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    I don't know if this came up but here is my suggestion:

    It concerns renewable generators. Is it possible to add fault mechanism to those generators. Similarly as bees die of randomly in forestry.
    Once the generator is broken, it could be repaired with appropriate tools. (Solar panel with soldering iron, wind and water mill with hammer and wrench)

    Mean period of breaking in minecraft days can be set in options. It sould be based on time the generator has been operating, not just on time passed.

    Meh ... remind me of something *breakdown mechanics* ... I think the argument atm is that only MB gen have such a counter, in order not to be laggy.

    You can just check it once every x ticks, not every tick. That's how I do it with my fishing station.

    No one is going to exploit the fact that the water mill still works for 20 seconds after you replace the water with something

    I know, but in the end Watermills would still be green gens in bigger but still uggly pool. And it wouldn't looks "realistic" either.

    Logic? There is no logic to be followed by "god".

    True. My definition of God is "what human mind can't understand". And that clearly don't follow any logic, TO US. If it used to be ununderstandable but if we can now understand it with progress and Science, then it's no longer a "god" but a phenomenom, a law, or something defined by physics.

    I meant the block-breaker, Filter, Tubes, Motor and Frame combination that allowed you to create countless of machines including but not limited to: flying fortress, underground ore crawler, automatic tree farming, gravel to flint converter, spawner-tractor, automated doors, draw-bridges, secret stairs, traps, an so much more.

    And all that out of only 5 blocks.

    Well, that stuff was really awesome, but terribly OP in the end ... Greg, add them but with high power consumption!

    I could as well spent the time to learn a new language or watching a movie, but I decided to spent it on having fun with Minecraft. However gathering resources is only one part of the game, using them is the second. Let me put it this way: assume you have a full double-chest of every resource available and 10 of the biggest EU storage units available full of EU. What do you do with it?

    Nothing cause you are bored. Though, fortunately this hasn't happened because you had GregTech, so even though you played hours, you still have a goal, which is currently getting a working MB generator. Fusion is on the way.

    I know in GT there is no real point of getting the fusion reactor, and that's an issue to me but ... who doesn't hope for Particle Accelerators to get better than Q-Suit ?

    That's great, and I love a little challenge, but then I am playing Minecraft for fun and do the work during the other hours of the day and not vice versa. And the main difference between those is tediousness. Features do not add fun just because they exist, they need to be designed properly to be fun.

    So, mining is ennoying for you ? And steps like the Bronze ages aren't only steps to make the grinding longer, they also have their own fun, like using the Hammer to find ores, setting up a steam generation system and in the End, GT has much more features than IC² ...
    What you hate is, I guess, not to get your machines as fast as before, because you ended considering it was normal to get those after X hours playing. I was a bit like that at first, but then I discovered making machines much more difficult to get on GT made MultiBlocks, levelling machines such as the BF, the Impl. Compressor or the I. Grinder extremly enjoying to get, much more than getting a macerator on IC² ...

    But then it is a lot easier to just write a 20 diamonds into a recipe then to come up with something as fun as a nuclear reactor, and that's sadly why most developers do the first.

    But that wouldn't be tiers and steps. That would just be expensive recipies. One of the point of GT is to add machines that you use to get the following one. It's very simple, but it makes GT definitely worth playing MC :)

    ExtraBees is popular because with Genetic Machines you can get Fast Working Fast Pollination Nocturnal Cave-Dwelling Bees that heal you for standing next to them for no effort, then you can start crapping out 3000 redstone per hour from one Alveary because of Frame Housing.</insert>

    It's another reason, and the reason why I hate it as well. But the bee breeding system in itself is really awesome, you can't deny it!

    not having a minigame

    The mini game part is what we look for ... Guess why they are so popular! 1) What mainly makes TC enjoyable to me is the research system.
    2)I had so much fun tinkering with my IC² nuclear reactor!
    3) Guess how ExtraBees&Trees is so popular as well ?

    a lot of people are moving away from ic2 as TE and Ender I/O are maturing and this trend is putting yet more nails in the lid of an already fairly tight coffin.

    So you consider yourself and your friends as "lots of people" ? I didn't hear about those people sorry. Sounds like a "threat" more than a constructive discussion.

    users should have a choice between whether or not they want hard or easy recipies for their industrial mods. just like the games have a difficulty slider so should these mods have configurable options to allow the admins to increase or decrease the difficulties based on user preference

    Well, where did you find any difficulty in IC² ??? Did you prefer the old IC² ? Sure, how fun it was when, thanks to CASUC and Solar Pannels not even needing circuits, you could get your Q-Suit in less than 10 hours! A more difficult game is just a game in which the mining, crafting and "survival" part last longer. The rest is just building --'

    these new recipes are quite unbalanced for the quantity of materials required most of these changes to the recipes should damn well yield a lot more items than they do for the number of diamonds complex parts and other resource intensive changes to the recipe or just make the recipes for the required components yield more of them basic laws of the universe state that when anything is mixed in any ratio the outcome is generally similar in volume and mass to the combined ingredients yet all that extra material is seemingly randomly lost which always irked me about these mods when it came to alloys and cables it is completely wasteful and doing this to a mod that has already taken a turn towards the asinine is just frustrating and retarded. WE ALREADY HAVE GREG TECH TO DO THIS.

    That's your point of view. Objective stuff plz.

    That being said, I love the new changes in IC², even though it's a bit too easy (thank you Greg) without GT. What I think is mainly missing in IC² is a whole set of machines designed to extract and process Oil, gasses as a powerful midgame energy (and ressource).

    2 Billion items in one chest... I like my shelf. It only has 20 slots, but it looks good on the wall. ;)

    But back to topic: what is the purpose of that Research-book? I am not sure if I get it, because if you can just easily copy it, where is the research?

    You can, OR NOT share it with your friends ... and sell technologies to the others ;D

    Thing is, people wouldn't know this is a research system but would google "IC² wiki" instead. Oh wait, they wouldn't find anything ... :p
    You know what would be a cool research system ? A research system with differential equations and matrix!