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    He already said it was a drag to do, and that recipes are the least important thing to show.

    Depends. You can overclock it to a degree which will (given infinite input) quickly overkill any tube/pipe system attached to it, probably causing a error with the whole system going down, in effect causing a nearby reactor to overheat and annilate you.
    Not exactly shooting ore, but same effect.

    Will these makes the advanced machine "Mod" useless (They should be, since they could probably do what a fully overclocked regular machine do without any funny explotions or overkills?)

    Actually that batpack thingy is a nice idea and shouldn't take all too much effort.
    Could make batpack storeable as well...

    Means you can carry armor sets around in tool boxes, exchanging them with a few clicks.

    As well i can make Toolboxed display the name of the first item within them if you hover over them. Should be determant enough

    Sounds good. I always found weird that you could not instantly equip a piece of armor by right clicking it when its on your hands. This could mean easy exchange between Quantum Bodyarmor-Lappack-Jetpack when necessary


    You can't put backpack in another backpack. Only special type of bag share inventory(Bag crafted with diamond). I think there isn't limit.

    But you can put backpacks in all the others free slots you have. no?


    Jep. As well, by linking toolboxes to your hotbar without an openable inventory, you can actually only use a limited number of them effectively.
    If you want them for quick access, you would have ~3 of them in the hotbar, each containing 5 items, leaving one space open to build with random blocks from your inventory.
    Just some theorycrafting.

    How possible would it be to make a toolbox that would instantly change equiped armor? Or heck equipping a Lappack by rightclicking with it for example? I always wanted something like that.

    So... IC Backpacks then?

    Would still be nice either way, lol...

    Do those backpacks share inventory? or is there some limit to them? What stop you from just filling all those slots with backpaks to carry a unlimited number of stuff?

    At least EE Bags limit yourself to 10-15 bags due to shared inventory between the same color (Besides how expensive it is to make them), and these toolboxes would not allow to carry machines/blocks in them, so abuse its not that possible (or at least its heavily crippled).

    And how about doubleclick ? Can that be used ?
    Will it mess with single rightclick ?

    Considering i havent seen a single piece of item in any mod or vainilla minecraft that makes use of double clicking to perform an option...

    Of course programming wise it may be possible but i havent played around with the minecraft code long enough to know if its feasible or not.

    Also al, out of curiosity whats a NBT tag or what uses are usually reserved for it?

    Your concept lacks functionality. How is a player meant to open/close the state of the toolbox?

    Naming is an annoying point in itself, it does AT LEAST require a gui of some sort, unless we take randomply choosen numbers.

    By putting the Closed/Open Toolbox in the Craft Table, or do something like the Mining Laser to press a key (Could even be the same key) + Left/Right Click to change the mode of the box?

    And i know naming would be a paint in the arse but it would help defining what each toolbox would contain... unless you make a recipe with a Dye + Toolbox to make different color boxes, then adding something in the config file that would permit the user to change the name of the Toolbox to their liking (I.e Red Box To Cable Box) or something.

    How about if it just swap the items around? I mean you have a drill in the toolbox and a diamond drill in your hot bar, you equip the Closed Toolbox and right click with it, and your drill goes to your hotbar and the diamond drill to the toolbox.

    Right clicking the Open Toolbox will open a chestlike gui with 8 slots (9 slots of the hotbar - 1slot for the toolbox) where you can remove/add items that are in that toolbox.

    Also Naming Toolboxes should be a good thing to do too. (Maybe from inside the GUI?)

    Entirely valid idea. A special toolbox to store only specified items in :3 Would include batterys, scanners, electric tools... but exclude blocks and other stuff.
    Could consider coding this

    Sad it would not include things like transformers/Miners etc, but at least a toolbox for moving around Cables, painters, rubber and the such would get some uses. One reason i use EE its due to the Alchemical Bags, Most useful item in the whole mod :D. (Getting Scumbags diamonds that are almost impossible to legally obtain is another plus, specially since IC2 High Tech and Buildcraft Diamond gears love to eat through those a lot)

    Well i was saving these ideas, but might as well put them here:

    Advanced MIner: A mix between a Chest, A pump and a miner. It can be powered directly by Energy Crystals (Not lapotron), it has a Internal inventory for cells (empty/water/lava) and mined ores (In case a tubes or a chest isnt nearby), original size 3x3 but it can change. It consumes a little more energy than the regular miner.

    The Gui will look mostly like the Miner one, 4 slots to the left to put the drill, mining tubes, the Energy crystal slot and the OD/OV Scanner Slot and the Lightning Icon showing it got power + Progress Bar like the Pump showing when its ready to pull liquids (Miner consumes energy while mining and while preparing the pump) + the 3x3 Inventory Slots.

    Recipe: Miner + Pump + Chest (Regular or Personal maybe) + Advanced Machine Block + Advanced Circuit.

    Miner on Wheels: Its basically a Miner on a Minecart, can be put on Rails and move itself (One direction that its determined at the moment of placing, also consumes power when moving) and Stops to mine when it receives a Redstone signal (Pressure Rails to make checkpoints), Once the miner touches a Bedrock Block it starts to retract itself to become ready for its next destination and emits a Redstone signal when its done packing (Useful if you load a second minecart with a chest and want to send that minecart to base, but it may necesary to use a counter or flipflop circuit or something), to avoid the miner to break the rail hes currently in, the mining tube will move in one of 4 directions looking for a space with no rail to dig.

    Recipe: Minecart + Miner/Advanced Miner (Look above) + Mining Tube (For the tube moving in one of the 4 direction thingy). When you break the Cart you will get the Miner and Cart Only.

    I don't have that handbook, but in the source code fuel is set to produce 5 MJ/t for 50000 ticks, and oil 2 MJ/t for 10000 ticks. That woul mean fuel produces 5x the power of oil, and also lasts 2.5x as long, for 12.5x the total energy.

    Using a conversion factor of 1 MJ = 2.5 EU (which is also used by Power Converters)
    5 MJ/t * 50000 t * 2.5 EU/MJ = 625000 EU
    2 MJ/t * 10000 t * 2.5 EU/MJ = 50000 EU

    Well, at least theres some math behind those outrageous numbers. Guess refining that Oil its 100% required.

    I would agree. In BuildCraft, refined fuel provides three tiomes the energy of oil (600k MJ vs 200k MJ), but it takes twice as long to release it (20k ticks vs. 10k).
    So, comparatively, refined fuel should yield 1.5 times the EU/t, but also burn twice as long.

    Things like these should be in the Buildcraft Wiki, i almost never find anything specific to how the Energy works in Buildcraft :X