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    Can you tell me how you did this. I am having trouble making my retrievers work.

    retrievers are pretty straightforward, point business end at tube hooked to reactor and put a empty bucket in it's inventory so it'll only pull that out then provide a pulse via a timer.

    Of note: i also had trouble with all my rechargeable electronics. They all stopped working while reading a full charge, but putting them in a mfsu quick revealed that they were actually empty.

    yeah, 1.0 to 1.1 upgrade bug there. had to re-charge all of my tools (complete with a quantum suit set shy chest) after the 1.1 upgrade.

    Hi, I am new to this mod, and I am trying to build my first reactor. How do you guys automatically remove empty buckets from a reactor. I can put water buckets in using pipes but I can't take empty buckets out.

    don't know about others but I put stuff into and retrieve from reactors with Redpower 2 and a transposer and retriever. Both can operate on the same tube line.
    In my case I used the retriever to extract depleted uranium and a transposer to put uranium in when it ran out for a long running reactor (naturally it has to be a Mk. 1 to pull this off)

    At least silk-touch is sometimes way off... I got free meat because I managed to scavange a pig-spawner (no idea why there is a pig-spawner inside a dungeon).

    Pig Spawner + Tesla-Coil + Transposer = Food

    Spawners without a "type" (like ones dropped from silk touch) default to pig. Takes something like NEI to get a "proper" spawner.

    Just sort of wondering what everyone uses the explosive mode on the mining laser for.
    I use it to "mine" RP2 rubber trees with NEI "Magnet mode" on given they're quite huge.
    sucks the lappack dry pretty quick but it's only energy :)

    in other news: 1 down, 6 or 7 to go... (spawned near quite a few of them this world)

    You'll find you want more like 4-6 in each, actually. Four is pretty fast, 6 seems to go about as fast as a fully heated advanced machine.

    Heh, i'm running 12 in the macerator and 10 in the electric furnace. Course i'm also impatient, want it now now now!!! :) The electric furnace has since replaced the induction furnace for manual operations. (much quicker)
    It sucks down 256 or 3something EU/t during operations but it's sitting on a HV line (also have 2x transformer in there) behind a MFSU so meh?
    The only thing I find myself missing from this addon are the compressed solar. Just finished putting up 256 solar as the equivalent of what I had. Logistics pipes make it *way* too easy to just order up more, I was perpetually starved for resources.

    personaly, of the two I like the first one with the motherboard tier thing a lot better.
    though it would take some balancing so one can still achieve really fast speeds with a MK3 upgrade, and of course the mk 2 and 3 upgrades will get more expensive.
    Still sounds somewhat better than the system we have now.

    I would totally love you for telling me how simple it actually is. You can go full lingo/tecnic/jargon on the wording i dont mind as long as it makes sense.

    agreed... there's zero way to achieve "infinite energy storage" without an infinite source of water and an infinite place to put them. Two things that are quite impossible.

    *cough* let's just say that the mods here are about on the same level as the (quite overzealous) MC forum ones.
    let's also say that "bans" are never permanent as well.

    ]Just making things expensive doesnt seem much on balancing, specially when you reach the point that you produce more materials than you actually need. And what was the problem of doing tiered modules again? Lack of space or something? (Because overclockers would have taken all the space?) If that was the case why not increase the space for upgrade using another module?

    When i get my ideas straight i will post my take on how a tiered system would have been (Or better said, how would i have made it, although since im not wise on minecraft coding i dont exactly know much about the limitations).

    Agreed on the more expensive doesn't make things balancing angle. "Equivalent" Exchange is a prime example of a balance system gone wrong, just making things more expensive just puts things off until late game when they're not really needed anymore.
    I sorta like the idea of tiered upgrades somewhat better but if they're non-stackable than 4 slots isn't going to be enough to get much extra speed out of a machine. (unless the tiers do more?)

    While I like the upgrade system, the battery upgrade poses a problem, namely there's basically no way of telling how much energy the machine has stored.
    Would be nice if there was an actual number on the machine that displayed stored energy when the storage upgrade is in place.

    Lishid isn't, at least, he hasn't responded to my PM about this mod, and hasn't shown any signs of activity in the past month or more here, but I'll prepare a 1.1 update shortly. I need to get my decompilation environments running for 1.1 first...

    Potentially silly idea but since the OP is MIA maybe you should make your own post for the updated version?

    Thanks Ook, really appreciate it. I think I'll end up going with the hyper 212 Now, I've never done this before, so is there anything special I need to know about installing an -aftermarket fan? What do I do with the stock fan? Is there any use for it? Maybe use it in another port for the case? no idea.

    EDIT: Found a REALLY good deal on the i5 2500k, for only $200 including shipping, brand new and sealed. Definitely going with that model. Will probably go with the hyper 212 for cooling, unless I find something else.

    Nothing that isn't in the instructions. Although I never peeled off the sticky bit on the base plate on either cooler i've had. glad I have too, made switching easier.
    They're reasonably straightforward to install, it's just a bit on the fiddly side given how generic the x piece has to be. Just be sure to take your time and get them all threaded before you really screw them down.
    Though you may want to spend a bit on some decent thermal paste as I rather forget if the package includes any or not. (the box doesn't say)

    I'd like to use IC2 in my current save game of MC that I began without IC2. If I travel far enough out from what I've explored before I got IC2, will I run into the new ores eventually?

    Though if you want to force the issue to be closer to home you can grab MCedit and select everything you want to keep (make sure to use "select chunks") and do a purge to remove all the other stuff and force a refresh.
    had to do that on a 1.0 game when I realized I left Redpower 2's tin and copper on.