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    A Plasma "launcher" is more comparable to most "plasma guns" in games, because most of the damage from them is done by Kinetic and Heat, not speed and puncturing.

    Depends on what you assume the Plasma Launcher consist of. Is this just an ion-accelerator (which would allow extreme speed compared to classicals way of sending bullets, but ions themselves wouldn't go very far ...) or is it a "Plasma Launcher" because it send superheated air ?

    Inspector Spacetime with his Quantum Spanner is better.

    Lawl. This remind me of something ... something to do with Blorgons ?

    I like Doctor Who for some plots and for the character but I dislike how the thing is realized (dalleks are just ridiculous lol), how others characters are empty and how the whole thing is UN-scientific.

    Geothermal Generators have always been game-breaking. Not because they're OP in their own, since they are quite balanced if you use small Lava Lakes but bcause of people exploiting the Nether.
    In an other hand, it seems ridiculous to nerf Lava while Oil (BC OP-ness ...) generate that much energy. I mean, just for "realism", it's too weird to me to imagine Charcoal generating more energy than what Lava contains ...

    That's why I would like to suggest a whole new system, that would buff Lava efficiency but making more difficult to build insane powerplants in the Nether.

    Basically, I think a GUI system would be cool, and would permit the balance I'm looking for.

    So I would suggest the following system:
    Lava contains tons of energy, based on its Temperature. To convert this Lava into energy by cooling the Lava down, you would need:

    Pipes to contain the Lava.
    Pumps/Engines to move it.
    Heat Exchanger to cool it down and then Heat Water/Get energy (depending on the fact you wanna use Steam or generate EU directly, as it is with Nuclear Reactors)
    Output and Input components to make the Lava enter or exit the generator.

    The balance mechanism would be:

    -The more you cool down the Lava, the more you get energy, but the colder it gets and so: the harder you'll gain efficiency (Thermodynamic efficiency = (T(Lava)-T(Water))/T(Water) ) and the harder you'll move the Lava.
    Basically, this would mean you can extend the length of your pipe (aka putting more "pipe components" adjacent between an input and an output) to get more energy from Lava (the first exchanger would be the more efficient, due to the Thermodynamics laws I told about already, and the last one would generate less energy/heat less water), but this will also require more pumps to move the Lava, which is less room for other things ... such as several pipelines in your GUI.
    If there aren't enough pums, the pipes will overflow (too much Lava) OR just block (Lava being too slow) and you'll have to repair it later.

    So having the highest possible output wouldn't only mean have lots of components (that shouldn't be low tech IMO) but also decreasing Lava efficiency. Of course several output and input of lava (+ the pipe between those 2) with their exchanger would be cheaper than several Geothermal Generators though.

    Then, using Lava as a high-voltage powerplants as it is currently massively done in the Neter would mean a low efficiency (or at a way higher cost), like 6000 EU/Lava Source ... and then you wouldn't use the Heat left and you would get Obsidian.

    Beam Wavelength modifier, changes the wavelength of "laser", changing its color or making it invisible (wavelength above violet). Invisible beams uses more energy, but has more damage too.

    Yeah but then, over purple (yup, u sure violet exist in english ? Then it would be a false-friend to me, since it's basically the word for purple in french ^^) are tons of wavelenths ... Microwaves, X-ray, Gamma Rays ...


    Theres no need for big colored letters for that sake, almost everyone here is against mdiyo, because the "bug reports" didnt affect the stupid kids of ftb. Don't worry, no flamewar has began so far btw, except that TiC will disable/crash with GT or something like, that i personally don't care. If we receive bug reports about that, i will just say that it is TiC's problem. ~SpwnX

    We should make our OWN server, with blackjack and hookers.
    But seriously, every GT server we've played on has either been abandoned, or easymode.
    We need a constant thing, with full hardmode. That would be enjoyable.

    And PvP. That makes the game much more enjoyable ... the issue is that even though creating traps, defense systems and such in your base is fun, it's really frustrating to get his base destroyed ... IMO the better way is to do a PvP with some cap points or stuff like that that makes attacks and weaponry useful without ruining the fun of loosers ^^

    . There should be upgradable chainsaw that you could upgrade like drill from Tier 1 (Simple chainsaw) to Tier 2 (Diamond chainsaw) or even Tier 3 (Iridium chainsaw).

    Why not, but I'm not sure 3 Tiers are needed, because cutting wood isn't a major task. Unlike mining, which would makes any Chainsaw that is too expensive pointless.

    2. There should be diferent tipes of forge hammer like made from copper, tin, lead, steel (if you have installed Railcraft).

    Copper, tin and lead ? XD. And why not gold, when you're about that ? ^^
    For steel you have GT :D

    3. There should be diferent tipes of cutter like made from copper, tin, lead, steel (if you installed Railcraft).

    See above. And it's "types", not "tipes".

    4. We have Nanosuit Tier 2 and Quantum suit Tier 4, but we are missing Tier 1 and Tier 3 suits.

    You're (partially) right. Tier 1 and 2 shouldn't have armors. So the NanoSuit should be Tier 3.

    5. Diamond Drill should be Tier 2 tool not Tier 1.

    Agreed, but then it would logically have more EU stored in it, while the current number is perfectly fine to me.

    Edit for BillJoehoho:
    5) Obviously to nerf it, to make Bronze useful and that kind of stuff. And because the best would be Fuel-powered drill for lower levels :D (but actualy still cool in endgame for being faster ;) )