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    Yes, pumpkin overlay is included as static hook in the basefile. Doesn't change much about the issue we cannot use the same hook, because it's an eclusive (if pumpkin then display overlay) thingy. With some creativity i could probably create an helmet inheriting the pumpkin class and messing and blahr and get something displaying the pumpkin overlay as well. Still not a nightvision, though.

    Advanced HUD showing how much EU/Damage each armor/tool/weapon still have while wearing a Nano or Quantum Helmet. DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! :P

    I think what he's trying to say is that your port is redundant (since Al already has one working), that he doesn't appreciate your input (don't know why), and that he doesn't like that you aren't letting the matter drop (not 100% on that last part)

    Me though, I have to give you props for attempting this. :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: For the effort, even if it wasn't sanctioned.

    My "what?" was because i didnt even made the port, and with saving time i meant it for the OP, since in his ToDo list he was about to make a BC Port when it was already updated.

    Why not make it so the Quantum BodySuit Doubles as a Energy Pack consuming from its own internal Energy, but since its not especially designed for it Energy Cost of the Tools would be 2-4x of the EU it would consume normally? Either that or when the energy of the Suit Reaches 50-75% It will stop sending energy to the tool.

    Quantum boots already doubles as a less Useful JetPack.

    Edit: A third more crazy option would be to make it a toggle, 2 modes for the Suit, Shield Mode where it will constantly consume EU to create a shield that will make incoming damage 0/Near 0 and Energy Mode where it will double as a Lappack, you either have one or the other but cant have both at the same time. (This also reminded me of that Tesla Hat Suggestion...)

    I am one of those that dont like 132165478 different kinds of ores which only have 1 use each (Aside from the usual Armor/Tool Crafting Shenanigans) its just simply not effective unless you like to use those ores for decoration or something, with technological mods like BC/IC2/RP2 its better to run with the minimum possible number of new ores just to keep more simple recipe wise. (Although i didnt like RP2 adding Ruby, Sappire and Emerald because aside from basic tools and covers, they are mostly useless :/)

    It kinda would be difficult to give them a lower Current than 32 Eu/t unless theres some new kind of transformer or unless you power then with Solar Generators...

    That brings this idea in my head, why not give the LV Transformer/BatBox the ability to send packets lower than 32 eu/t using a configurable gui or something?

    Also showing the EU loss in E-net would be good.

    By the way, showing a wind tower packets would be hard since those wind mills would have different packet sizes.

    Yeah, but before optimizing the thing it would be good to know if its actually possible to do :whistling:


    To measure EU with the reader we ned to add a semi-complex hook to the enet.
    You do not want to think about how much work this sort of advanced mechanism would need.

    Im a human being, telling me that will only make me more curious about how complex it would be/was/is.

    Infinite armor with defense higher then Diamond (though lower durability). Should probably nerf it, considering the costs you listed.

    Didnt you said in another thread that Nano Suit was Better than iron but a little worse than diamond? + The constant defense value no matter how much EU is left in the suit + It gives some defense even at 0 EU + Rechargeable?

    Yeah NanoSuit its indeed good for its cost O.o

    (Disclaimer: All this is more of looking the "Profesional" opinion about if something like this is possible rather than a suggestion. Although if you find the idea appealing feel free to do it :D)

    OK i suddenly have a punch of inspiration while looking at a Minecraft Map, You know how the map updates in real time whenever you move right? Well i had this idea for a advanced eu reader that would be able to read the numbers of Packets and all that other info that the regular reader isnt capable of telling (Either Real time or after X Secs to make it less CPU Intensive), When you click on a cable (Specifically the one that is connected near the machine/storage unit/etc), show something like this:

    And if you target a Machine it would show different information according to the machine (Although this its just optional)

    Of course this is just theorical, my lazy ass hasnt been in the mood to play around with Minecraft code and such so i dont know how much of this is actually possible to do (Hence the disclaimer at the start)

    Recipe: No idea actually, Something involving a Eu Reader + Advanced Circuit + Something else would be ideal.

    Are all chunks containing this long distance wire loaded?

    This, Chunks needs to be loaded to make anything that are in that chunk (Producing Energy, Moving it, Etc).

    Over such Long Distances chunks will actually unload so they dont produce or transport energy properly. I suggest looking for "Zeldo Teleport Pipes", its a mod Specially designed for BC but it has a useful block called "Chunk Loader" that will keep the chunks in a cross design (5 chunks per Loader) Permanently loaded (Or until you remove the loader).