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    What is the fastest/easiest way to avoid crucible smelting? Aka how can i transform my copper into plates automatically without having to stand next to the curcible and measure temperature for hours?

    Also, as I'm slowly moving towards electricity, I was wondering about plastic.

    The only way to produce it is in the mixer with ethylene/propylene, MgCl2 and TiCl4, right?

    Ok, that brings me directly to my next question. Why is a steel steam boiler unable to drive a saw?

    This is my Setting:

    Steel Burning Box: 32 HU/t

    Steel Boiler: 32HU/t -> 64 Steam/t

    Bronze Turbine : 64 Steam/t -> 64/3 (21,33) RU/t ( within rated specs of the bronze turbine which is 24 to 96 Steam/t and 8 to 32 RU/t)

    The Bronze Saw (16 to 64 RU/t) is unsuccessfully trying to cut Birch Wood Beams, which is a Tier 16GU operation and should require 16GU/t


    Tried the setup with just bronze parts. Now it works fine. So I even have to pay attention to not drive machines with too much steam?
    If that is true, when will i ever need a Steel Boiler with its weird output of 64 Steam/t (which converts to 21,33 RU/t?)

    Cassiterite. Tetrahedrite is best for copper.

    I just noticed that the smelter has a fluid input and a solid output. Why? It only takes solids and turns them into liquids.

    Ah, perfect, thank you.

    Unfortunately I don't know the answer but I have yet another question

    Can I (and how) store steam in a tank (for example small invar tank made out of main valve and wall) ?

    It says it can handle gasses, but when i connect a pipe with steam to the tank i hear a hissing noise as if the steam leaks out somewhere.

    Obviously I'm loosing the steam. But why? Am I missing something? Does it even make sense to store the steam? I thought I'd use it like a buffer for my machines.

    Hey everyone, just a quick question:

    Started playing GT6 yesterday. What is the best way to get tin early in the game for making bronze?

    Currently I'm walking around and turning every ore bearing stone. Is there just plain tin or what other tin-containing ores can i look for?

    Does the biome make a difference?

    Ok, I see...

    Well so it's more like

    appliedenergistics2:material@4357 = 1000


    appliedenergistics2:material@4357/0 = 1000


    appliedenergistics2:material@#4357/0 = 1000

    even tried

    appliedenergistics2:material@[4357/0] = 1000 ?

    But none of them worked. At least now the game doesn't crash anymore, but i still can't scan Certus Quartz.

    If i hover over the item it says "Certus Quartz Crystal (#4357/0) 4357"

    Do you have another idea what i could put in there to make it work?

    Thank you for the answer,

    I tried that already, but it throws me this error

    "The game crashed whilst there was a severe problem during mod loading that has caused the game to fail

    Error: net.minecraftforge.fml.common.LoaderExceptionModCrash: Caught exception from IndustrialCraft 2 (ic2)"

    The section in my config looks like this:

    ; Additional initial uu values, a value of 1 equals cobblestone.

    ; Recipes may cause the final value be lower than the one specified here.

    ; Format: <name>[@metadata] = <value>

    [balance / uu-values / predefined]

    IC2:misc_resource#iridium_ore = 12000

    IC2:misc_resource#iridium_shard = 1333

    appliedenergistics2:material#certus_quartz_crystal = 850

    Any ideas?

    Hey there,

    I'd like to add certus quartz crystal from applied energistics 2 to the UUM system of ic2.

    as of right now it seems to not be scannable and thus not replicatable, which is unfortuante because I can replicate everything I need but certus quartz.

    Is there a way to make it work on the scanner?

    Oh thank you, that helped. :D

    and how to figure out what <name>[@metadata] for CertusQuartz or any other item is?
    I tried AppliedEnergistics2:itemCertusQuartzCrystal = 350 , but it seems not to work?

    Hey everybody,

    is there a way to copy Certus Quartz from Applied Energistics 2 via UU-Matter? I can't put it in the Scanner, so i think the UUM-System works for Vanilla MC/ IC2 items only. But is there a way to add recipes from other mods?

    ; To modify recipes or add custom recipes, copy the corresponding .ini file to

    ; "minecraft/config/ic2" and modify it.


    ; Disable IC2 crafting recipes with the specified output, comma separated list.

    ; Recipes in the additional section below aren't affected.

    ; Format: <name>[@metadata], e.g. minecraft:bucket to disable IC2's bucket recipe from tin.
    disable =
    ; Purge crafting recipes with the specified output, including vanilla and mod ones, comma separated list.

    ; Recipes in the additional section below aren't affected.

    ; Format: <name>[@metadata], e.g. minecraft:tnt to disable crafting tnt.
    purge =
    ; Enable crafting of IC2 coins, otherwise they have to be spawned in and are thus limited.
    allowCoinCrafting = true
    ; Allow only IC2 circuits to be used in IC2's recipes.
    requireIc2Circuits = false
    ; Adjust smelting recipes to always output IC2 items if available.
    smeltToIc2Items = false
    ; Ignore invalid recipes.
    ignoreInvalidRecipes = false

    This is the part in the config that i mean. I think that it must be something in the red colored line, but what do i have to write there?

    I tried to disable the crafting recipe of the Kinetic Gearbox Rotor (Carbon) and the one made out of refined iron, since i read something about disableing recipes in the config, but i made no success :(

    Can someone help me with that?

    MysteryDump made some amazing video tutorials about GregTech 5 and other mods.

    Here is one answering lots of recent questions about throughput capacity and using shutters.
    Gregtech 5 - Optimizing Pipes, Liquids and Steam Control Tutorial

    This Tutorial was SO helpful. Thank you Chloe, you are awesome!


    btw, i need antimon for battery alloy. can i even find it in the overworld? had no succes yet. and what is the right height so search for it?