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    OK, my suggestion is the electric meter.

    But not the one IC² got already, that shows how much EUs go through a cable,no

    I think about a cable or block with its own GUI that shows the EUs that EVER go trough it

    for example: if you have a reactor connected to this cable/block that produce 40 EU/t and run it for 324 ticks then its shows that overall 12960 EUs run trough it

    recipe :
    [N] :Advanced Circuit: [N]
    [D] :Advanced Machine: [D]
    [N] :Advanced Circuit: [N]

    [N] : Nothing
    [D] : Detector Cable

    and maximum EU/t is 2048

    And, i'm sorry for my english. my native language is German so please be understanding

    Thanks for reading :D