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    [quote='Lightning01','index.php?page=Thread&postID=197518#post197518']Random mining pipe randomly generating in the overworld with industrialcraft-2-2.2.773-experimental
    Random mining pipe randomly generating in the overworld with industrialcraft-2-2.2.773-experimental
    Why this object happens? How to solve?
    ty in advance!
    the version is 3 months old. use the newest one :rolleyes:

    Something that sort of caught my eye is that uranite and pitchblende seem to have the wrong colors (if they are even a different element at all). I believe the name PITCHblende came from the fact that it was black.
    Also, if you are going to add some boosts to the reactors, it would be super nice to have some extra processing options for radioactive materials, maybe slightly more realistic, a la reactorcraft for example, using hydrofluoric acid(or some other acid) > mix that with uranium > uranium hexafluoride > centrifuge that, into either usable or unusable isotopes (you could use those for different things). That might be a way to kinda... balance the reactor boost out again.

    Pitchblende can be black or yellow, but in GT the black one is called uraninite and the yellow one pitchblende.

    Looking at the github commit for this, that does not look like what you did. What it looks like is, after 12h (10,000 ticks), Steam output decreases by 1L every 100 ticks, down to a minimum of 50L every 150 ticks (1/3 efficiency) after another 12h (10,000 ticks).

    Since when are 12h 10.000 ticks? I thought 1second=20 ticks, so 12h=864.000 ticks 8|

    My suggestion is a Book that teach us how to do ANYTHING with IndustrialCraft2
    It would be very useful for we do not need to go to google or wikipedia to know how to do something (like uranium generators), and we do not have to use the CraftGuide to craft something.

    Just use the IC wiki and for the recipes the NEI mod :rolleyes:

    I saw anywhere (can't remember where), no fusion energy plan until there is a working prototype in RL, and as far I know there are three projects one in Greifswald,germany, one in western europe (france/gb, have to look for the details) and one in us, but none of the are working yet. the one in Greifswald is the one most finished yet, but still in building.

    The "wendelstein 7-x" reactor in greifswald will produce the first Hydrogen-Plasma in this year or the first quarter of 2016 :P . But it doesn´t use a Deuterium-Tritium reaction, therefore it won´t produce net energy.

    Exactly. I never used gregtech with my mods. Even tho other mods have features, that doesn't mean you shouldn't implement something similar. Maybe some people don't like other mods than IC2. If you don't like the idea, maybe antimatter? And please don't tell me they have antimatter in gregtech.

    But there is really no need to generate even more power if you don´t use GT5u. You can produce more than enough energy with fission reactors...

    So you mean gregtech? Right? :rolleyes:

    Basically, if you dont know what fusion is, it's a reaction when 2 eg. hydrogen atoms are going so fast that when they crash the make one helium atom and release energy. Some countries are actually(dunno which ones, just wrote some) planning to make a fusion reactor in France, tho they don't yet know how to make one, for information reasons. It would be awesome(my opinion) to include a fusion reactor to the game. You could make a maching that seperates H2O into hydrogen and oxygen, and the reactor would accept that and make energy and release helium. tho it does take a lot of energy to speed up atoms, so it wouldn't be sooo efficient and you can make so the machine takes a long time to make hydrogen, to stop players getting billions of EU from the reactor. Also what would be a cool feature is the ability to use the helium to make other elements and also those elements until you hit iron ofcourse, because it takes a lot more of energy to fuse iron than you get. Also, mod-crossovers! It would be awesome that you can use the umm... the mod that has the helium and NaK coolant cells and use helium in the reactor. And would be cool that you can fuse iron to make other stuff like gold and platinum. So, whatja thinkin'?

    One charcoal burns 40 ticks in a large bronze boiler, the ouptut is still the one on the wiki. You don´t need to test that.... :rolleyes:

    The boiler has a pretty long warm up time. Just heat it up with some stacks of charcoal, then test again with creosote while the boiler is still running.

    In this thread, I calculated that keeping a large boiler constantly supplied (with both charcoal and creosote) would take about 75.8 coke ovens. I haven't gotten far enough in my survival world to try it myself, but based on the NEI recipes, the GT5e pyrolyse oven is way faster. With a steady supply of nitrogen (and logs, obviously), one pyrolyse oven with MV power should be able to operate fast enough to keep a large boiler constantly supplied. Without the nitrogen, you'd need two of them (or HV power to overclock the recipe).

    Nope, the fuel use of the large boilers where changed. The bronze one needs one charcoal every 40 ticks and the steel one something like 30 ticks...

    Seriously what is with the material cost jump between 5.08 and 5.09? Low end cables cost wool which is semi difficult to automate. Almost everything is more expensive. And my two biggest aggravations are charcoal and solar panels. Charcoal is used in everything from coal production to energy and the new system makes it tedious or with very low energy yields(also charcoal pit igniter does not work with thaumcraft great wood logs at the moment) and if with the new insane recipe for solar panels they are just not worth it (Palladium or Platinum!?) if folks thing they are overpower there is a config to just disable them already. Am I missing something? This new iteration just nerfs too much.

    Just use the pyrolyse oven for charcoal, it just as good as RC coke ovens and produces enough to power a big steel boiler. And solar panels are really op. And if you use the chemical bath on the nickel ores, platinum is easy to get. And if you don´t like the recipes, use minetweaker X( . That is the pourpose of that thing!

    Saying something like "you inadvertently downloaded the wrong thaumcraft version" wasn´t enough, right?