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    I know this isn't in the suggestions section, but I'd like to propose it as a "Secret recipe" to convert Industrial Diamonds into Vanilla Diamonds (And discussion thereof).

    Let's face it, most people using IC2 are using buildcraft/Redpower in tandem, each using diamonds for higher end tech. What I am suggesting is a way to "burn" the impurities of the Industrial diamond, making it into a flawless (vanilla) diamond.

    I personally think the best way of doing this is using the NukeGen, raising the Heat level to a Certain amount (At least 7k Heat), and giving it a small percent per cycle to convert each Ind. Diamond into a Natural one. I'm thinking of this as a parallel tech to the UUM, since a few people will be using their reactors to fuel Mass Fabs to make UUM for Diamonds anyway (9M Eu Vs 64 coal etc). This small chance and the amount of work needed to maintain a NukeGen at this heat should be a fair compromise one would think.

    After installing IC2, just like it says on the IC2 post, I start Minecraft and I have no sound from Minecraft or IC2. I have also installed that sound fix but yet have no sound. The only time I get sound is when I disable the IC2 sounds in the config. Maybe i'm installing the sound fix wrong? I have tried placing the Sound folder in the .jar AND I tried placing all the files with the .class files in the .jar. Neither of these methods work.

    Did you Delete the Paulscode folder completely before dragging in the new one?

    Je, mining laser was fixed after this release ^^ It could always mine at least 1 block, regardless of resistance.

    Climbing scaffolds doesn't quite work right. I think they rather accelerate you downwards currently feel free to test this.

    So, we've fixed the issue, just don't tell anyone about the laser, got it. ;P

    Alright, makes sense. I was curious as to why they weren't like the MeC ones.

    So I was correct in thinking it had to deal with light levels, since none hardened over night.

    The Personal Safe is explosion resistant, but still can be harvested with a mining laser in SSP (needs testing in SMP) .

    As an aside, I can't seem to climb the scaffolding (assuming they're supposed to be like the MeC ones).

    A wild spoiler appears!

    I personally like this new addition of the spray foam and scaffolding.

    I also like the new Storage block for Uranium (I think the Bronze one is bugged, however, since it looks like a NukeGen)

    I do have a Question about the CF though, how does it calculate when to harden? Are there any environmental things that will cause it to harden faster?

    Nah, the dragon mob was (first) announced together with lanterns and nether... *eyeroll*

    However, no 1.9 is good, because this means we wont get interrupted for the next time anymore :3

    I know, I was making a joke. =P

    But yes, this 37-ish days we're gaining it nice.

    So, it appears that Mojang has decided to hold off on 1.9, and make that the release for Minecon (They will be doing a Weekly Pre-release until then).


    Also, we’re finally adding a dragon.

    It also seems they are paying homage to The Great Dragon Lord. =D

    1. You should be able to craft pumpkins into seed at a 1:1 ratio already in the crafting window (Granted, it's bugged in 1.8.1, but was fine in 1.8)
    2. They are currently bugged, they should only be removable by the owner using a wrench.
    3. Just because it's in the game, doesn't mean it should have an "Industrial Use" (Plus they're going to be a short range teleport in 1.9).