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    Son of a laser-wielding creeper MinecraftCreeper :Mining Laser: ... Got back from my martial arts only to find my Minecraft install designed for the Let's Play inoperable. X( *sigh* I guess I'll have to install again.

    Tell you what, I'm going to make a NEW Episode One with everything optimized for recording and the ore settings set to what they ought to be.

    Sorry guys. But shit happens. :Nuke TNT:

    eh, at least you'll get a world without the craptons of extra ores.
    small tip for next time: run backups. even if it's just right click and sent to compressed folder.
    looking forward to the re-launch of ep 1. I assume it'll be the same seed?

    To me that seems like a waste of materials. Unless your using something like EE that wouldn't be the best way to go.

    how is it a waste? wood is *cheap* and a redstone engine only needs one iron and redstone dust per. The glass is ultimately renewable as well.

    as to the redstone engines on a quarry: you'll never get it up to full speed with redstone engines. Just after the 2.x update I did something similar only a *lot* more massive. (I think it was like 10x10 or something massive like that)

    @_@ *sigh* Yeah, I know about the ores, really should have before hand, might consider re-recording with many of the ores disabled. Opinions?

    I'm still getting used to my software (FastStone Capture, FRAPS doesn't like me for some reason), so I'll look into that. And like I said, I'm still working the kinks out of the sounds.

    But thanks.

    Well, there's always the MCedit pruning option. select the area you want to keep, hit "select chunks" and prune (forget where prune is located). Anything outside of the area will get regenerated. (so obviously this is done after the config options)

    Alright! First episode is up! Check it!

    first impressions:
    looks like you forgot to turn off a bunch of the extra ores, namely RP2, Forestry and IC2 (since you've got metallurgy, gotta try that mod sometime)
    maybe try recording in 480p or something a bit less demanding? I'd rather have a lesser resolution and a higher framerate personally.
    not sure how your recording but I couldn't hear the game at all so better sound balancing next time maybe?

    It's a little amusing though, i'm just about done with minecraft again for a while but I still enjoy watching others to play.

    oh and: finally, a decent looking series from someone who doesn't sound like they're 10 or something...
    anyway, keep up the good work.

    For tin you can craft cells, ...
    but what can you do with copper?

    been wondering that myself. Plenty of uses for tin and lots for iron (almost always iron starved in my single player world) but copper i've almost got coming out of my ears.
    got half a personal chest of ingots. Haven't been making blocks yet as i'd rather not teach the logistics system about them.

    I want to say that is not necessary to implement anti-griefing stuff if server-side plugins already does it.
    Personal safes are good since they have a storage of double chest in a single block and don't have BC/RPpipe interaction.

    Edit: and don't forget [Suggestion] in title

    not everyone runs bukkit. It very lags behind *and* from my experience anything modloaderMP related never quite works right.

    If I had red power I wood put them in a tree and run a tin cable down the trunk with RP2 cover plates/strips (surrounding the cable, it would be a bit larger than a regular block but could be quite stealthy).

    Or you could have a charging station where you have a set of MSFUs that are filled by solar panels then you can carry lapatron crystals to and from.

    hmm... there's an idea. grow a RP2 rubber tree at the top and run the tin cable straight down the middle of the trunk (no need for covers, the things are 3x3) and the panels themselves in the tree itself.
    would be obvious from the top but from the bottom or side it shouldn't be too bad.

    The Forestry electric engines are good for on-the-spot usage, which of course means they need their own dedicated on-site power supply (like a small solar flower or array).
    But they only fill one niche - they're not good for more robust field applications like a Quarry. This is where things like the Energy Link come in handy - or the Engine Generators from PowerConverters when using a multi-Miner setup.
    But the electric engines from the Crossover are ideal for fixed powerplants that can supply power on-site (or remotely via teleport pipes).

    So I prefer to have both add-ons. Like Jayne says "I get kinda excitable as to my options".

    "on the spot"? not really, i've powered quarries fine with the forestry electric. Just stuffed them in the basement hooked to power and used power teleport pipes.
    need 4 for decent speed out of a quarry but at the point where I start building them 24 EU/t isn't too huge.
    hell, in my single player world i've got two "power plants" for different purposes. (one for a quarry one for floating stuff like a pump)
    i'm just a bit of a stickler for control though, I don't like using excess power where I don't have to.
    though the power converters and engine converters from the power mod do a decent (if slightly lossy) job of teleporting power.

    I have a basic M-1 reactor, but what cables do I need to safely store the power in an MFE? Do I need any converters or anything?

    depends: how much is the reactor making? The best solution would be glass fibre but if it's 128 or less than you'll need at least gold cable.

    Yes, but only for the BC 2.x branch - which fewer people are using now.
    The BC 3.x-compatible version is on hold until BC3 moves out of alpha and has SMP support.

    So a lot of people are still waiting. I might have stayed with BC 2, but Forestry prompted me to adopt the alpha.

    I have EE 6.22 and BC-IC Crossover installed with no apparent issues - but I've yet to use any of the components of the add-on so there may be issues of which I'm unaware. But the mods themselves can be installed together, all it takes is changing one block ID if necessary.

    ah, I just use Forestry's electric engines for my BC power needs. Ratio isn't as good as some other mods (6 EU for 2 MJ instead of 5 for 2) but it's there and it gets updated pretty quick.

    Well, I liked the BC-IC2 Crossover mod, but it's incompatible with Equivalent Exchange for some arcane reason that has something to do with the way EE saves block IDs, and I'm too deep into my LP to ditch EE. On the good news side, it appears that TehKrush of Plasticraft fame has picked up MFR, so maybe he'll be nice and update Power Converters for us. Who knows.

    looked at the page lately? it's been updated for several days now.

    Humm... You could probably do (with some effort) an air cooled neutral breeder with pistons to push blocks and lava to keep it warm when not in use. That be tricky and probably not really neccesary, but it would be cool! (or hot if done right! :D )

    rp2 deployers and lava buckets?
    "deploys" the bucket with a pulse and on the next pulse it should suck the source block back up.
    granted the way lava works it may not completely go away if it was allowed to flow anywhere.

    I love carving out large underground caves with it - just blast away until the lappack is empty. Not exactly efficient in mining terms, but fun as hell.

    wow, great way to "mine" there. Although I find myself running out of space before running out of lappack power.
    blasted my way to bedrock (two shots on long range mode and a bunch of ladders later) and unleashed a bit to make a room and just started unloading. (had NEI's "magnet mode" on)
    no idea if I get 100% drop rate but at the stage i'm at I almost don't care. Only problem is running into a lava lake.
    though I will have to drag a filler down there later to flatten the floor out some.

    HAH, nice, killing creepers with it.
    sounds like fun except i'm just picky (slight OCD maybe) enough so it'd be annoying to fill the holes in.

    though the underground mining idea sounds like a good one. Underground == not visible == I don't care as much as i'm hardly ever down there.

    Well if you accept minor damages you could opt for the cheaper 3 layers of Reinforced Stone but if you want total containment you need 4.

    actually it's more like 2 or 3
    testing i've done found that 2 layers is fine with minor damage to the environment. (from places like the door or access points to shut it off) If it does go bang you'll lose basically all of the inner layer though.
    3 layers is enough for total protection but you'll have to be careful about any access points again. (like say the door or a shutoff line)

    Its all about the fun, we download mods to have fun.

    Its the same with EE and IC2, i usually download EE because of the convecionality of it, and with recent changes it has become a lot more balanced than before. Besides i usually stayed away from power items in the last version but im giving a try to them now.

    More balanced? Have you seen the Mk. 3 collector? that and a item maker chest (forgot it's name) == cheat mode. Might as well be using TMI or NEI.
    horribly unbalanced. Hell, even a 1 or 2 mk. 1's and that chest is bad.