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    I have to admit, I haven't used either -- for me, 12 wind gens + MFSU has always been enough power gen/storage for me. I probably need to step up my generation, though -- If i want to get any teleporters or terraformers up, I'll need more power. But besides those and UU-Matter, what is there to draw large amounts of power?


    A human opponent you inflict this on will not be fazed at all

    Blindess is quite a disturbing effect to inflict on one's self though. I remember I got quite a scare when I first suffered it (thinking I had screwed up the rendering engine somehow) and after all -- creepers. There's probably one right behind your chair right now.

    Also like i told you, Redpower has a LOT of features planned down the line

    I'll concede point that Eloraam is more vocal about her future plans than the IC2 team, and in retrospect I suppose the 'technicalosity' of recent IC2 updates kinda pale in comparison to redpower control/frames (although I don't know enough about computer science to really quantify the differnce, please correct me if I'm teribbly, teribbly wrong). Weirdly, I only just know realized that Eloraam has a twitter feed -- I might have to start following it.

    @Quantum: Define "Central like IC2", about bluetricity.

    IC2 Features that don't require IC2 energy:
    -Sticky Resin -> Sticky Pistons/Torches/psuedo-soulsand

    Redpower Features that don't require blutricity:
    -Alloy Furnace (although a blulectric version exists, it isn't mandatory)
    -Red alloy wires
    -Logic gates
    -Gem tools/sickles
    -Redstone lighting
    -Item Transport (except remote retrieval and advanced item sorting)

    In short, without generators and batboxes, it's nearly impossible to get anything done in IC2 (Even the bronze tools require tin/copper dust, meaning you need a macerator to make them), while without nikolite one loses only a small fraction of redpower's capabilities.

    And with redpower transposers, you can fill 1 chest with empty cells (as many as you want), hook it up to the top of the pump (it cannot be the side, else the cells will be spit out), and create several stacks of cells. (You could, in theory, do it with buildcraft pipes, but without add-ons you'll have problems with empty cells being spit out into the world when the pump's storage is full)

    1. Forge NO LONGER REQUIRES MLMP. It stopped requiring mlmp quite a while ago. Read the freakin' install instructions.

    2. Is this related to the known "enet energy sources stop sourcing energy" bug? Try removing & replacing some cables, or wrenching a storage unit/transformer.

    Anyway the best thing that I like about the redpower system is that touching machines transfer power. What would be really cool is if in IC2 there was an upgrade (or multiple upgrades copper, iron, gold, glass fiber cabling) for machines to make them transfer power to touching machines. Which I think would really help some of these wiring & pipes/tubes nightmares.

    Yeah, that's one of my favorite components of blutricity. We in IC2 already have foam-covered cables, is it possible to create machine-covered cables?

    Edit: Idea -> "EnergySource Upgrade", causes machine to become a source of energy for the Enet -- can be combined with storage upgrades to provide a psuedo-storage unit.

    1 Stack of coal holds much more energy (76440 EU for coal can vs. 256,000 EU for 64 coal) and the coalfuel generation process is labor-intensive and somewhat expensive (costing 1.25 tin ingots per can iirc). When would you use it?

    FenixR, I'm sorry but I personally disagree with every part of your post.

    unlike IC2 which can be considered finalized for the most part and new things are only added by the whimsical Dragon Lord when it feels like it.

    Yes, because IC2 hasn't had any major updates recently that add major new features that appear to have been complex to implement, such as some sort of 'agriculture' system surpassing vanilla minecrafts, with a powerful API and great adaptability, or some sort of 'brewing' system with many potion effects not seen in vanilla minecraft with a procedural naming and spriting system.

    Seriously though, That's a bit of a cynical way of looking at IC2, isn't it? (and a bit cyclical -- "IC2 won't have any new features, besides the new features the dev team adds") I mean, we've already had a bunch of really technical updates (I've mentioned the two that come to mind), and Alblaka recently mentioned on his blog that:

    Quote from Alblaka

    2.0 will have something more. Eventually, but not guarantueed / limited to:
    -Reactor API

    And there is the industrium conflict/secret project he's mentioned a couple times before.

    Quote from FenixR

    Guys, are you dumb or just forgetful? Do you remember that magic world that accompanies the redpower name? Huh? Prerelease? Wutsdat?

    It means RedPower its still in development and many many new things are planned to be added to it,

    If at a future date Eloraam changes blutricity into something as central to redpower as the enet is to industrialcraft, I will take back everything that I've said about it being a bit underwhelming (which is not much, but still). Until that date, I feel that saying that at this time the system feels not-that-thought-out is a valid critism. And I do think that blutricity is needlessly unintuitive -- try wiring a single battery box to 15 or so solar panels, and watch its power level fluctuate wildly. I'm sure that that's significantly more realistic than the enet, but most of us aren't electrical engineers. We're computer scientists :P