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    Actually, the sandstone variants can be crafted normally. Smooth Sandstone is made by combining 4 sandstone in a square, while Chiseled Sandstone is made by stacking two Sandstone Slabs. See

    That's what I get for not following the new minecraft features. . .
    I'll change the alternator's description now.
    corjaantje -- I thought about the wool thing, but then I had an even more awesome idea for changing wool colors. It's still under development, though.
    Edit: @ I don't now -- that was fast. I was hoping I would have the add-on out for at least a day before someone figured those out. . . And I'm planning on taking those textures out of the crops.png file (will be part of the next update), there were put there because the aedifilite block add-on pulls texture out of three different files, and when I was writing that part of the addon I didn't want to have to work with three different texture files.

    It seems like you put a lot of work into this, I only regret that I can't download it right now but I definitely will at a later date, also do you plan on adding any extra plants/features later on? I would have never thought of anything as in depth as you took Aedificare so I look forward to seeing even more ideas in the future

    Download link is in the installation spoiler, the underlined bit. I don't know why the normal window isn't showing up; I'm looking into it, to no avail ;(

    The Quantum Addon is focused on doing neat things with building stuff. It currently contains 3 major features: Paint Sprayers, the Aedificare Crop, and the Ender Plant. Read on, and please leave feedback!

    Edit the second: Shelving the nikolite block for now, and updating to minecraft 1.3.1 is proving to be a pain in the butt, might be a while after IC2 updates that I update. OTOH, I'm currently working on a number of items and blocks, which collectively I'm referring to as 'gas systems'. Expect that. . . when it's done. Or enough parts that I want to release it, anyway.
    Paint Sprayers:

    Paints 9+ blocks at once! Yes, the paint sprayer, added in version 2, is an upgraded version of the IC2 sprayer. It comes in 16 colors, just like the IC2 sprayer, and can
    re-color any CF wall or wool block in a 3x3x3 block cube, for a maximum on 26 blocks! Of course, this ease of use comes at a cost. A significant amount of tin is required to make the spray head, and creating the paint requires a small amount of clay. To get spraying, first create the spray head and glass canister:

    And combine them like so:

    To create your paint, simply combine your dye of choice (3 pieces of dye are required) with 2 water cells and a piece of clay:

    And them combine the paint cell with the empty sprayer:

    Then, using the sprayer is a simple as right-clicking! You don't even need to click on a paintable block -- if there are wool or CF walls within a 1-block radius of the targeted block, the sprayer will automatically release a cloud of paint, coloring the block. It even works through walls!
    However, be aware the the sprayer has a limited lifetime; during normal use, the rubber seals on the spray head will get clogged with paint. After 37 uses, the spray head becomes totally useless and the entire paint sprayer must be discarded.


    Ender Plant:

    Crafting Compendium:


    Go look up the wrench on the IC wiki. There's a section titled 'usage' that explains how to reverse transformer orientation like that.

    [edit]Damn, Ninja'd. You need to be holding a wrench to change the orientation of a storage block/transformer.

    That... that is awesome. I've gotta build one of those :P
    Thanks for the black stuff pointer, as well.

    Hi all,

    I've noticed a weird glitch, where the lightlevel in a crop block decreases noticeably when I plant a crop I've been working for a month or so. It's happened in a whole bunch of blocks, all of which are fairly close together -- they may or may not be in the same chunk. All the affected crop blocks are near a water source block, and all have a direct line-of-sight to the midday sun. Strangely, I placed another crop block near a water source several blocks above the glitched blocks, and it got a lighting glitch, but only if I placed adjacent to the farmland block a different block I also added (that heavily uses metadata). Am I the only one whose seen this?


    It's called "back-up".

    I'm a bit more worried about what happens when people don't find about IC2, Redpower, etc. until after 1.3 comes out. (Or those who stupidly upgrade minecraft without realizing it'll break mod compatibility. God knows I did that after MC 1.0 came out. . .)

    I still have no clue. Can someone please just explain step-by-step how to make an addon (but skip all the coding part) So I just want to know: How to decompile, and then recompile and anything else that I should know about. Thanks.

    Go look up "minecraft coder pack". You don't need a step-by-step tutorial from us when a step-by-step tutorial from them works just as well.

    (ALSO: the newer versions of MCForge include Modloader and don't introduce decompile errors; I suggest you use it whenever modding minecraft.)

    I tried looking into the IC2.jar with JD-gui once. Holy crap there's a lot of obfuscation. An yeah, JD threw me an error about the obfuscation.

    Is IC2 especially obfuscated? I remember it only being obfuscated enough to cooperate with the obfuscated minecraft code, maybe I was wrong. Strangely, when I extracted IC2.jar the other day I got 2 mod_IC2.class files, one with a $1 after the IC2 part.

    Graypup -- it appears that the enet doesn't survive decompilation. Does anyone have any further explanation for this?

    Disabling an IC2 feature in 3 easy steps:

    1. Find "IC2.cfg" (Its in the 'config' folder of the .minecraft directory), and open it with a standard text editor (use notepad for windows, textedit for mac)
    2. Look for any reference to quantum armor/uu matter, and find the variable the comment is associated with
    3. Set "foo = 1(IIRC, could be yes, true, or something else)" to "foo = 0 (no, false, etc.)"


    except filters are *tons* cheaper than retriever. Filters just need gold and a red doped wafer as the major components. Retriever need 2 ender pearls.

    I'd suggest either getting an athame (RP2 anti-enderman weapon) and going enderman hunting, or trading with someone who has excess ender pearls. One side benefit -- a filter can only service 1 machine, a retriever can service as many machines as you have connected to your network.

    There are programs that do this for you such as jd-gui so I don't see why you would need to go through the hassle of this

    Minecraft code (including the downloadable IC2.jar file) is obfuscated -- Unless you can somehow figure out what the method (say) "abq7(i q i v s P)" refers to, using jd-gui won't get you anywhere. Also, jd-gui won't decompile mod_IC2.class anyway (it just throws up an error message, I forget the specifics).

    What is the allowable range for Crop ID's?

    @TurboVeggie: *facepalm*

    How do you do that :?: It is kinda boring with the 5 base plants.

    :Wrench: :Wrench: :Wrench:

    If you're reading this:
    1. Press the "agriculture engineering" link a few inches (EDIT: or a number of centimeters if you're in Europe) above this post.
    2. Find the "Official Agriculture basics -- guide" thread
    3. Search for the word "cross"
    4. Read the whole paragraph, containing the word "cross"
    5. ???
    6. Profit

    No! The number one thing I hate about buiildcraft and redpower is that it IS broken up into modules. If you end up doing this, devs, please make it so you can download them all at once.

    Exactly -- If I want to install all of redpower, I have to install literally 7 different files. It's literally the whole reason I don't have buildcraft installed -- I don't care to spend my time downloading 6 different files when there's (in my eyes) no non-"screw you user" reason to make me do so.