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    A major point is: by the time you have actually gathered enough resources to make a 6 chambered reactor (even with autominers) you will have in excess of 50 uranium
    now you can either:
    have a safe low powered reactor which uses 4-8 uranium while producing max 80EU/t or
    have a not so very safe Mark III reactor which uses 4-12 uranium while producing max 120 EU/t in increments or
    have an unsafe Mark V reactor with redstone timers or CASUC producing insane amoutns of EU min 80EU/t max ??? or
    Make several Mark II reactors and by that time have over 200 uranium which you will not use for months producing 240 EU/t (for 3)

    so the best power/time/resource ratio is to have a single bucket CASUC Reactor with massive power output.
    but not very safe...

    I am afraid to ask how large is the max explosion radii set to on your server? did you put it way down? or did you put it upwards just for the LULZ?
    I set mine to 240 XD

    OK first of all when you title your reactors like that it is am empty promise.
    please use the -CASUC suffix in all of your "water cooled" reactors
    second, this is my design that I developed for an ice cooled CASUC facility:…HXUXXUXHUUUUHXHXXHXXXXXXX
    yes it doesn have 5 chambers meaning that you probably cant use it with RP PR2 but you could use this:…HXUXXUXHUUUUHXHXXHXXXXXXX

    I think that there is no real need to have more than 3 efficiency simply because uranium is quite common and once you get a certain amount of spare EU you can just manufacture uranium.

    If you are running Redstone Power PR2b (and there is no legitimate or good reason not to be running it; it has no crash bugs and is rock solid and enormously expands the game) then you can do this design : http://forum.industrial-craft.…age=Thread&threadID=2049&

    There's really no competition here. I have one running at 260 EU/second with an efficiency of 3.71. Don't believe me? Log in to my server and see for yourself. (see

    Yes RP PR2 may be awesome, (and I have got it for SP) But not ebveryone wants to have 3+ mods running at the same time. A lot of people find it difficult to sort out the mechanics of the technology type mods. Personally I was turned off by the fact that it had ruby, emerald and saphire, and volcanoes were lagging me badly (I get max 30 FPS in vannila MC) as well people might not like the general theme and design of RP PR2 (I think multi modding madness is awesome but they dont all match)
    those are reasons (maybe they are not "good") for not using RP PR2
    Personally I am cautious with pre release stuff and dont want to try my luck with such things.

    More than a little bit risky...
    but if its your way then go ahead :D
    I think that the way to go is lots of Mark II reactors but the CASUC designs do squeeze alot of power out of single reactors and as I recentyl realized making a reactor legitimately is really resource intensive

    also you can reduce the heat genenrated by surrounding the edge of your uranium rather than just the one corner, you are currently producing 24 more heat/tick than you could be

    A nuclear reactor is alot more expensive than 5 solars. The reactor itself already cost more than 5 solars not to mention the 6 chambers and components you would need to reach 80 eu/tick without risking it to blow up or having very low eff.

    low efficiency is irrelevant exactly because of this by the time you get enough resources to make a 40EU/t Mark II reactor using 4 uranium,
    you have already got ~16 uranium.
    Yes the investment of a nuclear reactor is quite large, but once you get one going safely you will have lots of spare energy at your disposal and you will save tons of iron the near constant 40 EU/t (which is a safe reactor) will cost you around 100 Iron compared to the 600 iron (low estimate) required for the same amount of power produced by solar panels. yes the reactor also costs large amounts of tin and copper as do the components but the fact is that tin and copper are about 4-5 times as common as iron and iron is the most used resource in IC. Eventually you will get ahead of other people using only solar power in the amount of spare resources and therefore machines.
    nuclear is a large time and resource investment but it pays off in the long run and as long as it is safe, it doesnt take even a tenth of the sapce required for an equally producing solar array.
    but solar does have its benefits, so does wind, geothermal, and water power, let alone the standard generator. This is the exact reason why there is many types of power sources so that we can pick and choose the most advantageous according to our current situation.
    in late game tech I will be using more standard generators than any other type of generator so you decide which is best for you and lets not argue about which is best
    (yes I have been arguing and I will stop now)


    Oh, a quick comment on Nuclear reactors. They are really, really expensive. Anything above 50 or 60EU/t requires a low efficency and/or cool-down times/items (water buckets, ice etc). it requires babysitting if you want to run them at higher power levels. I am no expert on reactors, but i have made a couple, so by no means am i the last word on these things. I much prefer a power system i can forget about and then concentrate on whatever else.


    here is a Mark II (no babysitting) reactor which produces 90 EU/t…HCCUHUCCHCCUCCUUCCHHCCHCC

    @ Iskandar: you know that you could pump the lava from the lake into a tank next to your geothermal generator and then you can manually bucket lava into it
    (you can fill buckets from tanks) it is still a bit of a hassle but eaiser than lugging buckets manually

    Why you need so high heat? isotope cells recharge so fast even at 0 heat just leave them there for a minute. No need to make it complicated.

    you are using TMI isotope cells, for the real cells get depleted cells and coal dust craft, then see how long they take to charge

    whoo! yeah, now mabye V.7 could be as the suggestion of connecting field generators as in if I have two cube generators with the cubes inside eachother they will join up instead of having a double wall so that you could theoratically make much larger structures protected by forcefields (possibly even nuclearpower plants powering a forcefield which can protect itself And a small town,
    when the fields connect power is saved because only 5(10) of the 6(12) sides must have force field block on them (and thus require power)
    this is what I really want, and since you are doing this really well maybe albalka will include it in the game/convert the code to his own methods

    Personally what I'd like to see is not a merger but instead another prerquisite that adds all of the standard ores you can possibly think of, For example: copper, tin, zinc, tungsten, gems, uranium, etc. That way all of the mods can have theirs require it and do whatever they want with the ores so that then you don't have multiples of tin and such. I know Eloraam is working on an ore dictionary thing for Forge but this way just seems easier to me.

    This, or the "Ore dictionary"
    we don't want to force mods on people who only want to play with the one (many people consider mod combos as "OP")
    However the mods should still be fully compatible with no duplicate ores and not just these three mods but also other mods such as the still theoretical "Futurecraft"
    which will include a good many of the standard ores.