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    The recipe is as follows:

    This was my attempt:

    I also tried with a water bucket, same result.

    Either I've done something completely dumb (Which is probably the answer)or.... some-thing's not right. Would someone else mind testing this to prove I'm an idiot?

    This could be an add on not in the actually mod.
    I run IC2 and EE. My controls thing, in settings, has so many controls that it goes all the way down and some of them I can't see it.
    It would be cool if someone could code a scrollbar so for people with so many controls like me.
    Just an idea.

    That's actually something to do with Modloader, might want to bring it up with Risugami.

    Need to correct adien: Due to the fact you can't "instantly" charge tools anymore in any way, the idea of the batpack instantly charging tools after you used them once was dropped as well.
    It does instead refill up to 2 uses after each use of the batpack (effectively you will see the charge of the mining drill "charging up" while progressively mining)

    Which, in the end, doesn't make any difference, just wanted to mention it, though.

    Ah, I was going off the old method (Since I never use a Batpack without a fully charged tool to start with =P). Thanks for the correction.

    Never used one, contemplating it now, unsure of their usage as the wiki seems a little unclear.

    Do I charge it with 60k power then it only refills my drill once before being empty? Wouldn't that be a loss compared to 10k batteries? Or will it fill my drill 6x?

    Can I charge it inside a Batbox even though a Batbox only has 40k power? Will it just siphon the rest of it until its full?

    When you have the Bat-pack equipped, power will be drawn (per use of a tool) in attempt to re-fill it. In essence: it will draw power from the Bat-pack, until it is fully depleted, then start draining the tools power.

    E.g. You have a half full drill (5k missing) and a Full bat-pack equipped. You use said drill. The drill will acquire a full charge, where the bat-pack would lose 5k Eu + 1 uses worth. Then, each subsequent use of the drill would pull one use from the bat-pack's power supply until empty.

    Yes, you can charge it in a Batbox, and it will continue to siphon energy until it's full (similar to the battery charging in packets).

    I like your idea but I think the extractor seems better suited for obtaining double the dyes from one dye source.

    I don't know if it's really that important to make more dye at the moment. Alblaka said something about having colorable concrete/cement but we have to wait for minecraft to finish it's explosion of recent updates for any lasting work to be done.

    I would have to agree with using the extractor over the macerator for this suggestion would be better (Except with Bonemeal obviously).

    Dyes are useful for painting cables in the current public release. As for the paintable Concrete/Cement (Al's calling it Construction Foam), it sure as hell uses a lot of dyes to paint a small base.... >_>

    I had a somewhat similar rage story last night.

    Found a nice Ravine at diamond level and got 5 of the 8 diamond I needed to the Buildcraft gears for a quarry (Since I could use ID for the pickaxe). Meanwhile, I'm spelunking down one of the side shafts, and hear spiders.... lots and lots of spiders... So I decided to not go that way and continue down the other direction through and Abandoned Mineshaft. Spent about 2 and a half hours looking for diamond (Just scavenging cave walls, not strip mining). No dice. Finally, when I was about to give up, I struck diamond. the remaining three I needed to complete my quarry. On my way out, I come across the area where I heard the spiders... Needless to say I was swarmed by cave spiders (Thankfully I had a stack of canned food ^^) and disabled the spawner after about 5 minutes (The chainsaw seriously needs to cut through cobwebs faster -.- ).

    After successfully disabling the spawner, I noticed there was a chest nearby (Yay loot!). I opened it, and to my surprise.... there were 3 diamonds inside.... -.- Spent 2 and a half hours needlessly looking for diamonds when they were right in front of my face...

    After a few minutes of cursing Notch for trolling me, I headed back top side and constructed my quarry, filled up a cooling mechanism and set it up to run. I was filling the pre-defined area of the quarry with water (Which I just realized was a dumb idea upon writing this, since I can just send a BC pump down there to snag up all the lava for fuel/power instead of turning it to obby to get it out of my way.... ), when out of nowhere..... *TWANG!* *ssSSSSSSSS* *BOOM!* I turn around to find my quarry, engines, and pump missing.... and a few bones and a small crater in their place... Come to find out, there's a dark area near my quarry.... -.-

    I think you already know what I am going to say. But here I go anyway. My three favorite mods are Buildcraft, IC, and RedPower. Coincidentally , they work in perfect harmony. Now, however, they are starting to overlap, which causes redundancy and wasted coding time. I suggest that Eloraam, SpaceToad, and Alblaka combine their mods into a single tech mod. This would accelerate the development of all three, as it would cut updating time by 2/3 at the same time as it prevented redundancy and copying. They could continue to work on their respective parts of the super-mod, but it would reduce update time, dev time, and installing time for people like me. Thanks for reading this, let me know what you think.

    I would not like to see IC2, BC2 and RP2 combined into a single tech mod (I voted no). It's not that I don't use all three of the "tech mods" (I do use all three of them), it's more of the fact that I feel that it would cause more problems that it's worth. I can see where you're starting to think that they're starting to overlap, but Eloraam can't do some of the things that she wants to do (i.e. machines) without adding more resources to diversify the requirements to construct such things. I mean sure, she could hard code in IC ores, but that'd make her mod Depend on IC. Quite Frankly, I don't want to force IC upon those who don't want to use it because they find it overwhelming.

    I mean, it's not like it's hard to install the mods once you get the base requirement (ML, MLMP, Forge), just download them and drop them into the mods folder....

    The Industrialcraft2 Development team does not code the Plugin for Bukkit (Thus we cannot trouble shoot for it). I would suggest asking the author that did the port for any help.