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    That is an awesome idea. Perhaps the hazmat suit would be nerfed and then have some kind of tiers? I have a few ideas:
    1) It could, perhaps, be nerfed, and a special slot can be added in which you place either a lead plate for radiation protection, or somthing ceramical (as suggested by MauveCloud), made from bricks, for heat protection. The items may also have durabilities, so that they need to be replaced at some point. And for poisons, if we're to assume that Mc poison acts when it's inhaled, a gas mask item or a slot for a filter could be added in the scuba helmet.
    2) The hazmat suit may have tiers, or versions, that include the original in the crafting recipe and protect, depending on tire or type, from either heat or radiation, or both. And for poisons, as mentioned above, only perhaps have the filter or gas mask crafted with the scuba helmet while we're going on with the crafting.

    I have an idea, let's somehow make it so the radioactive stuff won't be picked up automatically unless you're in full hazmat suit or have a containment box with room left for them (which they will head into ), this way the radioactive stuff can only be picked up voluntarily. Can this be made? Any ideas?

    Ähhhmmm no, it´s not :P 8) .

    It is for him apparently, an in-game wiki would be indeed useful, perhaps one that is up to date to the current version only. An in-game crafting guide isn't that necessary since NEI already has that and much more, so NEI is usually a must have even with a separate crafting guide mod.

    What would you do with a lump of dry construction foam anyway? It would surely be easier to just have a CF sprayer and some sand so you could put it (and quickly dry it) anywhere anyway?

    Well the current CF sprayer will place quite a few blocks and sometimes it can be tricky to get them in the right shape, which is far easier using reinforced construction foam, but that costs more. Perhaps a compromise can be made by adding another CF sprayer that only places 1 block at a time, or make the current one have 2 mods, normal or single-block.

    Ah, so I am not the only one that faced this issue... It's indeed a head-scratcher. I suggest you take down your builds in the old world and store it all in chests, aside from the blocks that transfer without problems. If I remember correctly, chests do transfer correctly without the contents getting changed (with mcedit that is). This way you can partialy transfer your builds and then complete them with whatever is missing and have all the other items transfered as well.

    I belive you need a real condenser instead of the fluid distributor since (as far as I know) not all steam condensates on the turbine blades of the last kinetic steam generator, some of it will keep going and cause those steam explosions, so I reccomend you get one. Also I reccomend you try it out and see if the condenser can keep up without being powered and have vents in it(since it does the job anyways, the vents only speed it up). It can surely keep up for 1 but I don't know about 2 kinetic steam generators, so you're gonna have to try to see if it does, since you might prefer not to waste more EU each tick and build a condenser for each generator if needed.

    Not as many as got stuck at 1.4.7, or 1.2.5 or beta 1.7.3. They all had much better performance too.

    Chickenchunks is known to break things in general, but that's normally entire world corruption level, not just break a chunk. I'd lean towards an outdated version of the IC2 API in a mod that is being used by all the addons, but IC2 itself is using the up to date one internally. The fact it works fine but breaks after a while makes that theory quite unlikely however. How long is a bit of time, it is when the chunk is first unloaded, then re-loaded? World closed and opened again?

    Also I never remember anyone having any fun with 1.5.2. There was Redpower, then there was 1.6, nothing interesting or exciting happened in 1.5.

    True, there are still many at those versions, but I'd rather call them abandoned than outdated, I mean c'mon, it's been years since that version, heck, I started playing MC in 1.2.5, and only discovered mods a few months later (before 1.3.2 though).

    Why are you still using 1.6.4 though, 1.7.10 has more fun things?

    I suppose not all of the mods in his Private Modpack are updated to 1.7.10, many cool mods are stuck at 1.6.4 as you well know (*cough*traincraft*cough*). I have been tempted to go back to 1.6.4 for Traincraft and some others as well, but I remembered how laggy and Traincraft is even with plenty of RAM on singleplayer and how IC2 had less stuff so I decided to wait for it to update (and still am waiting).

    well it would be useful because tools and armor don't have "upgrades" such as machines, but it's yet to be seen. i'd recommend to make another machine that takes, let's say, 10 xp to make an "xp packet" and you use the "xp packet" in a crafting recipe to make tool upgrades. a lot of work, but would be nice! or you could just enchant them. But that one is more boring.

    That is a nice idea actually, item upgrades. Well the drill does has upgrades in form of tiers, drill<diamond drill<iridium drill, but the rest don't. Also you might be interested in a mod named advanced enchanting table which allows you to select the enchantments you want (and it increases XP cost ofc) and let's your repair using XP only in the same enchanting table (an advanced one, the normal one is also available unchanged).

    Uh, no. The standard rate is 4 RF = 1 EU

    I heard that too, but the only RF-using machine I got is a flood light which took 800 EU from a batbox and had 6400 RF in storage afterwards, starting from 0, so it may be something in my config or perhaps this is only for the floodlights, but atm, according to my tests it's 8 in my worlds.

    You can use BioGas in an advanced Generators ( multiblock Gas Turbine. I habe one, that produces around 200 EU/t (running on two very fast fermenters).

    Even though it's a Gas Turbine not an engine as I mentioned, it seems interesting. It's quite nice since it makes a lot more EU. A normal semifluid generator makes 32000 EU with 1000 mB so 32 EU/mB, while the gas turbines makes 128 RF/mB, and 1 RF = 8 EU so 1024 EU/mB, so 1024000 EU per 1000 mB, which is a lot....

    It kinda is, well the major differnece is that the villagers in millenaire can develop by themselves up to a certain level, after which they may require materials they can't get on their own so they buy from the player. So even if the player decides to help one village and forget about the other, they won't be stuck at the dirt house stage, they just won't reach their full potential. Also they don't have energetic needs or their equivalent, they sustain themselves, but this is mainly because they don't require food to survive, it just helps, so the player can grief the farms, they don't go hungry over it, this is intended so the player can't kill or harm them without directly attacking them (so he gets the bad reputation for doing so when he does). If I understood correctly you want to trade with them at a higher level than what can be done at the moment, or at least provide them with power (and I suppose they will cough up the payment one way or another). I also came across this idea when I found new ways to generate power, but didn't quite know what to do with it. I thought I'd make a big room full of mass fabricators, but after plenty of time I'd have all the iridium I need for my items and then what? So the only long term solution I could think of, that also included the part where I tap natural resources for my own gain with maximum (or just acceptable) efficiency, was to build a town, empty as it will be since I'm in singleplayer, a town in which lights will be almost always on, full of nice buildings and functional stuff. At least it's something.
    Sorry for the long post, here's a canned potato :Tin Can:

    I'm against the loss of energy (you could aswell just say what it actually makes in the first place) on the machines, but I have been thinking about a new generator to use with biogas instead of the semifluid, I was thinking a multiblock diesel-engine-like generator that could make EU directly or KU and require conversion from KU to EU. Also I noticed a geothermal generator in your post, considering you like getting lots of power with relatively low maintenance cost and not-so-huge initial investment cost (what it takes to make the stuff needed) I reccomend making a lava-fueled superheated steam plant (if you need ideas just search the forums or PM me).

    I thought electrolyzed water was transferable through pipes, as it is a fluid. Oh well, that means now the best way to transfer power between dimensions would be to charge lapotron crystals in the MFSU, automatically pull them out when full and cart them off to an ender chest, pull out the filled crystals in the base or wherever and pop them into an MFSU to drain them, then send the drained ones back through the same ender chest, to be taken out at the charging station and recharged. You would need some way to selectively extract the crystals based on how full they are.

    Buildcraft pipes with gates set on pulse and a few other settings can be used to pull out empty (or full) crystals or any other EU storage item and transfer them. As for the enderchest, the EnderStorage's EnderChests are best suited for this because they link together based on matching colour paterns, but I think those are the ones you meant, if not I reccomend them instead.

    There is no loss with them anymore

    Not with MFSUs they don't. At least if you compare to emptying them in a Batbox or CESU. There's also no loss, you get the full 20k EU back.

    All of it? There is no more loss? That's good to know, but it still doesn't sound like the best way to transfer power across dimensions.

    Power can be transferred from anywhere in any dimension to anywhere in any dimension with enderchests transporting charge carriers (most efficient), endertanks transporting a fluid carrying energy (steam or electrolyzed water) and returning water (or whatever fluid you're using, in the energy-lacking state - if any other really exists), or just Thermal Expansion tesseracts if you're okay with 25% loss.
    For a laser transmitting power back, it should be designed to calculate a direct line of sight to the receiver in the overworld from the laser transmitter in the Space dimension, plus some huge distance between. It can be calculated somewhat trivially; by first getting the hypotenuse of a triangle formed by the X-distance difference and the Z-distance difference between the transmitter/receiver, then getting the hypotenuse of a triangle formed by the cosmic distance compensated Y-difference between the transmitter/receiver and the hypotenuse of the previous triangle - which is exactly the cosmic distance compensated distance between the transmitter and receiver.
    Using stuff from those calculations and a decent laser beam entity, you can make both the transmitter and receiver "shoot" the beam towards eachother, for the purpose of making it look like a single beam in two separate dimensions, and for burning players/mobs that go through the beam. If for any reason a block passes between the beam, it should be burned with the energy currently being transferred through the beam, which may be enough to cause an instantaneous explosion damaging other blocks and releasing fire. The receiver block should be the only block capable of absorbing the beam, so if a block nearby is exploded and the receiver is broken in the explosion, the beam should extend in the direction opposite where it was started from (the exact location of the receiver), burning through blocks at a rate relative to the energy being transmitted.
    Laser beam burning through bedrock should be configurable; but if it's made possible, it would be nice to create a "lava flooding" effect to occur as soon as the bedrock is broken - the beam must then be sustained in order to vaporize the lava and prevent it from flooding the whole world, until the hole can be sealed off with a strong enough material.
    The laser transmitter could also be used as a weapon, if the owner of it decides not to link it to a receiver - a location in the overworld dimension or the space dimension must be selected, but it would be simpler than looking up the receiver in a list before establishing a connection in order to begin transmission (although it would require some advanced logic, to determine where exactly along the beam-line to begin burning blocks, and if there's enough receivers in the way along the path, they should receive the beam and convert it into power instead of being destroyed - which would be even more complex). It would also be possible for the laser transmitter for power to be an upgraded model of a laser beam transmitter that's just a weapon.

    There is plenty of potential involved, in what could be made out of the idea.

    Well generally you're pretty much right, it has a lot of potential, there's only 1 thing I'd like to mention, I don't quite think electrolyzed water is such a good option. It can't be transfered or used outside cells so the only way is to send those over trough enderchests (belive me I tried putting it in tanks, especially endertanks) and the cells charge and discharge quite slow so I belive that if large amounts of power (where loss is not such a big deal I mean) are involved steam may be the way to go, unless, of course, electrolyzed water will be transferable by pipe in the near future.

    I belive the kinetic steam generators may only accept IC2 Steam so that's a bummer, but you can use the fluid distributors to route large amounts of steam from many different places into the kinetic steam generator. Do note that if this will be the case, you may want more than 1 condenser full of vents around that kinetic steam generator as lots of steam will produce lots of distilled water for you to reuse, but if you don't get rid of it fast enough you will have steam leaks (those explosions that damage you or mobs but not the blocks around) all day long. I did something like this at some point with superheated steam and it worked but the extra work and setting up needed just to save up the resources for a few steam turbine blades and some kinetic steam generators (since all the steam would go in 1 set of 2 instead of multiple) wasn't worth it (especially since I can easily get refined iron from Nether Pig Iron Ore).