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    I ended up going with this case. Any recommendations for additional fans?

    looks like it already has a rear fan. As the front will take a 140mm i'd suggest one of those, it'll be quieter than a 120mm.
    here a few that look nice: one two three. Plus they're all around the same noise level as the back fan.

    as a side note: Not really fond of the PSU on the bottom units myself but if it works for you then whatever.

    wait... does this mean my single layer reinforced stone will fail?

    I have the reactor in the middle of an 5x5 area, on the 6th row, i have reinforced stone. the only hole i have is the area coming from under it for wiring. walkway has a reinforced door.

    I know it wont blow up. but i like to feel better that knowing that if it does, it would be contained.

    Yup, you need a minimum of two layers unbroken for explosion shielding. (by "unbroken" I mean extra around places like cabling and such)
    three to be safe/paranoid, two sometimes does a little damage to the environment.

    Mind if I ask about the Golem farm part? I don't know much about the golems yet (can't view information on them at work).

    I'm intending to implement new metal golems for each of my metals however, so I need to know how to avoid the infinite aspects of it. (and possibly manually edit the Iron ones to not have the infinite aspect)

    Basically it works out like this:
    A certain number of villagers will trigger the creation of a golem if they don't have one. So one crams a bunch of villagers into one block and then the golems spawn and get drowned/crushed/killed.
    Not a lot one can do about it without editing base classes.

    Something I noticed about one of my underground rooms with a concrete jacketed glass fiber cable coming through the ceiling from the outside world.
    Anyway, i'm getting light showing through just as if the cable didn't have have any concrete around it.

    anyway, minor little thing there, figured i'd point it out.

    A better way to do it is just to use EE+RP2+IC2.

    Use the condenser to create ice and the filter will pull a nice stack of ice to cool the reactor down.

    Not everyone uses Cheater Exchange ya know..
    for example: i've got a CASUC cooling system with 3 snowmen and 3 compressors using vanilla IC2 and RP2 that works great.

    Couple problems with your statements
    1: miners can be configured to take lapotron crystals directly.
    2: Quarry: doesn't necessarily have to be powered by combustion engines. I generally power mine with 4-5 electric engines from Forestry.

    anyway, I generally use quarries myself and just feed the cobble, dirt and other stuff into recyclers. The scrap goes either to scrap boxes or a mass fab, depending on if I have one.

    if you don't like the big hole you can always dig a few layers under the surface and stick the quarry there.

    Certainly feels more like a sandbox building game than enchanting....

    Not sure about others but I can't play vanilla Minecraft anymore, too boring, not enough flexibility.
    Course i'm starting to lose interest in even modded minecraft though. Maybe later after 1.2 hits and Eloraam launches Pr5 with frames.

    MAKE sure that PSU has bronze 80+ certification otherwise it is most likely a crap piece of equipment that will destroy every chip in your PC. This basically means it is reliable and delivers more than %80 of the power it chews :).

    The NZXT M59 Classic is a very nice looking case for only $35-45 which comes with two very quiet fans :).

    overgeneralization much? I've got one that's 80%+ efficient yet isn't certified, been working great for a long time.
    It's a Xclio brand. It's one of those same manufacturer as a big brand sort of deals, I forget who though but I did do a bunch of research beforehand.
    Chose the genericy one based on good (professional) reviews as it was the only way I was going to afford a modular one.

    still: i'd recommend hitting up hardocp to check on a review there, they've got the best review process i've seen. (very hard on the PSU)

    I believe you may be mistaken. Not sure tho. We were talking about the Z68A and the Z68X. Obviously, I would like to keep 40 bucks in my pocket, as I'm buying a graphics card, and if that quits I'll have to buy a new one anyways.

    Yeah, I see basically no difference between the Z68A and X. Both have the nifty looking Virtu stuff. On that note I think you'll want to plug your monitor into the motherboard, not the video card for that to work. The manual will say more. (*gasp* read a manual? say it isn't so! :))

    Yes i'm running Lunix Ubuntu sever 10.04 (Lucid)
    Being the server version no GUI and i don't plan on adding one, (The 8mg graphics card just wont take it)
    Are you able to give me an in-depth explanation on how to do that?

    the alternative is to bug the hell out of flan to fix ModloaderMP again. (took me 2 1/2 weeks last time and it was a two line fix tops...)

    before you start, be sure to rename your mods folder and create a new, blank one.
    one command per line here, done in the folder you have minecraft in: (the end goal is a virtual fat32 filesystem)
    dd if=/dev/zero of=modsfolder.img bs=1M count=40
    mkfs.vfat modsfolder.img
    mount -o loop modsfolder.img mods

    if you want to verify it mounted run this: "df -h"
    you should see a /dev/loop0 line in there and the new folder as mounted on.
    from there you put the mods in the "new" folder and they'll be sorted.

    I had broken wind mills on 1.8.1 beta . On 1.0 and on never got one.

    I had one broken one in 1.0, looked funky as all heck. Just a generator up there at the top of the world amongst the windmill. (and a lit one at that)