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    A compressor takes about 200 Eu/t to keep a ~1800 Eu/t reactor cooled, but by sacrificing 30~ Eu/t to remove a 7th uranium you can switch to a bucket system and forgo a compressor completely. There are difficulties considering buckets cant stack, but im fairly certain the prototype im working on can keep it going safely for a whole cycle.

    Yeah, got a CASUC reactor running now on a mostly creative mode server to provide power. Nets around 1400EU/t (I think) as the 3 compressors (very overclocked compressors there) eat up around 300EU/t. Also needed are 3 snowmen , 3 transposers, 3 block breakers and a handful of tubes. (the snowman poop 9001 snowball creator)

    Same here... over 20 Million EU in stored liquid energy. Easier to keep it in something like that instead of trying to find coal/diamonds for a MFSU, lol...

    A friend was doing similar before the server sort of imploded*. Had a wind plant storing energy by making lava with the lava generators from the power converters mod (it's a 1:1 input -> output energy ratio last I saw)

    *Let's just say that minecraft server *SUCKS* horribly. Kept suffering from crippling lag requiring me to load up WorldEdit and clear out any entities in the area.

    try reading the instructions:

    I usually use Buildcraft pumps to pump any lava I find into tanks.
    From there I do whatever I want/need with it. Though right now i've got a ton sitting around unused.

    Any other way besides the zip name to force the add-on to load after IC? Nothing I do seems to get to load last.

    Receiving the Same error of Crossover loading before IC2, but my version of Crossover the name of the zip is "zBCIC2crossover server"
    Any other reason why IC2 isn't loading before crossover? (IC2 Jar name is "industrialcraft-2-server_1.70b.jar")

    Both of you: What OS are you running? ModLoader/ModLoaderMP should sort themselves but at least in the case of Linux MLMP stopped doing such again.
    There's an "interesting" workaround involving dd and creating a small fat32 filesystem if you've got root permissions (as one needs to mount said filesystem)

    Industrial craft seems to tap into alot of other mod's APIs (for example Buildcraft and Craftguide) it runs fine without them but I am unable to decompile :(.
    Is their a way around this???
    BTW for decompilation I am dropping the contents of the IC2 JAR into the Minecraft JAR.

    Wrong place to post this. you want support. This is for functional addons, not support for people making them.

    How do i deactivate a reactor with redpower? I tried running power to it but it doesn't work :(

    note: search works, this has been mentioned before

    anyway: the bare red alloy wire has to go on the reactor (/reactor chamber) itself, shift+click.

    More proof that Geothermal is the most underused and OP energy generator in the game, lol...

    But seriously, what value are you using to determine the 'expenditure' cost for your efficiency calculations? Depth of where materials are and amount of those materials needed?

    woudln't exactly call them overpowered as one has to track down the lava to use in them. Unless one is using Equivalent Cheater Exchange lava isn't a renewable resource.

    If you use some backup buckets you could also go higher with the amount watermills. And you need to get away from the row of watermills. Place the watermills in a 5x5 area above the retriever, so that the buckets don't need as long to reach far away watermills.

    Yeah, in my experience you need N+1 buckets for pure RP2 automatic manned watermill setups. (where N is the number of water mills)
    though that was with one deployer+filter so it'll probably end up being +1 spare per set of deployer and filter.

    IF i'm not wrong they don't despawn anymore, mobs are permanent.

    Yup, they're saved as Entities to the world file. This has caused me no end of problems with entity induced lag on a server.

    Good news and bad news there
    good news: More Block IDs and height to work with (woo! higher tanks of doom!)
    bad news: MCEdit. The original author said he's not updating it anymore.

    by "tank of doom" I mean in buildcraft. I tend to just build tall tanks from bedrock to the build height to store stuff in.

    Finally uploaded for you guys.

    still bugs me a bit when I see you burning wood pieces. Reasonably certian that's a bit of a waste there as wood planks burn the same
    slow start, but what minecraft game isn't? :)
    hee. mining by creeper
    well, if you can't find sheep for a bed you can always grow some flax for string and thus wool.

    anyway, looking forward to the next ep, though it looks like rubber trees may be a problem given your surrounding biomes.

    Hello. I can`t find solution by myself and can`t find same thing on forum
    i can`t make mmy miner dig 5x5 or 8x8
    i placed in both types of scanners, but it`s still 1x1 hole
    help, please

    miners don't dig the dirt and stone and such unless it gets in the way. Let it finish and jump down the hole with an electric jetpack some time. you'll see that it really does mine stuff in the intended area.