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    I would love to have someone show how the steam turbine setup can be used to make more then that.. since for 400 hu/t i was only getting 200 eu/t and it was more complicted then then sterling generator

    Then you done something wrong. you can make superheated steam in the steam generator and connect 2 turbines together and add a kinetic generator to every turbine. so you get 300 EU/t with 400 HU/t

    thought i was the only one that dont like him.

    I think its nothing bad with getting help. someone wants help, and can get it here, and someone dont want help and discovers things for himself.
    So whats your problem, rawcode?

    Has something changed to the crops?
    i cant breed stickreed anymore. I already got potatoes, carrots, pumpkins and mushrooms, but not even one stickreed.


    R= Crop with reed
    X= Cross-Crop (these breeding things)
    /= nothing

    I know i worked like this back then. i got stickreed after a few tries with this method.

    So you already knew the ratio but told me to do the experiment by myself and now you come back, say that it was obviously and is stated in the tutorial?

    Thank you for not helping me right at the beginning, you unfriendly potatoe

    ok, my first try.

    my reactor runs at exactly 400 Hu/s

    i had 25 buildcraft tanks (25x16 buckets = 400.000mB)

    + 10.000mb coolant in the reactor (= 410.000mB)

    + 500mB in the extraction Pipe (atleast i think its 500mB)

    So, 410.500mB Coolant

    I stopped the stopwatch at the moment all the coolant was converted.

    17:08 -> 1028 seconds (20560 ticks)

    Now i do the math. :D

    ok, the math was easier than expected.

    400 Hu/s (heat units per second) x 1028 seconds = 411200 Hu

    and 411200 Hu / 410500 mb = 1.0017 Hu/mB

    So i think we can now officially say that 1 Hu equals 1 mb of coolant

    please feel free to test this by yourself and confirm this. I am very happy that it all worked so good. i think i dont even need a second try.
    Hope i could help some of you guys :)

    when i let the reactor run then i only know how much hU/t it outputs, but not the ratio of hU/t and the coolant output.

    Sorry, but i just asked.

    Hi guys,
    i just wanted to ask if someone knows the ratio of Hu/t produced in the Reactor and mB/t outputted hot coolant?

    Would help me alot for regulating things. :)


    Title is self-explaining, i think. I dont know how to make coolant cells. looked it up in the forum; nothing. NEI dont shown how to make them neither.
    Can someone tell me how to make them? :D

    playing 629

    all generators shoud generate way more power, like 5x or similar, but all storage objects shoud have efficency below 33% and lowest priority (sides shoud be IO and emit power only if link empty)

    One could maybe implement efficiency upgrades for storage blocks, so you can raise the eff from 33 to 50% or something like that

    Which is why i said that the only thing you can pump in it is water, so you can't teleport lava.

    But what he wants to say is that u can't exactly say from where the lava comes. u could even use universal fluid cells. there not expensive and you get them back. and with buildcraft and the always spawned nether chunk you could build an automatic system that transports lava from the nether to the overworld.

    Yes, its new. U need it for crafting reactor chambers. :)

    :Intergrated Plating: is nothing
    :Iridium: is lead plate
    :Advanced Machine: is normal machine block

    :Intergrated Plating::Iridium::Intergrated Plating:
    :Iridium::Advanced Machine::Iridium:
    :Intergrated Plating::Iridium::Intergrated Plating:

    Maybe this thread would be better placed in support.