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    Odd, I tried it recently, and it didn't want to load properly when I attempted to do so... /shrug

    However, I just now found out that Forestry Mod does have an electrical generator for converting EU -> MJ... so I guess I ought to pick up that mod now, lol...

    Did you make sure the blocks in the Addon to be on empty ids already? (Via the config file), i think that could help

    Here's the problem: his add-on won't work properly with ID Resolver... and until he either finds a fix in that incompatibility or a reasonable work-around can be discovered, I'm not touching it...

    I have this mod + ID resolver, and so far i havent gotten any error whatsoever. I dont remember if it was a better version of IDResolver or his Addon that enabled me to play normally. I have minecraft 1.0 forge version 1.2.3 IDresolver 1.0.0 update 2 BCIC2Crossover 1.01

    EnergyDrink is definitely gonna come with next version, probably even within the next hotfix.
    Richard claimed to have the base code done, didnt yet upload it into the repository though.
    Prepare for a sugar-collapse.

    I cant wait. WhyukeepreleasingawesomestuffeverytimeD:


    (1) - But nobody is fiddling with her works here, if anything it's a question of purity. RP purists wouldn't have to install the mod, and can play the way Eloraam wants them to play. It's a question of options for the people that want to play differently that Eloraam's 'plans' would allow. Or maybe just want to use her mod, but can't because certain features because she hasn't fully implemented her plans. If this mod would have been allowed to go forward, the we would be able to use it to build our current system up. Immibis' mod could be a PLACEHOLDER for Eloraams' later implementation. Or just until the Blutric system is more fleshed out in general. Immibis' mod would allow us to use the IC2 power system to supplement Eloraams' system until she can build her's out a bit more.

    (1) She already have her energy net, and her machines dont use such huge amounts of energy that would justify having a converter Feeding Excesive amounts of energy to her machines in the first place.


    (2) - ModPacks would be another acceptable use of license enforcement. ModPacks are using her mod in it's entirety without permission. The modpacks CONTAIN her code in it's entirety. Immibis' sub-mod had nothing but changes and original material.

    (2) Not every modpack have douches or dicks behind them. Amco its the example of person making modpacks the legal way, ASKING PERMISSION.

    (3) Yeah support is given for each developer, and once again we keep falling into this, permission must be given by said developer to make anything that requires of his/her mod to work (Most of the time, if said permission isnt granted already in his/her license agreement as long as you follow the rules they provide). You fail to realize that Immibis "Sub-Mod" Would be totally useless without any of the RP2 Core Files, simple as that. So in fact Immibis is actually using her code.

    (4) Every mod may come from the same game, Minecraft. Every mod has the liberty to decompile and modify the source of minecraft for the purpose of modding (With a few limitations, could not find the license), But after that it stop being Minecraft/Mojang Territory and becomes each individual modder territory, Some dont have licenses, some use generic fair use licenses, some make their own license. Fact is most Modders should have a license attached to their mods it protects them from things like stealing and plagiarism. Buildcraft have a full blown Open Source License so you can pretty much do whatever you want with a lot of freedom to do so. Industrial craft has its own license, that gives you the ability to modify the IC2 Source as long as you dont make public your modifications and in the case you make new stuff that isnt in the core, you are allowed to make it public within this forum Addon Subforum, but you are only allowed to post the new and modificated files (If you havent read it, its right at the end of the first post, after copyright), and Eloraam as decided to vouch for a closed source license in where You may download the mods she provides to use and play, if you want to do anything else with it, you have to ask her first. (The full license is in page 2).

    If you take the moment to read the IC2 Licence and the RedPower2 License you will notice that, in his license gives you a white card in modding his files AS LONG AS YOU ONLY PUBLISH THEM IN THIS FORUM AND ONLY IF YOU PLAN TO ADD SOMETHING NEW TO THE TABLE, no need for asking too much permision, those are Albaka Rules.

    Eloraam rules says perfectly clear that if you want to do ANYTHING with her code you must first ASK PERMISSION. Plain and simple.

    So far the only thing you have managed to proof its that eloraam exercise a strict closed door policy with her Source Code and nothing else. Something that is perfectly understandable. That the minecraft community thrive on sharing and such should not be reason enough to simply pass over her head and do whatever you want with her code.


    On your first point that geogenerator was made to fulfill a need, and that was to make buildcraft liquid pipes to connect to it, since its already integrated there is really no need to make a new funtion for that generator since its purpose its already fullfilled (Remember there are things like Balance Issues).

    The reason was given multiple times already, Eloraam didnt want anything messing with her Development ideas since the converter was the next thing on her list.

    She wants to implement the converters her own way without the opinions of other people using her mod to be influenced by a 3rd party modification, me thinks.

    I rather avoid that, eloraam and the thread in minecraft forum already put the topic to rest, we havent because Saul just keep adding coal to the fire (And me that keeps doing the same i guess >.<)

    What you saying its basically fuck her rights i want to exercise my rights. Things doesnt work that way, Your rights Stop at the beggining of other peoples rights.

    Yes you have a right to play minecraft how you want it, but eloraam as a right to forbid anyone from looking at her code and making/public anything based on it. I dunno how much simpler i can put these so you can finally understand.

    Well with overclocker upgrade i see a basic system for more modules. Am i right? XD. Would be pretty cool i guess.

    EDIT: i see there already 3 modules

    Right now theres 3, the overclocker, the storage and the current upgrades.

    I suggested 2 more in the suggestion subforum but albaka hasnt graced me with his presence there :(

    This is going in circles since you are still repeating yourself about eloraam not wanting any "Competition" on the convertion. Forget for a second about the selfish part of eloraam not wanting any kind of Blue<->EU Converter, Image eloraam didnt even considered the possibility of the converter, but immibis still did the same, decompiling HER CODE without HER PERMISSION and making the changes he made public without HER CONSENT. immibis Broke the agreement he and eloraam made when he decided to download her NonSourceMod and i quote:

    In the end immibis did wrong because he did not respect the copyright, and eloraam was in her right to take a Cease and Desist Stance on the matter. The end.

    And one last thing, she disallowed the Blue to MJ/EU conversion only because it was already in her development plans. ThaumCraft was never in the picture for her so she may grant permission to make a Vis<->Bluetricity Converter if someone step up and do it the right way, asking permission to do so first.

    Algae pretty surely do not meet the current criteria, but maybe they'd serve as an inspiration for future versions. Also, there is a rebreather, but it's costly and needs iridium ;)

    Albaka has expressed interest on making a "Cheaper" rebreather as part of a hazmat rubber set, but unlike the iridium that uses EU only this rebreather would use some kind of Oxygen Cells/Tanks.

    What? Both Geothermal Generates 20 Eu/t unless albaka recently nerfed them or something, and if the "MKII" gets updated (Which i doubtly think so), it would most likely have a similar generation rate as the normal geothermals...

    And yes, her making RP2 Power converters would have made similar converters obsolete because there is no actual reason to update a mod for something that its already implemented in the core mod.

    And lastly its not a matter of having "Options", its a matter of asking permission to even look at Eloraam code in the first place when she hasnt released any kind of official api while also publishing W/E he made with "Illegal" means to other people. This is the internet, you may decompile and butcher eloraam entire code if you want, but for fucks sake at least keep it private, theres no reason to go all "Hey i looked inside your code and did my own stuff without bothering to even ask for permission and with the same logic im gonna post it on X number of forums"

    You know, I expected the transformer upgrade to already allow the higher tier batteries. So I partly support that.
    I support storage space upgrade, although it will likely be somewhat difficult to add.

    Yep i knew implementing the second one would be difficult to add... Something about creating the space, but blocking it until a storage upgraded is detected sounds difficult to make since i havent seen anything in vainilla/mods that do so. Kinda like unexplored ground.

    And the battery upgrade yeah, i see it as a necessity specially during mining expeditions where i dont like moving around with 2 transformers and the MFSU + Lapotron. Although the speed of the battery discharging into the machine should be dependant on how many transformers upgrades are already installed.

    (Yeah im cool suggesting things for stuff that have just been recently released)

    Anyway, i just had the idea of adding these 2 simple upgrades for our machines:

    Battery Input: Will allow to increase the Battery Tier our machine can handle, from Rechargeable Batterys > Energy Crystals > Lapotron. These upgrades are non stackable (Only 1 per slot), so if you want to go from Battery to Lapotron you need to use 2 spaces for it.

    Storage Space (Input/Output): As the name implies, this upgrade will "Increase" or more like "Add" more storage for their respectives slots, Each Upgrade can be stacked to a maximum of 4 and will give 2 extra slots per upgrade. There also could be a mix upgrade that increase the slots from both input and output by 1 each per upgrade, maximum stack 4. (Maximum Storage per machine: 8 for input and 8 for output, extra upgrades will do nothing)

    I may have more upgrades in mind, but im still waiting for Scumbag EE to update because i cant live without those alchemical bags QQ so i cant exactly play around with the new system.