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    Currently, the lightning engine of minecraft doesnt have support for colored lights afaik, and trying to code something like that would take a lot of effort (And like someone above mentioned, overwritting a shitton of base classes). Its similar to how light 12/15 (I forgot) its the max amount of light you can code in any object + losing 1 level of light every block the futher away you are from the source.

    Edit: Looking at the video above... its really not that big of a thing? RedPower2 had their own "Colored Luminators" (if you want to call them like that, But they are basically a colored sortish glass like block that gives white light) but they work with a constant redstone current. I Guess Real Colored Lighting its not possible unless mojang coded it in their game.

    Would work if water wasnt unlimited, or if IC2 pumps worked like Buildcraft pumps, searching the source blocks in a manner that doesnt allow for new source blocks to be created (Of course this doesnt apply to oceans since they are so frigging big)

    I did not say to copy the code. i said create your own. It may not be your original idea, but at least your making it better and its IC2 Compitable. Why not create more versalilty w your mod? Does more code scary you?
    Im curious what are you guys currently working on?

    Someone already did it, wtf would one want to make something similar? Especially something so awfully complicated that hasnt been out of Alpha yet (Or at least the WIP tag)

    Just stop being impatient and wait for the zepellin mod to be completed. (And for your information, zepelin its compatible with many mods, just dont expect to have a working moving solar flower that makes EU in flight when the poor mod autor hasnt been able to make torches stay lit in the zepelin)

    What is exactly the best way to build a watermill to generate the maximum amount of EU unmaned?

    I usually just use solar because of the easyness of them (I have made a solar flower of 41 generators connected with tin cables to a single MFU that then powers my MFSU via Glass Fibre, i was intending to made it up to 128 generators but i decided to move in my base before that)

    Im still saying a drill that mine 2 blocks ahead and plant a Dinamite stick (Consuming from your inventory) would be amusing. Also why not make it like Quantum boots/pants where you need to keep the botton pressed to get the steroid speed/ultrajump?

    I have made a automated Geothermal Generator with at least 3-4 mods (Redpower2, Buildcraft,BuildcraftBucketFiller, and BuildcraftTeleportPipes. The last one optional), you just only need to find a Pretty big Lava lake in the overworld (I dunno if nether operation still runs if you arent in the nether, and i also dont know if teleport pipes connects from the nether->Overworld and backwards) and you are set.

    Probably also applies to quantum armor as well.

    However, I am pretty sure this cannot be fixed yet, until Mineforge adds hooks for this. Apperently 1.0 added some new armor code that totally screwed this up (although I think it already kinda screwed up before)

    For now, Take off your armor when it is near depleted.

    Well so far my Quatum armor (At least the boots armor 2 expensive :P ) hasnt dissapeared even when i dip on lava or simply get killed, unlike the nano armor when i always lost it when i got killed or lava, or by a mob or when i fall over high distances.

    How about extra parts? i mean make a special "Enhancement" table which will use Energy + a especially crafted tool/extra part + the thing you want to "enhance".

    For example, make a new item called "Silk Drillhead" which will give a drill or diamond drill the "Silk Touch" Enchantment, then you just need to put this part and a Diamond Drill in the Enhancement Table, supply the table with EU and wait for the item to be sucessfully enhanced. Kinda like the enchantment table but instead of using EXP it will use EU, and instead of being craptastically random on what enchantment it gives you can select what you want with these "Extra Parts". Of course recipes for the extra parts may or may not be expensive + The amount of EU used equally expensive to not make it such a "Easy modo" thing.

    Of course i dont know if such thing its even possible in the first place with the currents API's and what not :P .