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    A advanced version of the mining laser that:

    -Has a blue beem.

    -Has Fortune 3 (like the iridium drill)

    -Has a lot more energy capacity

    -Does More Damage

    Crafted with 2 Reinforced Iridium Plates, a regular Ic2 mining laser,4 60k coolant cells and 2 lapotron crystals

    I still wanted to say that it seems like i completly
    hate the new Ic2 UUM system.
    Thats however not the case, i still like the concept that you first have to scann for example dirt before you can save it
    on a crystal memory disk(textures are pretty nice too).
    I only doubt the usefulness of the system in survival.

    The pricing is dynamic, and with the current system, it's much cheaper than adding back the old recipes with cells of UU-Matter. Saying it's inflexible is utter rubbish too, you can produce masses more with it than the old system. Crafting a HV solar to UU-Mattering it isn't going to be faster either.

    The pricing is dynamic?, i thought it always costs the same mb UU-Matter to produce say dirt.
    That might be true that the old system used more eu, but with the new system it takes a lot longer to make something (due to the speed of the replicator)
    Can you make a HV solar panel with UU-Matter?, i tried it but the scanner doesn't scann the solar panel.

    One Liquid Heat Exchanger can provide up to 100 hU/t, but Blast Furnace needs only 20, and Fermenter up to 60. It would be great if Heat hub exist, connecting hub to heat output of exchanger and connecting up to 5 heat consumers, each takes its own maximum if available. Copper block is the best candidate for that, due to excellent conductance :)

    good idea but:

    -Heat Cables should be used (with a bit of HU loss)
    -Heat cable recipe 3x copper plates = 6 Heat cables
    -You get damaged when touching the orange point or a heat cable

    Creating items you haven't scanned is overpowered (especially when it comes to things like water source blocks that can be placed in the Nether - at least I've heard that they can), which is probably why the liquid uu-matter system was introduced. However, I think it's technically possible (via Minetweaker or similar) to add the old recipes back, just using UuMatter cells instead of lumps of uu-matter.

    This is why it should be disabled by default.

    It totally is possible, and I did a few months back. The issue is you lose all the other fun things that you can scan but not craft with UU (like HV solar arrays). And that just reloops the problem that you can get water source blocks without scanning them, as scanning didn't exist. The argument it's OP is pointless if you think about the way you're trying to revert back to the old system as much as possible. Although, diamonds at 9 buckets of UU is brutal, so I guess the pricing could re-balance it out.

    Right, the pricing for some stuff is just too high and when you add the energy cost for scanner replicator,pattern storage and mass fab. then you will see
    that the current UU-Matter Production is far too expensive and unflexible (because you can just craft some thing if you need it quick).

    And that is what he actually request. That you can create stuff without scanning it...

    Exactly, the current IC2 UU-Matter Production is far too expansive and only makes sense for quantum armor.
    Also it takes far too much energy AND becausa the machines (scanner, replicator,etc...) are so expansive, at the time you've built a system you have a lot of
    resources anyway.
    Currently in IC2 experimental the Replication system is only useful for Iridium not for general usage.

    Simple facades that cover up ic2 energy cables.
    with simple i mean, that you just have to shift right click on a cable with a block to cover it with that blocks.
    i think this will be very usefull.

    Well, the recipe for normal windmills was commented out 70 builds ago, so they kinda do replace them. The normal windmills suffered every other green-gen's problems of being spammed up to the point where massive amounts of EU could be made. The KWGs avoid that by having big areas of effect on each other if they're too close.

    The proplem is, that currently you only have 2 early game green energy producers; solar panels (wich are expansive and only work on daytime) and water mills (wich are extremly ineffective).

    now, you first think "other mods add this" but these other mods arent always free of incompatablities and bugs.
    Ic2 liquid and item pipes should only be in-game, when no other mods are installed , that add these.
    (tanks would be nice too)