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    1: would need an MFSU, not an MFE.
    2: Alblaka already denied all weapon requests.
    3: Buildcraft already has a fast builder.
    4: This would take a freakin long time to code, and would you rather have this 1 thing or half of T4?

    Its never enough power for me >:D

    1 or 2 of T4 machines will drain MFSU's like nobody's buisness. NTM long-distance teleporters. (which really need to use less energy, they're useless, as teleporting someone with a full inv and all armor 600 blocks will cost a full 3kk EU. To travel that in a quantumsuit would take like less than a minute and take only like 10k EU.)

    This little addon allow charcoal dust as a limited substitute for coal dust.

    Bugs: Due to the workaround, Compressors turn coal into charcoal dust. I'm hoping that if this addon gets approved then the devs would be kind enough to work their magic on the Macerator to allow me to code the addon to work how I originally planned it. ;)

    Never gonna happen. There's a reason why it was coded like that. Specifically to STOP someone from creating an addon like this. Because its irridiculously overpowered.

    Bronze Armor is cheap, but still extremely durable, making it slightly overpowered.
    Nanosuit is without doubt overpowered, you can even swim in lava.
    Quantum Suit is RIDICOLOUSLY overpowered, by tenfolding the Nanosuit's power.

    What would this new suit be?

    So far, nope :3 Though i like the TF2 reference.

    I was thinking uber-irridiculously overpowered. Like being able to swim in lava for an hour or two before your energy ran out. And having the functionality of a batpack as well. And the ctrl-jump wouild make you go 128 blocks up. And ctrl-sprinting, you just fly through the map. Like an eagle. Piloting an SR-71 Blackbird. But seriously, you would go ~32 blocks/second. And the helmet would passively remove the super-fog near bedrock. (the weird black fog) Judging from the fact that it takes 74kk EU to make just the energy-based part (not counting the gold, charge, crystals, or other items)

    And each piece would store 10kk EU. Would be crafted using a T4 item-based energy storage device.


    Read a few posts above you before you post. It's not updated yet.

    Also, I need rotary macerators, my ordinary ones don't provide enough speed to do anything.

    1. Pumpkins are to be able to be crafted into pumpkin seeds, it was forgotten to be added into 1.8
    2. They already should be as/more explosion resistant as bedrock.
    3. I had 2 ender pearls within 25 minutes of gameplay. Just no. I didn't even have a single machine yet. And I wasn't even trying to get any.

    Now I was thinking, we have all these shiny armorsets, and T4 coming up soon. But if the T3 armor used a T4 material (iridium) to craft, then we need something to make our new armor out of.

    First off, you need an australium dust heap. Make that by making the IR plate recipe out of IR plates, and filling the 2 open spaces on either side with gold blocks. Craft 9 heaps together to get australium dust. Stick it in a compressor to get... An AUSTRALIUM PLATE! HAYO! Now, these plates are used as a base material for the one and only Australium Armor! Now this stuff is cool. Each piece steadily generates and distributes 1 EU/t. But wait! There's more! While in sunlight, each piece generates 8 EU/t. And holds up to 10kk EU. And provides 2x the abilities of the Q suit. But you can craft another thing... Disableable by config ofc. You can craft an admin wrench by putting blocks of australium into the wrench shape. Did I mention that it takes 25kk EU to compress a single dust?

    Probably not. In future version IC2 is planed controller block, which should also display the heat. If this block will be in next IC2 version, then this addon will be useless.
    If the block will be missing, so i upgrade mod to the MC 1.8.1 and add a digital thermometer (electric, chargeable).

    I was about to suggest you add a digital thermometer.

    Here's my recipe idea:
    :Refined Iron: :Force Field: :Force Field:
    :Refined Iron: :Advanced Circuit: :Force Field:
    :Force Field: :Gold Dust: :Refined Iron:

    Where :Gold Dust: = glowstone dust (for the screen) and :Force Field: = nothing (because the forum was being annoying and not letting me use spaces instead)

    I agree, but I would support a IC/BC bridge addon. This would be as small mod that would take functions from both mods and put them to good use. For instance I would Love a BC engine that is powered by EU's.

    I'm pretty sure that BC engines that use EU power are to be implemented as an addon. But some other cool stuff would be like energy in conductive pipes being converted into EU, and a couple other things.