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    I conclude that there is no seemingly possible way to make a Mark II reactor with an efficiency higher than 3.
    I am simply suggesting that by expending vast amounts of Iridium (which requires at least 3 UUM EACH) to upgrade reactors and chambers one could get some payoff for your effort and gain a Much larger possible reactor window in which to create larger and more efficient reactors.
    I hope that Albalaka takes my suggestion into consideration and if not, that someone makes a plugin that would do the same thing
    BTW I will be updating this with 3 more designs I have come up with when I have time ;)

    Edit: important question: do cooling elements (all three) cool down while in your inventory or inside chests or only while in a reactor?
    On receiving the answer to this question I have spawned the idea of an element cooling reactor whereapon you could place spent(but not melted)
    cooling elements to cool off and become useable again.

    There appears to be no legit way to obtain coolant cells (of course ive been TMIing them to test reactors)
    Edit: I read the wiki and have understood it is gradually being updated now but it is possibly quite confusing as to IC or IC2 items I guess that the IC link will be removed once IC2 V 1.00 comes out

    ... And will often reset to a stage of progress before you have attached chambers to a nuclear reactor
    the inventory is saved properly and up to date but not the world itself
    strange things can happen like on chunk reset and another untouched (my reactor containment chamber got cut in half by sand)
    this will happen if you have changed anything in the world and "save and quit" then reload the world later

    This is My 3rd attempt at Mark I: A Mark I-I DC Reactor which produces 40 EU/t (or it will once the bugged code is fixed)*

    This is a variation of the last design a Mark I-I D Reactor. It is less efficient but produces 45 EU/t

    Link to my latest design:…CCCCCCCHUHHUHCUCCUCCHCCHC
    it is a high powered Mark II-0 D reactor which actually produces 80 EU/t it takes < 2 minutes to cooldown for the next cycle

    This is the revised Mark II-0 CB Reactor which produces 60 EU/t Note: it does melt the single cooling element next to the reactor plating

    Mark III reactor is designed but lacking screenshots This reactor comes in a single and double variation is massively productive at 120 and 240 EU/t respectively.
    It utilizes the 8 ring core formation (which I believe will be the most efficient Energy/heat structure in Class III reactors)
    Both of these reactors are in fact Mark IV-0CB ; the concept is that the bulk percentage of the heat is put into few coolants which can be replaced while the rest of the reactor can run like a Mark II:

    And of course a Mark V-0 B for the Uranium efficiency obsessive/mad scientists:

    It has a nice efficiency of 3.4 and can run for 12.15 seconds producing 620 EU/t

    And also my C.A.S.U.C. Mark V:

    If you are wondering where all of my breeder designs went I deleted them Because I have given up on breeding as a waste of time.
    instead of making a breeder reactor make a single auto miner connected via batbox to Kuu's 0 chamber reactor http://forum.industrial-craft.…read&postID=5445#post5445
    and come back in half an hour you will have gained some uranium! and for a fraction of the energy and time cost of breeding

    Containment chamber .Shematics for those MCEdit users who don't want to waste time but want to start tinkering with reactors:
    The First three links are for a general use double layer (obsidian coated, Reinforced stone sealthed) Reactor chamber with all the resources you may need including; wiring, transformers, power storage blocks, ingots and additional reactors as well as chambers.
    Please note: The chambers contain only the base reactor block. This is for two reasons: A for some reason placing reactor chambers will stop a world from saving.
    B so that users can make their own reactors with how ever many chambers they may require. Because of this the redstone cutoff and the cables are Not connected except for in the Solid variant. Access is through a hole in the roof (you probably need a jetpack) where i was going to put a reinforced trapdoor but was disappointed to find that it was not present

    This is the chernobyl containment reactor chamber:
    This is a chamber to contain that Class V that you want to test the explosion time for but be warned: a reactor with >3.3 efficiency will still blow through two of the three layers, the bottom (and of course the cable hole).
    Access is through 3 Reinforced stone doors XD
    have fun with them and tell me if they were useful

    *this goes with all three reactor designs, I have calculated the numbers and created the patterns to see if they are possible. The code is now fixed :D

    As always I would be greatly pleased if Albalaka or someone else Added a way to upgrade reactors (possibly with iridium) past the 9x6 reactor grid, allowing you to start with a 5x15 GUI and with each module add a further 2x15 slots

    Well that is no good ... Now I get why it just doesnt work
    come with an update/fix soon please

    Though as you state the addon modules give 2 extra cooling each could you possibly consider increasing the cooling block area for each module (by 8+9 more blocks)
    and possibly and option of making upgraded Modules (possibly utilizing Iridium) which when attached would give twice the amount of reactor slots
    meanwhile I have now quite understandibly a reactor (Mark II CB fully water cooled) which I dont understand how works: (attached) but either way it used two 2x2 cells and generated 116 Eu/t
    I left it running the whole night and it didnt melt down now I understand why anyway I have now designed an E Equal-Breeder nonexternalcooling (with high heat tolerance) (attached 2)

    But it seems that high heat breeder reactors are pretty much useless as it seems to only take 5 to 10 seconds for Isotope to become recharged (even with only 1 adjacent Fuelrod)
    I am also wondering how much heat is produced by a bucket of lava and how the heat distributers work: do they regulate the heat so that all components and hull = fexs 10%? or will it try to set hull at 0 while melting components?

    I have observed some bugs: trying escape and edge block in water is nearly impossible without the jetpack or super jump