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    An Ion gun would simply be a kinetic weapon like conventional guns, but using ions (electrically charged atoms with either added or subtracted electrons/protons) .

    Yeah but unless that ions in a heavy shell to accelerate the shell faster than you would with explosives, it would be kind of useless since the distance you would shot with would be ... I guess measurable in nanometers.

    Where as a plasma is a material that has become electrically charged (like an ion) through a ton of HEAT (becoming a soup of uncombined electrons and protons caused by said heat, which recombine when the plasma cools down to a gas) And so the majority of the damage would come from heat (8000Kish). Think of it like a flamethrower that shoots liquid lightning (is that an accurate analogy?). I cannot find nitrogen's plasma temperature (although I found its ionization temperature is less then hydrogen's) but is used in some kind of process called "plasma spraying"?

    Then it has an issue: it shots, as a flame thrower (Especially if you assume that's a flamethrower using Gas --'), only a few meters away ... :p
    I'm just bothering you, I know it's just cause it sounds cool ^^

    Nuclear Transmutation = Extremely controled fusion reactor, where you insert hydrogen and increase pressure and energy until you obtain the element you want.

    Nope, that is the not cool way. The cool way is: Use random radioactive components and mess with them to try to get the one you want using Fissions, radioactive decaying and rarely fusions. A lot funnier to play with ^^

    You could also add as you already mentioned isolation properties and a heat system in general.

    Yup, I've always thought a Heat-Network would be fun ... pipes, exchangers, every generator having a more efficient version generating heat/steam instead of EU-directly ... But the coolest thing would be for geothermal, that you could generalize in Natural-Heat Generator (which would include as well Solar Boilers, or even differences of heat in the sea depending on depth ...)

    My idea is that the geothermal generator would be placed somewhat above a lava source and would require both water and mining pipes. The Mining pipes would dig down until it finds lava then starts converting the furthest lava into stone and producing energy. It would only use/convert the lava within 15 blocks of where the mining pipe hits the lava and would work outwards in. This would stop the OP "pump out nether and pipe lava into geothermal" method.
    Since Geothermals require a difference in heat for large heat transfer to occur, the water in the nether would be slower to heat up and so if used in the nether would give much the same energy amount per lava but say only at 2 eu/t. This would cancel out the OP abuse of the nether anyway, making geothermals actually realistic and would be actually used in underground lava preserves in the overworld.

    Well, I like the Idea of Generator generating energy slower in the Nether (even though theoretically if Water is at the same temperature it'd be just not generating EU at all) but what do you do about those guys teleporting Lava out of the Nether ? ^^. Moreover, if you use the energy in the Nether itself, I find it not that OP since living in the Nether is annoying for others things ...

    But my suggestion had this over your system, that it would be kind of a research system :D

    I had a few Idea I thought about while wondering how geothermal could be reworked to be "realistic" and less exploitable.
    Those Ideas could be implemented in IC²-exp or more likely in GT, but I doubt it will. Though, it's still a source of inspiration for any modder.

    Basically, my idea was that Geothermal should generate energy depending on ground Heat, and not consume Lava. I know it have been suggested already, for instance by SpwnX (and me as well), but I've got some new Ideas.

    The whole system would be based on scanning the underground. Each biome would have some values of Heat, Oil sources, Mineral ressources. To exploit them, you would at first scan the ground. This wouldn't be necessary, but given the following process would be expensive, you'd better do it before mining in a blind way ^^

    To scan this underground, you would have several means, giving different informations.
    By using Dynamites in small machines that you would put at different points, you would have informations about the density of the underground, especially if there are liquids.
    For that sake, let's assume under the Bedrock is a huge amounts you would try to exploit, and below that, an even harder than Bedrock layer.
    This would mean that, with the vibrations you would generate by detonating dynamites in those machines, and collecting all the results in an other machine (that you would put where you want, but all informations being distance-between-the-explosion-and-this-machine-related, you'd better not put it randomly), you would be able to guess where are huge Oil Sources (lowest density = lowest speed of waves in it = highest delay of waves coming after having bounced on it, delay that you could measure if you placed the machines and the explosion intelligently), Lava Lakes (Low density), uninteresting rock (unless you REALLY want tons of cobble stone, medium density) and high-density minerals, containing metals and ressources you are looking for.

    Such a system could of course be even more expanded (different kinds of Oil, such as Shale, Bituminous, Natural Gasses, "conventional" Oil, different kinds of Minerals Deposit), but I guess it would need as well some others way to get informations than just detonating dynamites ^^.

    Once you'd have located the ressource you want, you would have to use a Drilling Machine that would use HUGE amounts of EU (like 2048EU/t and more than 50 000 000 EU per layer, if a depth is implemented as well as the rest of the system), or more likely run on Fuel (IC² definitely needs its own one, but GT Diesel would be enough) or Nuclear Fuel (using "more powerful" non-renewable sources of energy is a good way to nerf it IMO) and consume Steel/Tungsten/even Diamonds Bore Heads (that you must replace if you don't wanna damage your Drilling machine). The Drilling Machine in itself would be multiblock, and why not consume as well water (to be cooled down) and chemicals (to consume like 20 times less energy with GT, given Greg would do it like 1 000 000 000 EU per layer, and with an engine not taking electrical energy but only chemical and nuclear Fuels ^^). Of course the recipies would be extremly expensive (or maybe there could be a "cheap" version, reachable before Quantum Suit, but that wouldn't dig fast/deep etc ...)

    Once the Hole is drilled, you would remove the Drilling Stuff from the Machine (The Bore Head) unless it's to mine mineral ressources. You could stop the Machine before it reached the unbreakable layer, but then you may miss some interesting stuff.
    To know what you'll be able to collect you would then pick up some rocks at the depth you want (each cells of picked-up rocks would cost a bit more of energy/chemicals), and then you would have to analyze those cells using Centrifuge/Thermal Centrifuge or some new machine including Computers. This point is extremly important to me since it could even help to implement a useful research system (and if so, what about a chemical reactor in which you would test your cells to know what they contains ? ^^)

    Then you would setup your pump/Thermal Pipe installer and chose at which layer you want it to process.
    You would have a GUI in which you would chose those stuff you want to install (you could put several Thermal Pipes, those being able to collect Heat from Geothermal sources): of course at this point itwouldn't be testing anymore, unless you hadn't done test enough before with the rocks picked up.

    At the last stage you would either: Pump Oil for a bit of energy (and get extremly larges Oil sources, comparable to a Nether Lava Lake), generate Steam from Geothermy with an insane output or generate some ressources while consuming Steel/Chemicals/what you want to nerf it and above all, to avoid it to be infinite and to make it time-spending.

    In the end this system would give IMO an interesting gameplay once you've reached "EndGame" (or Late game, before the Fusion Reactor with GT), possible new ressources without implementing Ores (as an example, GT Fusion reactor should then be even more expensive and require ressources you would find in large amounts using those machines), a nice "research" system (several ones into a big one!), the ability to generate lots of energy infinitely with Geothermy, but at a quite high cost (not really enjoyable without the nerf of GreenGens from GT), and give any moder the possibility to create a whole "Oil Industry" to be played without BC (or not compatible, cause Oil Industry could be funny, but OP with BC sources).

    If it shot ions, it would be an ion cannon.

    Lol. How do you define a Plasma then ? I'll answer instead: often refered as the "4th state of matter", a plasma appears when a gas is energized enough for its molecules (generally just atoms, since molecules would've been split before) are just consisting of Nucleus and, separately, electrons. Then a Plasma is gazeous ions.

    Thus, it would likely by Nitrogen/Oxygen plasma.

    My question was more like: how do you assume the Plasma inflict damages ? I kow, it's called like that just because it's sounds cool, but it doesn't really make sense ^^

    A Plasma "launcher" is more comparable to most "plasma guns" in games, because most of the damage from them is done by Kinetic and Heat, not speed and puncturing.

    Depends on what you assume the Plasma Launcher consist of. Is this just an ion-accelerator (which would allow extreme speed compared to classicals way of sending bullets, but ions themselves wouldn't go very far ...) or is it a "Plasma Launcher" because it send superheated air ?

    Inspector Spacetime with his Quantum Spanner is better.

    Lawl. This remind me of something ... something to do with Blorgons ?

    I like Doctor Who for some plots and for the character but I dislike how the thing is realized (dalleks are just ridiculous lol), how others characters are empty and how the whole thing is UN-scientific.

    Geothermal Generators have always been game-breaking. Not because they're OP in their own, since they are quite balanced if you use small Lava Lakes but bcause of people exploiting the Nether.
    In an other hand, it seems ridiculous to nerf Lava while Oil (BC OP-ness ...) generate that much energy. I mean, just for "realism", it's too weird to me to imagine Charcoal generating more energy than what Lava contains ...

    That's why I would like to suggest a whole new system, that would buff Lava efficiency but making more difficult to build insane powerplants in the Nether.

    Basically, I think a GUI system would be cool, and would permit the balance I'm looking for.

    So I would suggest the following system:
    Lava contains tons of energy, based on its Temperature. To convert this Lava into energy by cooling the Lava down, you would need:

    Pipes to contain the Lava.
    Pumps/Engines to move it.
    Heat Exchanger to cool it down and then Heat Water/Get energy (depending on the fact you wanna use Steam or generate EU directly, as it is with Nuclear Reactors)
    Output and Input components to make the Lava enter or exit the generator.

    The balance mechanism would be:

    -The more you cool down the Lava, the more you get energy, but the colder it gets and so: the harder you'll gain efficiency (Thermodynamic efficiency = (T(Lava)-T(Water))/T(Water) ) and the harder you'll move the Lava.
    Basically, this would mean you can extend the length of your pipe (aka putting more "pipe components" adjacent between an input and an output) to get more energy from Lava (the first exchanger would be the more efficient, due to the Thermodynamics laws I told about already, and the last one would generate less energy/heat less water), but this will also require more pumps to move the Lava, which is less room for other things ... such as several pipelines in your GUI.
    If there aren't enough pums, the pipes will overflow (too much Lava) OR just block (Lava being too slow) and you'll have to repair it later.

    So having the highest possible output wouldn't only mean have lots of components (that shouldn't be low tech IMO) but also decreasing Lava efficiency. Of course several output and input of lava (+ the pipe between those 2) with their exchanger would be cheaper than several Geothermal Generators though.

    Then, using Lava as a high-voltage powerplants as it is currently massively done in the Neter would mean a low efficiency (or at a way higher cost), like 6000 EU/Lava Source ... and then you wouldn't use the Heat left and you would get Obsidian.

    Beam Wavelength modifier, changes the wavelength of "laser", changing its color or making it invisible (wavelength above violet). Invisible beams uses more energy, but has more damage too.

    Yeah but then, over purple (yup, u sure violet exist in english ? Then it would be a false-friend to me, since it's basically the word for purple in french ^^) are tons of wavelenths ... Microwaves, X-ray, Gamma Rays ...