because you cannot feed while searching the cure.
    5. Rinse and repeat.

    When you get rich enough later, it'll just be annoying that you have to carry a bunch of antidotes on you but the difficulty will go from insane to none pretty quickly.