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    This might be interesting (not sure if it really needs to be fixed) , but this 7 macerator recipies throw a error on first load with gregtech (V: 5.09.19) , no other mods than depencies IC2 (V: 2.2.811 ) installed:

    java.lang.RuntimeException: ambiguous recipe: [[1xtile.gravel@0] -> [1xitem.flint@0]]
    Gravel block to flint item
    java.lang.RuntimeException: ambiguous recipe: [[8xitem.reeds@0] -> [1xic2.itemBiochaff@0]]
    Reed items to Biochaff (this could be a IC2 relict)
    java.lang.RuntimeException: ambiguous recipe: [[8xtile.pumpkin@0] -> [1xic2.itemBiochaff@0]]
    Pumkin blocks to biochaff (the same IC2 relict?)
    java.lang.RuntimeException: ambiguous recipe: [[8xitem.melon@0] -> [1xic2.itemBiochaff@0]]
    same for melon slices
    java.lang.RuntimeException: ambiguous recipe: [[1xtile.cloth@0] -> [2xitem.string@0]]
    Wool blocks? to string
    java.lang.RuntimeException: ambiguous recipe: [[8xitem.wheat@0] -> [1xic2.itemBiochaff@0]]
    same as above for wheat items
    finally: java.lang.RuntimeException: ambiguous recipe: [[1xtile.stonebrick@0] -> [1xtile.sand@0]]
    Stone bricks block to Sand Block

    May this help to clean up more code for a clean gregtech.

    BTW, NEI also say you get 8 000 EU out of a cell creosote, but to get this you need a quite sizeable build. Your small steel furnace produces only steam for for 5 EU/t, you need to recharge you basic steam turbine to at least 15 000 steam between each crafting process. Other than that, GT machines take their input at the begin of the crafting process and if they are supplied with enough energy they will reset the actual process. You may wish to hit you basic bending machine with a GT soft hammer (e.g. one from wood) to let the machine charge before it processes, otherwise you may waste a bunch of EU, in the progress for retrying the crafting process over and over. There is a distinct sound if a GT machine runs out of power mid process.

    I saw anywhere (can't remember where), no fusion energy plan until there is a working prototype in RL, and as far I know there are three projects one in Greifswald,germany, one in western europe (france/gb, have to look for the details) and one in us, but none of the are working yet. the one in Greifswald is the one most finished yet, but still in building.

    Test 6 - 32 charcoal:

    82618 l steam, 27539.33 EU, 2581.81 l steam per charcoal, 860.60 EU per charcoal, 5640 l d. water , 176.25 l steam per charcoal, 14.65 l steam per 1 l d. water

    Test 7 64 charcoal:

    169233 l steam, 56411 EU, 2644.27 l steam per charcoal, 881.42 EU per charcoal, 9264 l d. water, 144.75 l d. water per charcoal, 18.27 l steam per 1 l water

    change set up to max output hatch and bronze fluid pipe (2400l/t). I suspect, I lose steam to low pipe throughput (and I am right with this suspicion).

    Test 8 - 64 cells:

    318207 l steam, 106069 EU, 4971.98 l steam per cell, 1657.33 EU per cell, 10336 l d. water, 161.5 l d. water per cell, 30.79 l steam per 1 l d. water

    better, but still, the pipe is too small, output hatch fills up, next test steel (4800l/t).

    Test 9 - 64 cells:

    545120 l steam, 181706.67 EU, 8517.5 l steam per cell, 2839.17 EU per cell, 10336 l d. water , 161.5 l d. water per cell, 52.74 l steam per 1 l d. water

    slowly, but still only one third of steam per water compared to a single block, next large steel (9600l/t).

    Test 10 - 64 cells:

    948934 l steam, 316311.33 EU, 14827.09 l steam per cell, 4942.36 EU per cell, 8384 l d. water, 131 l d. water per cell, 113.18 l steam per 1 l d. water

    even better, still not enough, boiler lost progress and temp half way through, had to use the soft hammer. Next double up the outputs (2 max, 2*9600 l/t).

    Test 10 - 64 cells:

    1098944 l steam ,366314.67 EU ,17171 l steam per cell, 5723.67 EU per cell, 8288 l d. water , 129.5 l d. water per cell, 132.59 l steam per 1 l d. water

    close, boiler stopped half way through as well, next I double up fuel again.

    Test 11 - 128 cells:

    3013472 l steam, 1004490.67 EU, 23542.75 l steam per cell, 7847.58 EU per cell, 22624 l distilled water, 176.75 l d. water per cell, 133.20 l steam per 1 l d. water

    much better, not the 150 l steam, but stable 10 400 l steam per tick, that is enough for 3466.67 EU per tick in 109 basic steam engines, each machine can have their own engine. And now I am close to the 8000 EU per cell theoretical fuel value shown in NEI only 1.91 % loss, that is acceptable.

    Also a unit charcoal is about 10666.67 EU (at full efficiency) worth.

    hm, as far as i understand your log, something is messing with Ender IO, but there are so many mods in I have no knowledge about jet many be somebody else can help you. Also For me it locks like, you are trying to load the map, when you get shut down, may be this info will help the next one, I don't know much about AT launcher.

    As Promised here my insights in gregtech custom oregen:

    First you have to turn the lines for custom oregen you what to use 'true' .

    1. B:ore.mix.custom.xx_false=false -> =true
    2. B:ore.small.custom.xx_false=false -> =true


    1. B:ore.mix.custom.00__false=true
    2. B:ore.small.custom.00_false=true

    Then you need to edit the entry you choosen:

    to something like this (in my chase this will spawn small Neutronium Ore in The End with a rarity of about 3 ores per chunk):

    For the mix one it gets a little bit trickier. From:

    In this case it will spawn a Berylium/Neutronium vein with Adamantite and Vulkanite mixed in, with a denstiy comareable of Diamond, in the end and the overworld, but not in Twilight Forrest at arround 45 to 60 height, but more seldom than diamonds and a size between diamonds and redstone:

    Hope GregoriusT, is pleased with me and can confirm, I got it right, the twilight Forrest stuff is untested. So this one should be correct now.