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    first thx for the fast answer! i'm pretty shure it does not work, and i know that it has no gui. i used the magnifingglasses on it. Are those suppose to work on all blocks of the structure or only on the controller blocks? because i noticed something. when i build the tank with one controller i can instantly check on all blocks->"tank is empty". after a while that ain't possible anymore, and because the controller is obstructed with a pipe i can't check it at this time(when there is no pipe i can check it of course!)

    i build all tanks and waited 2 minutes bevor i connected pipes
    i tried 6 controlers(each centered on a side incl top and bottom)
    i tried only 1 controller in the whole structure , but facing into any direction
    i tried to wrench the controller( but i think it suppose to work when i put it in its place while standing in front of the tank?)
    i tried to wrench a connected pipe, even when this "autoconnects"( the markings show connections!)
    i tried different pipes(no other modpipes, maybe that could help?)
    i tried different liquids (piped in via steelpipe with a pump on it, only the pipes fill)
    i tried to bucket in water with a bucket or a cell
    i tried different biomes
    i tried different locations
    i tried different new worlds
    i even tried all above in my dev-enviroment to see if there are differences

    i have no plan what i should try next. i get some sleep and look tomorrow what i can find out. :wacko:

    @ seregheru Nope. tried all sizes of pipes after reading your comment. but i had no hope for that cause the pipes are basicly the same tileentity with different capacities and bandwiths. only think i test tomorrow are pipes from other mods

    How about you don't think everyone except you is stupid? :D I ask this question to prevent possible bugs( like i did in .30/.31 where some of your code fucked up spawngen on new worlds and you could "ninja" fix it). I build the tank like the tooltip says. i even looked at your webside to see if i placed something wrong. i even placed one controllerblock on every side centered-> nothing. i wrenched every controllerblock in every direction(btw it would be useful to have only one side with the holetexture to indicate wich direction it is facing). So what could i have done wrong?

    Do you have enough RAM? 4GB should be enough. And no, I didn't change anything Worldgen related, but I will check and try to gen a new World.

    Yeah RAm is not the issue. I have given it 4GB of RAM. Like i wrote, i never had such a problem till .30. Even instances with .29 and many mods are loading just fine. Wired is that no logs or crashlogs show a problem. MC just freezes at Spawngen around 70/80%. Even waiting 30 min. doesn't help. When i load a World from .30(wich has not loaded fully) in .29 the world is fine. MC only complaoins about missing blocks(the new concrete etc), but i think thats normal?!

    I have a wired problem with Release .30. When i open a new World, spawngeneration goes up till 78% and then mc freezes. No crashlog. There is nothingin the log-files. I even tried it in a new instance only with IC2_exp_2.2.823 and Gregtech 6.03.30 installed. The wired thing is, that when i create a World in .29 and then load it in .30 all is fine. Can someone confirm that?

    Hmm, reading Buildcraft 8.0 anouncement there are some really interesting points.

    Transformers and energy cable limits with explosions. They say that was done together with IC2, so will this also work like that in IC2?

    It would at last leave a bit of the needed planning behind when building a energy net.

    But ain't that kind of dumb? Why adding propertys from EU to RF, when one could use this time to update E-Net to 1.8.9(my next question would be why not 1.9?)

    I know a energynet is not the easiest part of a mod, but i followed a guy on Youtube, that builds a energynet from scratch( cables, consumer, provider,etc). Its very basic but it works flawless. How hard could that be for a team that does that
    for a very long time?

    Wow, a lot of people doom and glooming in here. IC2 is not dead, this is actually fantastic news!

    Remember, it's about the mods you include in a pack that decides balance, not the energy system a mod uses.

    Make a pack with Buildcraft, Forestry, IC2, and Railcraft as the main tech mods and things will feel great!

    And not to do what 90% of all Players do, is what made IC2 / Gregtech unique. Not plug and play, more think about what you do. RF is great, don't get me wrong! But without this unique Powersystem you basicly don't need any IC2 machine because they are mainly interchangeable. Its like taking Gearboxes from Rotarycraft.

    I may be a noob among those great names in this forum, but for me the whole thing sounds like a lazy excuse for not porting IC2 to 1.8.9+ as it was. There are mods for 1.8.9 even 1.9 with basic powersystems ( that are not RF based!) Why don't make a new E-Net? Start with basics and evolve with time. That should be doable and keeps IC2 what it was.

    The other suggestion to merge IC2 to Grgtech would be a nother logical choice(when Gt goes 1.8 / 1.9?). Gt6 has so much similarities to ic2 with its Rotary and Heatunits. Why not pass the rest to Gt?

    It wouold be very sad to loose a nother original to the unified modscene. And anyone who disagrees: Think about why we play with mods...

    I hope the IC2 team will rethink this..but thank you for all what was done in the past!

    Besides all that. "The Path is the target" Is what most contet in every game is about. The journey from wooden Tools to a big factory, that has everything automated. tinkering and tweaking everything to the max. Thats the real goal for me. An when i achieved all that. I start playing with magic/rpg mods...And then i start again punching wood.... :D

    Or as an alternative: Play on a server with other people that fit your gamestyle. Thats adding more content than any other mod :thumbsup:


    It seems that Dark Oak (which is a vanilla wood type) will count as wood for starting the charcoal pit fire, but does not get turned into charcoal when the process is finished.

    The GT dev is not responsible for balancing around intermod exploits. Server admins and pack owners are the ones who need to blacklist items properly.

    've had this too! I made the biggest possible Pit filled it with dark oak-> The Igniter runs for ages, but nohing happens with the oak.If you use a scnner it gets no errors but the remaining cycle time stays at 620s. Funny thing to notice, if you replace the dark aok with other logs they instant onvert to charcoal :thumbsup: Have done this serveral times!

    The Centrifuge has to rotate around the vertical Axis, so Heat from below is not possible. And Heat itself doesn't go upwards, it is the Hot Air that goes upwards.

    And while I can easily let it accept both Energy Types, it is much more effort to have multiple Types be required at once.

    Maybe the heat could relate to the incomming RU in the Centrifuge? So different Materials need different RU input. The machine could split the income to RU and HU. That should be nothing other than checking if EU and a certain Liquid is existing for a recipe?!

    Also, the Machines are added randomly. Ore Washing and Thermal Centrifuging comes later. Oh crap, how am I gonna do a Thermal Centrifuge with two different Energy Inputs. Maybe I will just let something preheat the Stuff before ending in a Centrifuge.

    Maybe you could add an frictionheater? That could be powered by RU and puts out HU+RU to a Thermal Centrifuge. Or put a Heater under the Thermal Centrifuge and a RU input on the back. So you have 4 faces of the machine for in/output...

    How do you (if you can) ignite the charcoal log igniter? I've buried a 11x1x11 layer of logs and set the igniter on top of it with it exposed to air (surrounded by soil), but it won't ignite when I use a flint & steel on it, or use a lever. Am I doing something very silly?

    There must be a layer of bricks under the wood. Then every layer of wood must be surrounded by dirt. On top of the wood there must be dirt/grass with the igniter in the center(same level as the igniter). The Igniter starts automatic when everythingis placed correct! i once forgot to place 1 dirt and had to remove the whole fun ?(

    @all/ blood How long does a fullsize pit take to convert to charcoal? I mademy first 11x11x5 pit and it ignites, but doesnt stop. It runs for 5 realtime hours...i think thats wrong?