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    anyone found what are 4 new slots in machines GUI good for? :)

    Its used for the new Module upgrade parts. Too lazy to tell you anything else. (Since you where too lazy to read the change log or any of the other threads discussing these modules)

    There is a bug I've noticed... so maybe you'll want to move the thread after all!

    The Electric Treetap does not consume any of its power. I took a fully charged tap, spiked enough trees to get 53 resin, and put it in my batbox (which had no incoming power) to recharge.
    The bar already appeared full and it didn't drain anything at all from the batbox. So I spiked well over a dozen trees and it didn't use a single EU.

    Where you using a batpack or lappack?

    Each tier should also be more energy efficient. Else tier 3 is unusable XD. It would drain too much energy.

    Thats the joke, No use in generating Stupid amounts of energy if you never are going to use it >.>

    I'm not sure where else to put this topic, so here's the best placer I guess.

    I'm pleased to see the Electric Treetap finally officially appear in IC2 - but I'm concerned that it looks too much like the Electric Wrench.
    EXACTLY like the wrench, in fact... and the reason is because they apparently use the same sprite. So there's currently not any way to make them look different from one another.
    I'm concerned that this can cause some confusion - as well as unintentional wrenching of a machine by someone who thought they were holding their treetap.

    I'm aware that the tooltip will tell you which is which, but the purpose of sprites is for quick visual distinction. I ask that the IC team consider assigning a unique sprite to the Electric Treetap for future versions. Thank you.

    Maybe the fact that they look the same is intended, because the electric tree tap doesnt have is own texture yet, or maybe some error that makes it take the texture of the wrench.

    Anyway support or suggestion would have been a good place to put it.

    Its still her ship, she has her own vision of what she wants to do, so the least you could do its cooperate with her. The fact that no one has come forth to make a new mod similar to redpower should tell you that eloraam its doing a good job by herself, Look at TMI vs NEI, I dont particulary use neither but i find it amusing that 2 mods that could be considered practically the same exist. (And from what i gatter NEI its the most popular one?)

    Anyway has you have said, eloraam has the skills and people "tolerate" her for that, isnt the same in the real world? I dont get why you are still going on about it, if you dont like her methods feel free to start on your own redstone mod and gather a good team to help you make it, because complaining about eloraam isnt doing a damn thing about it, i seriously doubt she will change the way she works, at least in the most immediate future.

    And if people would stop allowing her to get away with her selfishness, were more willing to call her on it and were less willing to cooperate with her so long as she continues in the same vein then maybe she'd have a reason to approach things differently. So long as she is able to use such tactics and get the results she desires then she has no incentive to change.

    Until she sees turning backs and cold-shoulders she won't change. Or at least the the threat of if she's as smart as we all seem to think she is.

    Have you considered that maybe people dont want her to change? It seems more than 50% of the comunity supports Eloraam methods because they keep downloading her mod and using it, as long as she keeps programming she can do it her way and with her rules. Thats the basic gist of it. Selfishenss its not a bad thing, i dunno why you keep saying otherwise.

    If you want to throw a Tea Party and boycott eloraam redpower then you are free to do so, just dont expect to have much people backing you up.

    And "Such Tactics" are what made the world the way it is now, no reason to start complaining about it now.

    Besides even if you managed to get most of the community to give her the "Cold-Shoulder" the worst case scenario is that she wont change "Her Ways", what its most likely to happen is that she packs her bags and say good bye to the modding aspect of minecraft for good taking with her RedPower (<- This would mean that if someone wants a mod that did the same things redpower does, they will have to make it from ZERO, totallly forbidden to take any of Eloraam code because her project its closed-source). If that its good or bad, it depends, Redpower wasnt made in a Day, i bet any mod trying to copy it will take a good amount of time to reach the level eloraam has set so far (Most specially the covers, doing something like that its simply not that easy as people might want to think).

    Another and maybe better solution, its to make energy cost to scale with time, the more time online the generator is, the more energy it will consume. When it reaches a point where you have shut it down to make the energy comsuption to normal values again...

    Although in the end there is a simple work around to this (and your proposal too), and that is by having a multilayer force field, when the first layer is on the Cooldown period, you can simply activate the second layer until the cooldown of the first one finishes and viceversa.

    In the end, its eloraam code. She can have a monopoly on the bluetricity convertors because she made the bluetricity system. You only have proven that eloraam its a selfish human being (And im not saying its a bad thing, society has his way to a make human being that act on selfishness or similar emotions like they are a cancer that should be excised from the world...) and we have proven that she has all the rights to do so. Once again community wishes impact little on this decision because they didnt made the bluetricity system, it was solely she coded and tested it and implemented it.

    The only reason why other types of power converters exist (and sometimes theres more than one for the same conversion type), its because the Mod developers that made their own energy system didnt have any plan to add any kind of converter whatsoever, while the community was asking for those a lot, and because they gave permission for those converters to exist or simply they didnt care if the converter existed or not.

    (6) - And the way that she stated her objection in immibis' release thread completely discredits this idea. I said last time I was tired of quoting this, yet here I am quoting it again... THIS is going in circles.... "I've specifically disallowed any energy-conversion mod for Blutricity. I have my own plans in mind for that."

    'I've specifically' = A decision she has already made.
    'disallowed any' = All inclusive, Any=All. Not some. ALL.
    'I have my own plans in mind for that.' = It's not about unfinished code. It's about HER plans.

    You forget that eloraam its a human, not a primitive version of skynet. She is allowed to change her mind OR her plans at any moment adapting herself to the situation at hand.

    Immibis Converter mod came out of nowhere, without permission whatsoever, and it was in her plans (if you could say it like that), that if should situation arise (When a Blue<->IC Converter appeared) she would do her possible to forbid futher publication of said converter.

    In Minecraft Forum RP2 thread SOMEONE (Not even the creator of thaum craft), asked if a thaumcraft Vis<->Blue converter would be possible, which eloraam responded that it would be possible, if the developer of thaum or someone close did it if permission where to be asked before hand, because she hasnt Thaumcraft compatibility in mind (Honestly thaumcraft its still not famous like the big technological 3, IC2/BC/RP2, so of course you cant blame Eloraam for skipping this mod althogether)

    I still stick with the opinion that is all a matter of respect between fellow modders, the comunity should have little to do with this discussion.

    Again, Eloraam is not a forge maintainer, but only a contributor. Everyone is able to add hooks to forge since it's an open-source project. Most things are done by LexManos though. Eloraam does work on Forge, but LexManos does the overall maintaining and obviously the porting.

    And technically, the father of forge is spacetoad. So if the decision of deleting forge ever comes (Not that i think it will), it will be Spacetoad who will make that decision and push the delete botton. Its the same with Risugame and Modloader, if she want she could delete it/stop updating and say "fuck you" to the comunity if they piss her, she has the right to do so and delete her source and most importantly FORBID anyone from ever use whatever they have of her source for update with a new version of minecraft, so if you want a new mod loader (In this hypotetical scenario), you would need to make one from SCRATCH.

    Just my 2 cents on this topic that i still say its just going in circles.

    I agree, but I also disagree. I think yes, when ic2 is used as it was intended (or at least my interpretation of it's intended use), charcoal should not be allowed to be macerated. However, as one user pointed out, there are other cases, where ic2 is being used in an environment it wasn't originally intended for, such as pvp servers, that make charcoal maceration more sensible and less OP. I agree that un-modded ic2 should not allow for charcoal maceration, however I see no reason to hinder mods from making that possible. It just limits the potential environments your mod will fit in, or makes it harder for others to implement this in a situation where it is no longer op, or implement it in a way that's not op. There's no point in stifling creativity.

    Hes just saying that it will not added to the Official IC2 ever, mods can still break IC2 w/e the way they want.

    And why did you feel the need to bump this thread that was about to die?

    Edit: oh wait... nvm, still my second point is still valid.


    Enegry should also be *wasted* as it takes the same amount of enegry to macerate one stack of iron ore with 8 overclockers and 16 overclockers and this is a little OP

    Isnt already implemented to be the more overclockers the more energy you waste in your machines?

    Batteries charging and discharging more fast its a useless update because batteries usually charge at the maximum voltage EU amont, Batteries charge at 32 eu/t (LV) Energy Crystals at 128 (MV) and Lapotrons at 512 (HV). They dont charge faster due to the Individual Output of each storage unit and the amount of energy each battery can take.

    The energy storage mk2/3 its basically you introducing a Energy Crystal/Lapotron at the storage. I seriously hope you arent expecting these to stack since 10 of their respective batteries = the Energy Storage maximum EU. And if you make this upgrade to be on par with a Energy/Lapotron in cost... i rather make a new MFE/MFSU.

    The efficiency module may have a future... just remove 3 out the 4 special effects you gave it and it should work.

    The recycling module, basically a overclocker module?

    Module storage upgrade, i was thinking of this one. Unstackable, each module gives you 2 more space up to total maximum of 8 (the starter 4 + 4 from 2 of these modules), but since these modules takes a space each, The Real Upgrade to Module space would be of 2 (6 different modules + 2 Module storage upgrade).

    Tesla coil module, cant say much because i have never build one.

    Solar Nightime = no. Moonlight doesnt produce enough light itself to make the solar panel to work, also not working on the night its the balance for the free constant energy you get from solar panels.

    Mini generator... Meh i have mixed feeling about this one. At best you could make it so w/e the machine its in operation it will reduce the EU needed for working by 1... or just make the machine generate that 1 eu/t FOR ITSELF aka his own internal storage.

    You shouldn't insulate him or you may get banned from his mod

    OT: Battery input should just me merged with the transformer upgrade while the Storage space should stack to 64 like everything else(but lower the I/O caps to 4 and have 1 upgrade add 1 slot to input or output)

    I still think the internet needs a sarcarsm detector *facepalm*

    OT:No. My idea its making the User to Smartly chose which module he should install in his machine, not pave the way to have a Super modified Machine that does everything without much effort, unlike most people im a firm believer of game balance.

    I don't like that mod, as you still have to run water to the machines or have 100 small ones
    It's nearly as bad as using fuel
    Power crystals's mod features direct converting, which is what I want but I read that he won't be updating it which makes me sad
    I hope somebody will revive it soon, I don't want to run water systems and complex stuff like that for BC enegry

    So you are complaining about a valid balancing feature that is included on the original BC? ok.