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    If a microwave is an electromagnetic wave which doesn't affect the medium it goes thorough, why does the GT microwave work?

    All waves by definition affect the medium they travel through. Normally their effect is temporary (sound wave passes through a room, creates alternating high- and low-pressure zones within it, and then leaves without doing much of anything), but sometimes permanent (sound wave passes through your ear, collides with your eardrum and imparts enough energy to rupture it...).

    I'm officially pessimistic that any sort of mod API will be in 1.4. . . There's been no mention of it in any of the snapshots up till now, and Jeb recently mentioned that "We’re reaching the end of the number of features we want." (For the 1.4 update, which is now being called "the pretty scary update.")

    Remember back when the API was slated to be ready sometime in March?

    The reactor was mostly rewritten, offloading component calculation into an interface and without any support for SUC or external cooling.

    Theoritically, if I were to create an item that implements that interface, and instantly reduces the reactor heat by 300+ heat units but decreases its stack size by one in the process, would that work?

    I remeber watching one of Direwolf20's server lp's a few weeks ago, with RichardG complaining about CASUC's in general -- apparently they have been the bane of the IC2 team for a while. But I can understand why the CASUC nerf was was done -- a CASUC reactor can supply much more power than any other form of power generation, at a far lower cost. A well-made, 6-chamber casuc can output 2200+ Eu/t at a cost of less than 200 iron ingots, or a mere 25 machine blocks; even geothermal generators with their relatively mighty 20 eu/t don't even come close to that amount of power output.

    RawCode -- what about Compact Solars makes it similar to EE? The latter is, after a point, almost identical to creative mode, while the former just reduces the lag from large solar farms -- even a single HV array requires 512 solar panels, and costs 4,096 iron in the machine blocks alone. And again, achieves barely a quarter of what the <200 iron CASUC reactor achieves.

    I just checked google translate, and "kupfer" is german for copper.

    So yeah, KUPR = Copper is a safe bet.

    And Alblaka commented that most current setups will meltdown quickly. . . that seems like a recipe for "Y U MAIK REACTR ASPLODE" spam in the bugs section of the forum, even (especially?) if redstone activates, instead of deactivates, reactors. On the bright side, any amount of idiot-spam we get, the technic pack will get x10. . .

    And here's the recipes I can make out from the uploaded schematic (how was that found?):
    It looks like 1 uranium + 1 cell = 1 uranium cell, 2 uranium cells + 1 DCP = dual uranium cell , 2 dual uranium cells + 3 DCP = quad uranium cell, I think that 1 cell + either a bucket of water, a bucket of ice, or an ice block becomes some crazy cell; add 4 tin to that to get a cooling cell. 3 cooling cells and 6 tin can become a tri-cooling cell, combine 2 tri-cooling cells, 6 tin, and 1 DCP to get a sexta-cooling cell.

    On the top-left, there is an 'o = [electricity]' equation, and in the top middle there is some sort of table combining 'o', a mysterious 'H', and getting a product -- looking at the table, I wonder if there is a relationship between o and H. I can't help but notice for the bit after the equal sign -- 1*1(4/1) = 4, 2*3(4/1) = 12, 3*6(4/3) = 24, and 4*10(4/4) = 40. Hmmm....

    If you have BC then use the Hopper, if you have awesome Redpower then use the Relay. Easy as that.

    I think the whole point of this suggestion is that the OP doesn't have other mods.

    But right now I'm imagining a 'junk meter' for the recycler's gui, akin to the geogen's lava meter -- putting an itemstack inside the recycler consumes the item(s) and increases the amount of junk inside, while the recycler runs while the amount of junk inside is >= 1, so the items are consumed immediately and processed into scrap at a slower pace. Heck, the junk could be treated as a buildcraft liquid, and pumped out and stored for later processing.

    And consider this -- the more reeds you have adjacent to each crossbreeder, the less likely it is that you will crossbreed anything but more reeds.

    And do your reeds have a ludicrously growth stat? High-growth plants tend to spawn weeds at an alarming pace. (And i'm not sure how necessary it is to remove the glowstone -- those are considered transparent, like glass, so they shouldn't affect sunlight.)

    Young coffee plants share a texture with young ferru and aurelia plants. The former requires a block of iron ore under the dirt block to fully mature; the latter requires a block of gold ore. It's also possible that it's just taking a crazy long time to mature; coffee tends to take more time to reach the last stage of its growth than it does to reach the second, or third.

    He liked the mod (BC), ergo he made a patch (Better than Buildcraft) so BC players could also play with BTW (Although not with the rest of the other mods). It was pretty much explained in the BtB thread.

    Yeah, that would be a good reason to provide compatiblity. . .

    I suppose what I meant was that buildcraft seems to provide a view of minecraft that fundamentally different from BTW's -- while the latter has a medieval-feel to the technology, with windmills, anvils, etc. The former is quite a bit more technological -- see logic gates, quarries, etc. Can you point me to FC's post where he explains his love of buildcraft? All of the minecraft forum topics on BtB I've found say that they are outdated, and go look for the new one :thumbdown:
    And, I just noticed that all of flowerchild's videos on his youtube channel are gone. . . I wonder why they were deleted.

    Not having to go around all the way if you accidentally miss it. And its only 7 clicks for fucks sakes, unless its more than 10-20 modes i don't see any reason for complain you lazy ass.

    I find that when mining, I have to switch between horizontal and low-focus modes so often that the 'only 7 clicks' adds up in the most grating way possible. Though I suppose I hadn't considered the 'not having to go all the away around' factor.

    You know, I was looking at an old to-do list and one of the items on it was "Add RP2 dye support". . . :facepalm:
    That's going to be a part of the 1.3 update, definitely.

    A nikolite block, though. . . I don't have any real interest in doing one. Unlike the dye, that's not registered with the forge ore dictionary, and because there's no RP2 API support (that I'm aware of) working with nikolite would take, IMHO, much more effort than I'm willing to put in, especially compared to what I'm working on now.

    OTOH, I'm a big fan of redpower. I never got the point of blutricity, working with it has been a minor distraction at best, but other than that thinking of new uses for block breakers/deployers/frames/the rest of RP goodies has been bucketloads of fun. I stopped using buildcraft pipes ago, the only reason I have that mod installed is because forestry and logistics pipes are too awesome to pass up. Even auto-crafting is something I would dispense with if dropping it meant I didn't have to download 7 additional files every time I update my mods.

    Or just make it so Left Click and Right Click cycle back and forth... Jeez you people love overcomplicating stuff.

    My problem is that currently, to switch between horizontal and low-focus modes requires sifting through a list of 7 different modes. . . I'm not sure how well adding a second switch mode button to the laser would improve things.

    As I pointed out in this thread , feature creep is making the mining laser annoying to use. My suggested method of addressing it is to keep the default laser, re-stylize it as a 'super' laser gun containing all current and future laser modes, and add three lesser, cheaper laser guns, including the:

    - Gimmick Heat Gun -- has super-heat mode only

    -Digging Laser -- has mining, horizontal, and low-focus mod only

    -Destructive Laser -- has scatter, explosive, and long-range modes only

    CrafterOfMines57 -- I don't really want to make a suggestion if it turns out I'm the only feeling that problem. . . I guess I'm not. I think I'll add a poll to the OP, though.
    baturinsky -- My problem, personally, isn't the extra key, its that if I want to change modes I have to sift through 7 options to find the one I want.

    And I'm not sure if making the laser interface more complex is a good idea, I personally think the current IC2 implementation of item modes is simple and effective. One idea I think is interesting is splitting the laser functionality: for instance, in addition to the current laser, there could be a destructive laser (explosive, scatter, and long-range only), a digging laser (horizontal, mining, and low-focus modes only), and a heat gun (super-heat mode only, and maybe a bit more energy efficient).