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    You're misinterpreting how hU works completely. If you have 32 EU/t from a Batbox going into a recycler using 1 EU/t you don't lose 31 EU/t, hU works exactly the same. The fluid heat exchanger simply doesn't use hot coolant for the time in that the fermenter doesn't use hU up because it's got some in it's internal buffer.

    I know that EU will just go in and overflow the buffer but stay there untill it's needed and used, I just didn't know how the hU transfer worked. I supposed a real-world like system would be used, where excess heat just goes to waste (vents off somehow) or speeds the process up. Either way thx for letting me know. Still, a reactor used just for biogas seems like overkill to me, but whatever.

    Actually the amount the heat reactor generates depends on what type of setup you're using. if you use a normal stirling setup, go kill yourself. If you use the steam setup, witch i think is the most widely spread, you'll get an efficient reactor. but if you are using the biogas setup, you'll get the most energy, but you do have to have a lot of chaff.

    First of all, this thread is a few months old so I doubt anyone expected further replies, but whatever. A fermenter used for biogas only needs 60 hu/t to work at full speed, hot coolant in a fluid heat exchanger produces 100 hu/t therefore about 40 hu/t goes to waste (unless I am mistaken and it speeds it up or something), so biogas is not such a good idea with reactors, for that I suggest Radioisotope Heat Generators filled with Pellets (when full it will make 64 hu/t, less waste) or semifluid heat generators that use some of the biogas you're making( about 120 mB for 1 full cycle which produces 200 mB, therefore leaving you with 80mB per cycle, which is still a 1:8 conversion ratio from biomass to biogas). That being said, when I asked the above about the loss/less power than with regular reactor, I meant using the most efficient method, that makes the most power overall, which is the steam one and it happens to be the coolest one as well. Btw, the "go kill yourself" part was neither funny, neither was it necessary.

    I don't see it. If you want to go backwards with a geothermal generator you just pickaxe it and get your generator back, and you can do the same with the solar distiller to get a machine casing back. The fact you've got them spare is down to bad planning, but there is a lossy option to go back if you really want to. We're not the Twilight Forest with decrafting tables, which is what a disassembler would turn into.

    I dissagree on the bad planning part. As you well know, distiled water also comes from steam going into condensers, which requires a steam generator. To get enough distiled water to be used in multiple steam generators later would mean using the first steam generator on normal water and decalcifying it quite a few times, while a solar distiller will do his thing while you do something else, this is more about the individual play style, but adding the machine doesn't mean you've got to use it. Also the lava-based ic2 (not dependat or based on another mod) EU generation method is something I recently came up with (possibly not the first to think of it and make it, just didn't see anyone use it), but due to this, most of the geothermal generators I have should be replaced ( not all though, just in case), ofc getting back the generator/machine casing is better than nothing but using a dissasembler to get more of the parts back seems better to me.
    Also I don't think having something that another mod has would be bad. So what if they have a decrafting table? Why wouldn't we? Making it use a lot of EU and take a lot of time to complete just 1 operation seems like a decent trade-off to me.

    Most machines are used throughout the tech tree, so it's not very useful to disassemble those. Boo disassemblers.

    Not quite, think of the solar distiller. Once you got enough distilled water you'll just keep it in a chest untill you need it again, and chances are you won't need it again if you've made a closed circuit. Also you might want to get back the materials from a geothermal generator to switch to another lava-based power source, a faster and more efficient one (if anyone wants details PM me :D ). Both ideas seem nice, here, have a diamond. :Industrial Diamond: (We should really add a cookie down there with the items).

    It's a nice idea but considering this will be up in space, in the same dimension with a space station perhaps, you'll need a cross-dimension way to get the power to your base (unless you use it for that same space station) as a cable just won't work. In that article a laser beam was mentioned, which could be done to have the laser in space and a receiver on the ground but only at a certain location since this laser beam has to be pointing straight at it.

    I currently use Buildcraft with IC2 and quite a few other mods (84+ in total, including NEI and all the utilities) and it runs alright.

    Well with IC2 only it's going to be quite difficult, maybe you should get Buildcraft since it has some pretty good fluid pipes. It won't be hard to set them up and the flow can be turned on or off, they will still have water in them after the water flow is turned off (unless something uses it all up in which case they won't have any more), but that shouldn't be a problem because if you break them while they still have water inside it won't get out, it will just disappear.

    I have tested it myself, and that's maybe why Lion actually went on and posted this, and they do store fluid in item form. A tank, regardless of how much fluid is in it can be picked up without losing any of the contents. Furthermore all tanks that have the same amount of the same fluid stack up to 64 in the inventory, making it possible to squeeze 16 stacks of cells in 1 stack of tanks for transport by player, minecart, item pipes, etc. The pump can take or add( with the fluid ejector upgrade) to an adjacent tank but what he wants is to use the tanks directly as cells inside the pump, without having to put them next to it.

    I've got it too, so far Macerators, Fermenters, Fluid heat generators, Fluid/Solid canning machines, Crop Harvesters and Water Pumps do not show anything aside from name and the mod they came from.
    Generators though are another story, so far Solar Panels, SemiFluid generators, normal generators and GeoThermal generators, Water mills, Stirling Generators, Kinetic generators and Radioisotope Thermoelectric generators do show information like stored EU and output, Nuclear Reactors don't though.
    It seems it's not just you who has this, I'm running the latest versions of IC2, Waila, NEI and ChickenCore on MC 1.7.10 btw.

    I beg to differ. I can't find the wiki documentation of it right now, but I know from personal experience that it's possible to sneak-click the side of a block with a fluid ejector upgrade to make it output to that side, instead of the first valid side. I'm fairly sure that functionality has been there for at least a year

    You're right, I just tried it and it did work, I never knew about this before.

    There is also the sligthy less expensive fluid pipe called "botling plant with a fluid ejector upgrade"

    Wait, what about multiple fluid ejector upgrades configured to different output sides? Admittedly inefficient, but it should technically work.

    I'm puzzled that nobody has discussed yet how difficult it would be to migrate some of the GT fluid pipes to IC2 - the first four tiers (wooden, copper, bronze, and steel) use materials that are available with just IC2.

    I'm not sure how well the part about transfering EU as well will go over, though - it's starting to sound like Ender IO, which iirc some members here consider overpowered.

    Well there is no such thing yet as fluid ejector upgrades configured to different output sides yet, at the moment you could add as many fluid ejector upgrades as you can fit in there and it will be the same as 1 since they select the first valid side, the idea isn't bad though, could be quite usefull not to mention pretty cool.

    There is also the sligthy less expensive fluid pipe called "botling plant with a fluid ejector upgrade"

    Here's an example why your idea may not work in some cases, even at short distances:
    Imagine you have something really complicated that outputs to multiple sides and gets it's imput on one, you can't output on multiple sides at the same time with a fluid ejector upgrade. Even when you have 1 imput and 1 output, sometimes the ejector upgrade may eject the fluid in the wrong side where the imput should be, if the said imputing machine got empty and had room to receive and was the first valid side it will receive liquid, leaving no room for actual imput liquid to be transported and also ruining the whole system.
    I would also like to underline the fact that I'm only giving some examples and showing you why I consider the idea of an ic2 pipe (with or without EU) very good, I've got nothing against you or your idea and I'd like to apologise if this discusion seemed like an argument since that was not my intention.

    Well if you love those crappy minecart chests which tend to despawn after a certain amount of time, you can probably rely on them.
    You could fill cans and batteries at Point A, discharge them at Point B, than go to Point C to grab the ores from a miner and get back to the beginning. Really frustrating to setup without railcraft and impossible to maintain because of chunk loading

    Not to mention that it's just more trouble for something that can be done quicker and with fewer resources.

    Well, if it is for large distances you can use minecarts with chest, sticky pistons, hoppers and teleporters

    Considering you want to transport fluids, having them canned so you can place them in minecarts or transport them by hoppers would be less efficient that using said pipes, and again those wouldn't also transport EU. There are many alternatives to adding pipes to ic2 but having it's own pipes just seems better than using another mod only for that.

    There is also the sligthy less expensive fluid pipe called "botling plant with a fluid ejector upgrade"

    So if you wanna carry the liquid 50 blocks away you will just use 50 botling plants (or any machine which can store and output fluid, like the fluid/solid canning machine) with 50 fluid ejector upgrades rather than use pipes? For a short distance like then next block sure, I agree, 1 fluid ejector upgrade is not only cheap but it will also save space and look better than having a pipe smack down the middle between 2 machines, but for a longer distance it's just not feasible.
    Besides, his idea of having the pipe carry EU aswell as fluid (or maybe even items) is pretty good and machines that store and output fluids usually don't output EU as well...