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    So, a (difficulty) in 2001 chance of spawning a pigman per portal block per minute? If my math is correct, on the hardest difficulty using (say) 50 portals should produce 1 gold ingot and 4 nuggets in 1 hour.

    So yeah, this isn't the best strategy for grinding gold. . .
    ( RichardG: "reloading the map while falling makes you partially safe" -- what does 'partially safe' mean? )

    Specifically speaking, better than wolves (BTW) was a Forge-mod until *I Think* winter of 2011, when he left forge over a dispute with eloraam. There's an interview on youtube where he explains his rationale for leaving. Nowadays BTW is a base-class modifying mod, incompatible with literally every mod out there, except buildcraft.

    (Why he would go out of his way to provide buildcraft compatibility is anyone's guess.)

    So, when I first installed IC2 in December '11, the mining laser had five modes; now, it has seven. This by itself isn't bad -- I use the horizontal mode all the time, and super-heat is cool for those who don't have an EE philospher's stone, but it's incredibly annoying having to sift through 7 different modes to find the one that I want when M+Right-clicking. Is anyone else annoyed by this?

    @SneekyCreeper -- It could be an annoying coincidence. When I first switched to RP2 tin/copper, I had almost no tin; now I routinely find more of that than of iron.

    Tin seems to spawn most commonly at the diamond level, try looking there, and no, it's definitely the most common IC2 ore there is if you're mining for diamonds.

    Is it the most common, ore is it the one you have the most of? I have the same problem, even though I find as much copper as I do tin. The problem is that whenever I find copper, it goes into making brass/bronze/copper wiring for circuits/copper wiring for machines/LV Transformers/nuclear reactor components (those in particluar require a ludicrous amount of copper), while tin lacks those kinds of major uses.

    As a matter of fact, almost all of tins uses are in conjunction with other metals -- brass and bronze are 3/4 copper, RP2 tinplates are 2/3 iron, RE batteries need 1/2 of a copper ingot, and even forestry electric engines can be greatly enhanced with large circuit boards (made of bronze) enhanced with (iirc) bronze or iron electron tubes. (I think it goes -- copper reduces EU consumption wastefully, tin reduces EU input effieciently, and bronze + iron increase power throughput). I think the only mostly-tin recipes out there are IC2 buckets, RE batteries, and forestry electric engines. The first two are very niche uses, and the latter. . . see above.

    Edit: Aethir pointed out that cells are 100% tin. Stupid me forgot about that. Aethir also states that RE batteries see more use than I think they do; as I see it, its only use that is not in conjunction with other metal ingots is batboxes, which I don't use too much. I suppose I'm a bit unique that way. (Note that besides batboxes, RE batteries's only other crafting use is for electric tools, all of which require a circuit (3 copper) and often a good amount of refined iron to create.)

    Like gregorius said, RP microblocks don't see eye-to-eye with minecrafts lighting system. Of course, if you're like me and run minecraft on a 6-year mac, smooth lighting isn't really an option once you really begin automating things. If only I learned that before constructing a base almost entirely of microblocs. . .

    And new in 1.3:

    - Pigzombies can spawn around portals (grinding is useless, around 3 hours for 9 gold)

    "grinding is useless?" Right now I'm imagining 5+ nether portals connected to a mob trap. Add a chunk loader and BAM free gold forever.

    And I can't help but wonder if the natural-portal isn't a function of the computer. . . I use OSX, a recent update for java on that system is a bit wonky, JavaScript is super-unreliable( I can't view that nifty reactor-planner, and some things refuse to load.)

    So, I've been having some weird issues with nether portals. In my main world, I built a nether portal, travel through, collect some glowstone, travel back. . . and wind up nowhere near my base. Like, a new portal was created, several hundred blocks away from the original one, solely so I could spawn there. I didn't have a map with me; if there wasn't a big landmark near the portal I would've been screwed.

    And tonight, I was exploring a swamp in my test world when I found a naturally generated nether portal. Stuck in the leaves of a tree was a nether portal, fully operational, everything. It didn't go anywhere intersting, but. . . wow.

    Circle stones can also be crafted normally by the way. Make a square out of 4 stone bricks.


    *Checks RP2 Recipe List*
    Nope, not listed there. . .

    *Checks in Minecraft*

    Wow. Why do I even bother. . . Well, I have another update almost finished, it will add some cool new items. Expect it within the week. I also have an idea for new alternator recipe, this one won't be completely useless, but I want to finish this one item first.

    me, for one. during late game I easily use more than 40EU/t on a consistent basis. Usually end up with a large collection of advanced machines idling and hooked up to a logistics network. Usually don't store much of any sand either so the cobble -> sand macerator gets used frequently. (various forestry recipes requesting sand and all) Then there's the Gravitation suite addon, that one eats power like crazy.
    so yeah.. a CASUC setup is expensive but a lot less laggy and easier on the processor.

    It's currently low-power, but I figure I can expand to at least 160 eu/t by adding more water mills to my current setup beyond building more farms, and again, the setup is ludicrously cheap for the power I'm producing.

    One thing I've discovered is that large water-mill plants, fed with water buckets by a compact RP2 deployer+retriever+filter setup can produce wicked amounts of power. I have one array under my house that produces 40 eu/t all day long; the large number of buckets necessary can get expensive but I only had to build 10 generators to get it working (2eu/t per watermill, each basic generator can be crafted into 2 watermills).

    Who needs nuclear power when you have water power? :P

    Okay, so getting minecraft to give 1 block multiple texture files isn't going so well.
    There's no way to directly feed metadata into the "getTextureFile" method, and I can't seem to create a variable for BlockFauxMetal that has a unique value in every ItemStack. Creating such a variable should be possible -- the IC2 painter does it -- but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it.
    Not that I won't try, though.

    IMPORTANT EDIT: I just booted up minecraft and the QuantumAddon caused it to come crashing down around me. Is anyone else getting crash messages that refer to the file mod_QCrops? Fixed!