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    Hmm, reading Buildcraft 8.0 anouncement there are some really interesting points.

    Transformers and energy cable limits with explosions. They say that was done together with IC2, so will this also work like that in IC2?

    It would at last leave a bit of the needed planning behind when building a energy net.

    But ain't that kind of dumb? Why adding propertys from EU to RF, when one could use this time to update E-Net to 1.8.9(my next question would be why not 1.9?)

    I know a energynet is not the easiest part of a mod, but i followed a guy on Youtube, that builds a energynet from scratch( cables, consumer, provider,etc). Its very basic but it works flawless. How hard could that be for a team that does that
    for a very long time?

    Wow, a lot of people doom and glooming in here. IC2 is not dead, this is actually fantastic news!

    Remember, it's about the mods you include in a pack that decides balance, not the energy system a mod uses.

    Make a pack with Buildcraft, Forestry, IC2, and Railcraft as the main tech mods and things will feel great!

    And not to do what 90% of all Players do, is what made IC2 / Gregtech unique. Not plug and play, more think about what you do. RF is great, don't get me wrong! But without this unique Powersystem you basicly don't need any IC2 machine because they are mainly interchangeable. Its like taking Gearboxes from Rotarycraft.

    I may be a noob among those great names in this forum, but for me the whole thing sounds like a lazy excuse for not porting IC2 to 1.8.9+ as it was. There are mods for 1.8.9 even 1.9 with basic powersystems ( that are not RF based!) Why don't make a new E-Net? Start with basics and evolve with time. That should be doable and keeps IC2 what it was.

    The other suggestion to merge IC2 to Grgtech would be a nother logical choice(when Gt goes 1.8 / 1.9?). Gt6 has so much similarities to ic2 with its Rotary and Heatunits. Why not pass the rest to Gt?

    It wouold be very sad to loose a nother original to the unified modscene. And anyone who disagrees: Think about why we play with mods...

    I hope the IC2 team will rethink this..but thank you for all what was done in the past!


    It seems that Dark Oak (which is a vanilla wood type) will count as wood for starting the charcoal pit fire, but does not get turned into charcoal when the process is finished.

    The GT dev is not responsible for balancing around intermod exploits. Server admins and pack owners are the ones who need to blacklist items properly.

    've had this too! I made the biggest possible Pit filled it with dark oak-> The Igniter runs for ages, but nohing happens with the oak.If you use a scnner it gets no errors but the remaining cycle time stays at 620s. Funny thing to notice, if you replace the dark aok with other logs they instant onvert to charcoal :thumbup: Have done this serveral times!

    How do you (if you can) ignite the charcoal log igniter? I've buried a 11x1x11 layer of logs and set the igniter on top of it with it exposed to air (surrounded by soil), but it won't ignite when I use a flint & steel on it, or use a lever. Am I doing something very silly?

    There must be a layer of bricks under the wood. Then every layer of wood must be surrounded by dirt. On top of the wood there must be dirt/grass with the igniter in the center(same level as the igniter). The Igniter starts automatic when everythingis placed correct! i once forgot to place 1 dirt and had to remove the whole fun ?(

    @all/ blood How long does a fullsize pit take to convert to charcoal? I mademy first 11x11x5 pit and it ignites, but doesnt stop. It runs for 5 realtime hours...i think thats wrong?

    That is a very very good description of an Multiblock in GT. :thumbup: . But the tooltip description for the multiblock is incorrect, it says it needs a fluid input hatch! ....About the oil. The 96x96 oil source...will it be like in buildcraft->real oilblocks, or is it a mathematically calculated chance of oil in this 96x96 area( not real oilblocks)

    How did you configure your Custom Ore Generation for the world? I had mine set to use all PFAA forms and absolutely nothing else; the more sets of ores you allow COG/PFAA to generate the greater the odds of getting lag on chunk generation (and you'll get redundant ores; standard PFAA patterns cover everything).

    Ahhh thanks! I had only turned off railcraft poor ores because i disabled all generation of ores in the different mod configs+ i thought GT disables Vanilla ores+ PFAA disables GT oregen. I made some "testholes" in a testworld and oregen was very very rare, I think i will give it a try and tinker around with it a bit....

    And one last question, anyone got this working with PFAA? Maybe some configs or anything?

    It worked for me out of the box. But it is very laggy in creating new chunks. I used the "AdminCommandsToolbox" mod to pregen chunks in my world for better performance, but its still laggy. Can someone confirm this? Maybe i did something wrong?!

    Just a quick note about one thing: Effecting certain blocks that can be everywere in the world is really difficult to do. With that i mean mostly all the ideas about pollution effecting any sort of plant. While i hope that vanilla plants extending vanilla behavior (Trees) create events i can catch and modify, there are many other plants i can't easily access. For example the crops. To effect them, i would need to scan EVERY BLOCK in EVERY LOADED CHUNK to find them. Same with most other mod plants. To effect the IC2 Crops i only have some hope with using reflection... Doing that for every mod i would like to effect... Meh...

    This is why i mentioned the "cloud" version because it only effects nearby blocks and Entitys. A macerator doesn t have to affect crops/trees whatever 100 blocks away. It could, when the polutioncloud is moving or the emitting of pollution doesn t stop, but then its even localized to the cloud. Think of it like a brush painting the landscape/machines new. After a certain spreadradius the cloud could dissolves itself. Since we have no real wind in MC this would be realistic

    Mhhh...I am only a beginner in modding, but is a waterblock only a block? So changing a waterblock to a pollutedwaterblock when hit with pollution is a simple thing? The water then( so i think) comes through pumps->pipes to a machine. When this machine now gets not the right fluid it does not function any longer until pump/pipe is again full of "vanilla" water.... on the other hand, changing water in (Multiblock)tanks could be difficult ( i think).....

    i think i would like to do a little mod( just for fun) to see how it could work. Maybe one with greater skills could improve my mess :D ?


    The visuals are secondary for me( but for and exloding reactor they are awesome:D). But i like how i works codewise. Basicly these are clouds of Entites which effect the enviroment like real "pollution"particles would do. My Idea would be that some machines in GT become Pollutionproviders which emit those clouds based on their workload. This would effect everything from Water to Air and Players etc....

    Waterblocks get polluted -> machines wont get the right watertype

    Airblocks get polluted -> Solars and other Machines loose efficiency

    Crops die / grow slower

    etc, etc...


    I think Pollution could be a chance to require a player to explore all possibilities in GT and dont stick those 30 or so boilers. There are many ways to reward the player for a pollution reduced / free gameplay! And those who don like it can turn it of via config,

    I really like this Idea. Its both challenging and realistic....