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    EDIT: Any advice on water cooling units? If I go with the 2500k cpu, I'll want to overclock, and certainly don't want to fry it.

    There's a few sealed and self-contained water cooling units out there. I know Corsair has a few variants, namely the H50, H70 and H100 for various prices. (though based on a quick look it appears the newer H70 has basically replaced the H50 for the same price)
    However if you don't want to mess with water than the CoolerMaster Hyper-212 Plus has good reviews (plus it's not super thick like some either) and if noise turns out to be an issue you can replace the fan easy enough.
    In general what I hear from the reviewers and experts is a good air system can just about equal a water system and be less of a hassle.
    Granted installing any of those is going to be interesting in different ways. Water for dealing with the hoses and air for dealing with the large tower and back plate together. You'll want to install the cooler before the motherboard goes in unless you got a case with a door on the motherboard plate.

    But 10000 more speed when doing their labor, besides if you have the energy why not? I feel like right now using the Advanced Machines are like cheating.

    I know i'll probably be transitioning my single player world to overclocked machines myself but will be keeping this mod around for the condensed solar panels.

    Personally i'd say spring for the 2500k and a good air cooler. Think one of the large ones with a 120mm fan (one with good reviews naturally, hardocp has reviews on them)

    why? Overclocking. You mentioned "complex video editing", the 2500k may cost a bit more but you can overclock it some and get some extra "Free" performance out of it.

    the Video card looks a little weak but if you don't plan on running many modern shooters it'll be fine.
    the PSU should be fine if (here's the big if) it's actually capable of delivering such. Can't say much about that particular unit as I haven't seen any reviews but the brand is a good one. Won't leave much room for expansion if you plan on upgrading the video card later though.

    plus if you play your cards right and make sure everything is 120mm and swap out the case fans for low noise ~1krpm ones you can get a pretty darn quiet system. My cpu heatsync has a noctuna 120mm fan, excellent fans there, they just cost a bit is all. Like ~US$20 for a 120mm, double the cost (or so) of your typical low noise fan but delivers more airflow. Another good one are Enermax but I forget the particular model number. (they're the ~1krpm ones)

    granted it'll probably get noisy under load but at idle you basically can't hear my desktop unless your rather close to it.

    Minecraft generates terrain in 'chunks' of (iirc) 16 x 16 x 128 blocks. When you move a far enough distance away from a chunk, the game will 'unload' it, basically freezing the chunk in time until you come back. If you are far away enough from your power source/destination (and with a distance of over 2000 blocks, you almost certainly are) minecraft pretty much forgets that the source/destination exists, and sees no way/need for energy to run through the cable. I've heard that some people use 'chunk loaders' to make sure that ludicrously large projects keep running without needing the player to be within a certain distance, but I'm not sure how to build one.

    last I knew the chunk unloading was SMP only.
    as to Chunk Loaders? additional pipes mod (needs Buildcraft)

    Note: The current idea is to set this via a GUI-button. AS that one is not implemented yet, it'S relinked to a global setting.
    This setting is set to false initially but can be changed to true in the config.

    Reason is, if forced to true, full storages could cause adjacent transformers to suddenly switch direction, blowing stuff up.

    or other nasty things like having an adjacent teleporter be always on, thus leaving you unable to get anywhere near the MFSU until it's out of power.