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    Noodles -- the watermelon, reed, and flowers (I think) are all tier 2.

    And a Question: Alblaka, you've said that low-tier plants can't really crosbreed up to the higher tiers well -- where is the lowest tier this is true? I've obvserved that Tier 3 Cocao + Tier 3 Venomilia can crossbreed into Tier 5 Hops, is this two-tier jump an exception or a rule?

    I tried to decompile IC2 [...] but i got a lot of errors

    I can't help but ask, Isn't that the whole point of the API? So you don't need the source code in the first place?

    I've also tried a hand at modding, and I've found x2Robbie2x's videos on the topic really useful. I'm eagerly awaiting IC2 1.96, I have a good idea for a crop-card (not too-difficult looking a task) or two, but I don't want to have to download the API multiple times.

    Minecraft's GUI is refusing to scale for me, and I haven't the slightest clue why. All I know is that before the GUI stopped scaling with minecraft window size, two things happened:
    -I installed Redpower lighting and had to mess about with block ids (core was pr5, lighting was pr5b1 but still worked fine)
    -I had to log out of my user account while minecraft was in operation (i think).

    Yeah, I've had problems with the 'failing to grow fully' thing with both a stem plant and what was either wheat/redwheat EDIT: I whacked it with my drill -- it was hops.. In the former case, there was a 1-block gap between the farmland block and solid dirt, while with the latter, I grew it under both high and low-light conditions

    I'd like to use logistics pipes, but I don't quite have the materials necessary (methinks I need to get a start on industrial diamond production). Right now, I only have 5 peat engines, I have a crazy peat surplus -- Right now, I'm aiming at creating biomass for biogas engines. I'm supplementing my buildcraft power with bitumious peat, for now though. I'm also thinking burning peat in IC generators, for some additional IC2 energy.

    So redstone tubes won't send redstone signal to non-redpower machines? Naturally. I actually managed to get the powerplant working just now; creative use of cover plates ensures that each engine gets a roughly equal amount of peat, and a retriever connected to the top of each engine can take out any ash that is produced. Now I just need to get my automatic peat production and distribution going. . .

    So, I've been setting up a peat-fired power plant -- BUT using redpower's item transport instead of buildcraft's. I've discovered that redpower is:

    -Much more reliable -- when buildcraft item transport attempts to fit an item into a full inventory (eg, cobble into a recycler with a 64 cobble stack inside), the item gets spit into the world, and is a pain to automatically retrieve. Redpower item transport instead throws the item back into the transposer, and prevents it from spitting out more peat. Awesome.

    -Much more difficult -- buildcraft looks at a peat engine and thinks, "any input goes into the burninator slot, any output takes from the ash slot." Easy peasy. But Redpower item transport looks at a peat engine and thinks "bottom inventory is ash inventory, side inventory is for burninator slot." Redpower has been a real pain.

    -Much buggier -- redstone tubes connect to peat engines, but won't give them redstone power. Jacketed wires won't connect to the engine, but will power it.

    Edit: I also realized that clever use of retrievers and filters allows me to rapidly switch between burning low-power peat, and scarce bitumious peat, for times when I need a lot of power

    Any other comments?

    This is cool! Do you mind if I include it in my "information about booze" thread?

    And as an addition to your list: I've found an additional second word: "Soup", caused when there is wheat & water cells but no hops. I've also noticed that when a "dark" brew spends < 5 minutes fermenting, the third word is "stuff", not "brew".

    In the spirit of raGan's thread, I present: Information about Booze.

    Note that this is not a definitive list -- any other input would be appreciated.

    Things I Do Not Know
    -Effects of various brews

    Basic Mechanics
    You probably know this already, but I'll put it in spoiler tags just in case.

    Unregistered user rampage9112 discovered that boozeception names beers after three factors: ratio of water:solids, ratio of wheat:hops, and time spent fermenting. His post is quoted verbatim below:

    He also adds that when sugarcane is put in a booze barrel, the product is generic 'rum', and an un-fermented brew could be quite harmful (side affects include death).
    Known exceptions to the naming rules include:
    -The first stage of 1 water: 1 solids 'soup' is "Watery Soup Brew", not plain old "Soup Brew"

    -The first stage of 'dark' brew is "Dark Stuff", not "Dark Brew"

    A General Note on Effects
    Boozeception does not appear to add any new potion effects to minecraft (a 'potion effect' API doesn't quite exist yet), but it does utilize some effects not seen in vanilla minecraft (eg, blindness).

    As a brew sits in a barrel, it 'ferments'. There are several discrete stages of fermentation, each with a special name and sprite. It appears that the longer a brew is allowed to ferment, the longer its effects last -- for both better, and worse.

    Known Boozes & Effects
    -"Regular Soup"
    0 hops, 1:1 ratio of solids to water cells.
    Effects: 1st drink gives Mining Fatigue (Mine slightly slower), 2nd drink gives Strength
    (Despite usual naming conventions, first stage of fermenting is "Watery Soup Brew", not "Soup Brew")

    -"Dark Stuff"
    Hops:Wheat ratio is => 2:1,
    Effects: 1st drink either harms for about 5 health or gives Blindness (Can't see past ~5 blocks, similar to hanging around bedrock), 2nd drink outright kills you.
    (Despite usual naming conventions, first stage of fermenting is "Dark Stuff", not "Dark Brew." Zjarek reports that after ~ 1 hour of fermenting, the drink changes to "black stuff".

    Sugarcane is placed in the barrel -- no other items
    Effects: First drink gives Resistance and Fire Resistance. Second drink gives blindness.
    Unregistered user Mattintosh has done quite a bit of experimentation on this -- his post is quoted below

    Unregistered user Danny claims that Rum will always poison for 8 seconds, this may be true if the drink has not fermented enough.
    -"Thick Beer"
    -Recipe discovered by Fey6678
    -First sip gives mining fatigue, second sip gives strength. (like "regular soup")
    Aquilamo reports that the third sip gives slowness, and all further drinks increase effect duration.

    -"Thick Dark Ale"
    Aquilamo reports that the first sip gives mining fatigue, the second gives strength, the third gives slowness, and the fourth gives resistance. All further sips increase effect duration.

    Any further input is appreciated.