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    Like Frantic Fanatic Said, it all boils down to a matter of asking permision,Immbis did not aks for it under the false/misguided premise that the "New Zealand" Law would cover his ass, which did not (I posted what elooram said about it a few post up)

    Even if there wasnt all this law talking about what its right and what is not, the worse that could happen for doing stuff like this is that the modder in question (Eloraam) lose the will to continue developing/updating her own mod, which in this case could have happened, Eloraam said in a post that if stuff like this continues she would keep developing Red Power 2 but in closed Beta, she doesnt want her mod code to be completely public and she has a right to do so even if it breaks the "Spirit" of the minecraft modding comunity. Its her mod, her code, her creativity, her rules.

    It should not stack, infinite time underwater its no good. You should be forced to go back to base from time to time.

    If you want to stay for longer periods you get the quantum.

    And my original idea was to Can oxygen into the mask using a oxigen cell using the Canner only (Kinda like the Fuel Jetpack), but maybe using hydrolized water could work instead (Too bad you could not get the hydrogen as a sub product). Of course the water mask should give some decent time underwater (But not the same nor half of the quantum... maybe 10-15% duration of the quantum, although i dunno how much time you can last underwater with a fully charged quantum)

    Recipe (Although it nevers matter anyway) would be a mix of rubber, glass and empty cells.

    Elooram: Now this one looks fine to me. It clearly doesn't touch RedPower at all, so I have no reason to object, even if I felt like it.


    Elooram: Yes, but you clearly haven't read your own laws:

    "for the objective of creating an independent program that can be operated with the program decompiled or with another program".

    Except yours is not an independent program. Without RedPower, yours will not run at all. These provisions were created to allow, say, the decompilation of Office to learn how the file formats work, not to allow linking against other programs.


    Calcifire3691:TC already has a vis powered generator for BC and IC2 stuff, if Eloraam gave Azanor permission, he could add blutricity to it as well.

    Eloraam: If Azanor came to me and asked, I'd probably allow it. I'm not currently planning a Thaumcraft interoperability module, and I see that it would help users of my mod.

    I am currently planning IC and BC, though. That's why I'm not allowing those modules at all.

    This should put the discussion to rest, in case someone even bother to bring it again :D

    Electrolizers+RP2 Tube system+Diamond Chest (Somewhere in this forum) = Lots and Lots of Energy. (With just a 15% loss)

    And like i said in your support thread, Just frigging use all that energy in mass fabricators or something, theres absolutely no need to store that much energy.

    Too bad the still is part of Forestry, not Industrialcraft.
    Otherwise, not a bad idea, but personally i would shy away from calling it booze. Something like an 'Energy Drink' or something like that would get rid of the negative connotation.

    Energy Drink with actual Energy... Sounds like an idea... If only steve where a cyborg.

    Just asking for a little clarification, but if i add "140" (Without metadata) to the list of Valuable ores, it will mine ever silver/copper/tin/tugnsten/emerald/ruby/shappire added by RP2?

    Or someone know where/how to get the metadata of each block?

    (Also kinda out of topic: Why is there a block id value for uranium, tin and copper? Sides that one of redpower block id clashed with Copper and id resolver moved that ore away so my miner wasnt digging any copper >.>)

    Just thought maybe a hand book in pdf would be handy. might help bring in some revenue also. i have the book from build craft and it helps reduce the trouble shooting with the complex machines that you can create with these mods now.

    Why for? Unlike buildcraft wiki, you can usually find all the info regarding industrial craft in their wiki including EU generation of each generator, how much Voltage machines can support before exploding, cable resistances and loss per block, etc.

    But i dunno if albaka thinks otherwise, but i have saw more than enough info on the official wiki to get me working on it.

    GlassFiber is really the mother of all cables in this game, when you produce enough Energy to have several mass fabricators working then diamonds should not really be a problem anymore. Until then HV cables are good for your needs of moving energy around over large distances.

    What does deeply concern me is the fact that someone who is so self-serving has control of the Forge.

    Is that such a bad thing? Does everymodder have to be open minded? or be a nice person?

    As a bad example look at Doctor House (Yeah i know hes a tv personallity), hes a pretty horrible human being but its still one of the best doctors (in the series).

    I dont have to be a nice or good person to be a modder, i can be as closed minded as i want and insult you if you are being overly annoying. If you dont like it the door its over there simple as that, i have a right to treat MY CREATIONS that came from my OWN MIND as i see fit, that minecraft have become the vessel to carry on my creativity its a entirely different matter, minecraft its made by mojang, RedPower is made by Eloraam. Mojang gave permission to mod minecraft to a certain degree (Decompiling the code, and do modification of the such), Eloraam hasnt given permission whatsoever for modding her mod (Redundant i know but still), even looking at the deobfuscated code without her permission its a insult to her and her work.

    The least you could do as a "Fellow" Dev, its respecting the wishes of the other devs when it comes to their code, you must know how difficult it is to code something in the first place.

    (And like someone said before, Eloraam doesnt have the entire control of the forge lately and even if she still did, Spacetoad was the original developer of forge so his Open Source license (Minecraft modding license or something was called iirc) still applied even to anything eloraam decides to add to the project.)

    But if Forge made an energy system then it would be the same as all other things Forge handles of a similar nature. 'Here's the energy system that forge uses, If mod makers want to claim 'Forge-Compatibility' it's up to them to bring their energy systems in line. More or less same story as ores and the the ore dictionary. Yes?

    The ore Pollution was a severe problem that needed a fixing pronto. Having 3 different kind of tins, spawning at different Y coordinates, in different amounts and each with different recipes that could not be used in the others recipes was a BAD problem. That was the reason the ore dictionary was created, to fix a problem.

    I dont see the different kinds of Energy (That all 3 works differently too) as a problem that warrants a forge level solution, and even if it is, it should be well down the priority list. Besides theres already a BC<->IC2 energy converter (Well sort of, EU gets converted to MJ, but you only convert Oil and Fuel to EU not the direct MJ :P), is it so difficult to wait for eloraam to make the IC2<->Bluetricity converter that she herself had said in several ocassions that was in her development plans?

    (That reminds me, why Albaka doesnt implement the burning of oil/fuel for EU in the generator? Or officially integrate the Petrochemical Generator for that purpose :P)

    This is not the proper error file, but even so i know what the problem is.

    IC2 Its not, i repeat, ITS NOT updated to 1.1, and i saw you using a modloader 1.1 version (And weird enough a modloadermp 1.0).

    And you are even using IC2 1.15 version that its stupdly outdated by know *facepalm*

    I was thinking similarly this morning. Here's what gets me, though:

    How was the person who made this mod-for-a-mod supposed to know of upcoming features and functions? As I was under the impression that upcoming features and functionality were (usually) kept secret, partly for excitement for fans and users of the mod, partly to avoid idea stealing. *shrug*

    Nope, Elooram usually talks about her future plans in her blog and twitter account, maybe in the minecraft forum as well. And i remember reading somewhere in those about her plans of implementing her own EU Converters.

    If you are lazy to do a basic search on the topic then shame on you.

    Well in know the recipe i made was expensive, but i think it should be when adding more inventory space. And thats also the reason why i don't want any of the other mods out there adding more inventory space, they are way overpowered. But it was ofc just my suggestion, and i know Alblaka will make the final recipe balanced.
    Still the support for other mods like the Railcraft crowbar, RP screwdriver and BC wrench would be nice, but i don't know how you modders do these cross compatibility things.

    If it gets released, the api will most likely include a toolbox blacklist so modders can add which tools are permited or not in the toolbar.

    With tin cable you lose 0.025 EU per block. With double-insulated gold cable you lose 0.4 EU per block. You need the total loss to be below 1 EU.

    Loss was 1.075 total so yeah that was the problem.

    Transformers are the cheaper options when you dont exceed the 32/128/512 EU resistance of the cables. (Since transformers will output those numbers per packet)

    Thats the joke of the OD/OV scanner, telling you what are the best placed to mine not doing the frigging job for you. For more accuracy use it in caverns, if you see a very high lecture its quite possibly that theres some ore around, you just have to play hot and cold with the numbers to find the best place to mine.

    Still dont like it? Build a miner and let that do the job for you.

    Whats the length of the tin cable? You may end up losing the 1eu/p each solar generator gives because the loss per cable on tin its 1 eu every 40 blocks iirc while gold its not used to such long distances (3 or 5 blocks for 1eu iirc).

    Hook a lowvoltage transformer before touching the Gold Cable and you might make it work.