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    i dont do smp alot, but just adding an efficiency reduction in the config files would do.

    like say : qsuit - 50% efficient. (refered to the sp qsuit)

    reducing its efficiency by an set amount you can enter, should do the trick and avoid alot of coding.
    however, personal opinion sais +0 for me on this one

    i read all this last afternoon but i could not get my finger around it. its + and - are however now clear to me.

    the +.

    can word as an emergency healing boost, provided in all sticky situations. i like that

    the -
    i dont see any, only an personal opinion that its not realy needed in general, however its entirely optional to use.

    and finaly, an thumbs up for the presentation, especially for an first poster :)
    final verdict +0,5 for me, since i see one plus and one -

    wel folks, i have an partially running reactor right now.

    it currently uses 4 filters to powerfeed my reactor 4 buckets of water, im guesing il powerfeed ice for the remaining 4 slots.

    to do list:
    1. prove the concept.
    2. hook up an actual deployer system instead of the EE testing grid.
    3. hook up an actual ice plant system instead of the EE testing grid.
    4. finish the project!

    After revisiting this (quite old) thread, I decided: I'll add a config option for disabling scrap burning in a generator, just so people can stop editing classes or doing nasty hacks such as preventing lava from flowing. Scrap will still work on furnaces and iron furnaces though.

    The option will be in the 1.2.5 version.

    ahaaa! so there wil be an 1.2.5 version :D

    nobody was able to tell if it would come, (no i am not asking when :P)

    just asking. but how is the suggestion comming?

    in terms, how is your upgrade to the thread coming? kinda waiting for it since i know this has real potential and dying to see how you work this out so i can add some constructive critism

    iridium tools, hmm

    thinking up an scenario here,

    me : wearing full quantum + iridium sword.
    noob : what ya doing?
    me : playing iron man and slashing down ur friends.
    noob : il kill ya,
    me : you cant mahahaha

    i think iridium tools wil seriously break the balance of the quantum suit, as in saying it removes the need for an lap pack and thus can be replaced with the final piece of quantum.
    kinda like an diamond + sword that doesnt break and does more damage with an full quantum suit.

    and yet again, personal opinion. i like it, but balancing opinion sais no.
    sorry lad

    wel, yet another foolish atempt for me. trying to explain why not..

    personal opinion i gues again, its wel. far fetched, yet again i am taking the neutral position as i dont see how this can be usefull. (wel exept for making eu)
    and i cant see how i improve to the idea,

    so, +0 again.

    Just managed to make a 1900EU/t bucket one, it could theoretically run at 2020EU/t but as buckets tend to bug a bit it doesn't really seem possible in practice. Going to make a new version in about two hours.

    nice job, i decided i wanted to go hybrid. uses the + and - of both systems.

    first status report added to second post!