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    I'm not sure what to think -- on the one hand, the idea of having to fix machines sounds fun, but it could be annoying and tedious. I definitely agree with it being a config-disable mechanic, though. Perhaps -- if this is implemented, all breakable machines run, say, 20% faster, but every breakable machine gets a "reliability" variable which has a random chance to decrement with every operation -- when it reaches 0, a unique sound plays and the machine is replaced with a 'broken' variant, same inventory but radically different texture and no enet connection. Craftable spare parts could be used to fix them in-world -- right-click on a broken machine with spare parts consumes the item but restores the machine. There also might be a craftable 'reliability' upgrade as well. (Right-clicking w/spare parts also lets RP Deployers automatically fix broken machines).

    Nope, only modloader.

    Edit: Okay, I just commented out the relevant portion and the furnace appears to be functioning fine. Odds are there's some arcane combination of shift-clicking, burn time and phase of the moon that the function is supposed to take care of, but I have an interim solution for now.

    Edit: Okay, so I started to install MC Forge and discovered that it wants a clean minecraft.jar. Devs, feel free to lock this thread. . .

    So, I recently fired up MCP with a minecraft.jar + Risugami's modloader combination but can't seem to get the darn thing to decompile right. I keep getting an error -- a method in ContainerFurnace.class keeps getting decompiled as TileEntityFurnace.b(itemstack1), and I can't for the life of me figure out what method is trying to be called -- the only method I can find with the right parameter type and number is marked as private. Has something gone terribly, terrible wrong, or am I just an idiot? (not that both can't be true, of course.) [The only modification to minecraft.jar is Risugami's modloader; MCP decompiles properly without it, but since I'm planning to make an IC2 addon. . .]


    So, in early Feburary Valve's TF2 team announced a secret project related to Team Fortress 2, saying nothing other that it was neither a map, nor a hat, nor some unnatural hat-map hybrid.

    Yesterday, they made this incredibly cryptic announcement, the letters "m", "h", and "p" arranged in a manner approximating the unique language spoken only by the pryo. (Excerpt: "mmmmph, mmmmm mmmmmp mmmmmph.")

    And, of course, the announcement from adult swim. Any thoughts?

    (Also, as pointed out by the escapist , Robin Walker's floated the idea of a TF2 movie before.)

    Edit: Aaaand now IC2 1.97 is out. Today's just full of news, isn't it? (Maybe I should trawl for announcements from Valve the next time an IC2 update is delayed for so long. . .)

    At this time, 12:46 EDT the IC wiki is listing a changelog for 1.96 link

    The 1.96 download isn't up yet anywhere, is this SOP for the IC2 dev team or is something strange going on?

    It would, in short, allow machines to pass energy to other machines, making wiring up a line of machines much less space-consuming (at a cost).
    Possible Implementations:
    -Standard upgrade; Turns the machine into an eu-conductor, like a wire without affecting other functions (not 100% sure if this is possible)
    -Can be placed onto the side of a machine, ala redpower frames + panels. The upgraded side would conduct energy, like the dotted side of an eu storage block
    -Standard upgrade; the number of upgrades determines which face of the machine outputs power.

    I admit to being inspired by Redpower's blutricity, and how blulectric machines conduct power, making more compact builds easier to execute. Any thoughts?

    Edit: A recipe for Kevindude:
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    :Nano Saber::Batbox::Nano Saber:
    :Refined Iron: :Electronic Circuit: :Refined Iron:

    Where :Nano Saber: is Splitter cable

    Edit the second: added some more thoughts from the reply-ers. Thanks guys!

    So I found this site recently, listing some statistics on Alblaka's blog and the domain name, and it's pretty interesting. Some things I found really cool/weird:
    -The two countries that generate the most traffic are the US and Germany (not the biggest news) -- but 40% of the traffic originates from the US, and only 9% from Germany
    -If I'm reading the Alexa ranking right, it is the 40,000th most visited website in the world. Not sure if that's bragworthy or not. (For comparison, has an alexa ranking of 300,000 -- lower is better).
    -Traffic's been consistently high every since the beginning of May - Albalka's trollish 'announcement' of 1.96 was May 5.
    -7,000 users generate 50,000 pageviews of traffic -- the forum a likely cause.

    Some other thoughts:
    There's something called an "Alexa keyword analysis", it appears to list a number of words related to the site. The #1 keword for this site is "industrial craft", the #1 keyword for buildcraft's site is "buildcraft", and guess what the #1 keyword for is.

    So, I'm starting a new world and I have to ask: How do IC2, forestry, and redpower differ in their copper/tin generation? I've seen that IC2 tends to place oodles of copper at relatively high y-levels, and tin at high levels at low y-levels, but I've never played with either of the two other mods. Any thoughts?

    JVM = "Java Virtual Machine" and its the Stuff where Minecraft is coded upon, to ensure maximum Platformcompatiblity (Windows or Linux).

    Thanks. Now, there's a part of me that was wondering if 1.96 was being deliberately delayed until those codes could be cracked. . . I guess that part of me was wrong. (But admit it, after the April 1 gag that's TOTALLY something they would do)

    I have a mass fabricator and it is hooked up to about 16 geothermal generators and its a pain getting all the lava for that(I use lava cells). Is there a way to make a machine that will harvest lava from the nether and then put it into cells. I am running tekkit so i do have some storage containers with lava in them but i can only take them out one bucket at a time

    Go onto the IC2 wiki, and look up "Pump". And read the full page. Chop chop!
    (And try pumping the cells into an ender chest, if the tekkit pack has those)