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    I guess you never found my design, Fourfire.

    I created a 90Eu/T Mark II. Verified in game last night, it runs a full cycle without any problems, filled my MFSU in no time.

    Q's MkII-1 90Eu/t

    I had never seen that design Ive added it to my collection (modified)
    and thus I conclude that 2 efficiency reactors seem to be the best (heat to power ratio)
    if you have spare uranium (which you do usually once you have enough resources to make a reactor)

    however, one of the coolant cells is not connected to a HD so therefore my modification makes it exactly the same as my posted design. (different configuration ofcourse)

    Can somebody me make Awesome factories like these Splendid ones here?

    you can!
    first install both of the awesome mods IC2 and BC 2.2.2
    if you want more options you could install Equivalent exchange and the BC plugin Teleport pipes (Additional Buildcraft pipes)

    and then the fun starts:
    first you need an idea, what do you want to do ? manufacture diamonds? or something else?
    when you have come up with and idea you must think through the steps required to obtain this goal.
    using the possibilities afforded to you by the mods, you cycle processing and crafting through the buildcraft framework.
    Most operations can be powered by wooden engines but BC machines such as quarries and pumps require stronger stuff.

    in general what factories you make will be more impressive the fewer mods and resources you use to make them to achieve the same goal.

    Hope this helps

    P.S. Google The mod names you do not know about.

    @ Above because he only wanted to have induction furnace that being an actual RL technology

    @ Zippinus: I have hand the idea of the "Molecular Recycler" or "Particle Recycler"
    crafted thus:
    :Matter: :Matter: :Matter:
    :Matter: :Recycler: :Matter:
    :Matter: :Advanced Machine: :Matter:

    it would have two recycling slots as well as recycling at double speed (no acceleration here)
    however it would also produce a piece of scrap 16.5 % of the time instead of the current (12.5%)
    it would use more power equivalent to what the other Adv versions do compared to their defaults.

    EDIT: an alternative system would have the recycler add up points according to what has been recycled this would allow the recycling of more valueable items that you dont need to not be a near total and utter waste: a scrap is produced when 10 points are accumulated, dirt, sand, gravel and cobblestone would be worth 1 point each
    Anything used in Plantballs would be worth 2 points, Plantballs: 16
    Tin/Copper ore would be worth 28 points, Dust: 14 Ingots:16 Bronze Dust: 28, Ingots: 32
    Iron Ore would be worth 36 points, Dust: 18, Ingots: 22 Re iron: 26
    Gold Ore would be worth 48 points, Dust 24, Ingots: 28
    any metal item would be worth the amount of ingots used to craft it.
    things like rubber ect. would be defined by their plant cost or whatever is deemed appropriate.
    Diamonds are worth 304 Points.

    I understand that this would require you to hardcode a value for every single item ingame (to reduce the number if items make all IC items except for the base materials, and items crafted from a single material unrecycleable) it may be too tedius by far to do

    Possibly this could even be its own plugin but if you can do this (and want to) please do, even for my sake! otherwise just use the other system ;)

    I would enjoy this piece of advanced technology massively and I am sure others would too
    I understand if you don't want to implement it as it is not one of the base 4 machines but it is very useful in many situations.

    there is a patch that you must put on the BC transport module to make it work
    but you dont need to have tp pipes cos the admin couldn't install them today
    also the 1.8 version is for Buildcraft version 2.2.2 the server is still 2.2.1

    also: due to frequent crashing /dropouts I wonder weather it would be possible for the server to have its own IRC channel?
    this would really help when trying to assist people while crashing

    Well so far this server has been a fun and playful experience (unsure about greifing though)
    I like it alot and the Admin is friendly
    look forward to spending my weekends, insomniac hours and procrastinating wildly on this server :D
    the only downside is that the server drops out and crashes my client frequently when >6 people are online
    the fact that most of the player dont even know the basics of BC and IC as a combo is quite fun as much humor ensues XD
    I would like to ask that either : all/most people get be on creative mode OR No-one (except for the admin) has creative on OR thos few who have creative dont spam/spawn items everywhere (use it in moderation) I feel this is beacause while playing I noticed that those with creative tended to fool around in an annoying fashion and it was also destructive to the industrious work moral when some people were getting items spawned for them (yes I too asked for and received items)
    but if people actually had gathered the resources themselves, they would value them more and be more likely to set things up properly and we would avoid such things as (screenshot attached) also greifing to do with spamming sticky TNT will be near non existent if everyone has to first craft it

    some tips:
    In BC:
    all engines require pistons (aka iron and redstone)
    saplings burn in stone engines
    you should use pumps and quarries appropriately
    Oil should be Refined NOT burnt directly
    power pipes are crafted with a normal pipe + redstone
    liquid pipes are crafted with pipe + Cacti green dye
    wooden pipes need to be powerd by WOODEN engines
    all machines need to be powered by stone or iron engines

    In IC2:
    everything is now valauable including saplings and dirt
    Conserve your rubber trees and RT saplings
    Never Burn coal burn charcoal instead coal can be turned into diamonds(!)
    iron and tin are the most valueable metals
    Making automienrs is much better than mining by hand even with mining drills
    Lasers destroy 30% of their drops so only make holes and tunnels with them (dont mine ores)
    Make sure that you understand wiring before placing an mfe connected to machines (!)

    lastly you gotta lol at this screenshot:

    Hello I just want an IC server to have some casual fun on (not much free time)

    IGN: FourFire

    Do you accept that as server owner, I retain my right to kick, ban, or otherwise take punitive action against you if you choose to:
    1.) Steal materials from other players.
    2.) 'Grief' or modify players structures without their consent
    3.) Not maintain a respectful attitude for all players, regardless of the circumstances
    4.) Build obnoxious structures such as 1-block dirt columns, or explore excessively.
    5.) Use unfair (subject to interpretation by me) mods such as X-ray or Flight

    This seems fair (Yes)
    so long as it is equal for all players

    @ Alblaka
    Will this sort of thing be working with Redpower or entirely incompatible?
    (its a much more advanced (compact and complex) form of redpower logic isnt it?)