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    you, calling me a liar and being generally unable to write a post without using swear words, are a good example for users who turn the whole discussion into a flame war.

    It is illogical for someone to hold an anonymous stranger accountable for the emotional volatility of others. Expecting me to do so is a highly unreasonable expectation...


    bottom line: it is common practice in game development to use the community as testers in order to find bugs and balance the game.

    Actually, no. Big named corporations use dedicated alpha/beta testers in order to test the functionality and enjoy-ability of a game. Those testers are employed (as it is, in fact, a paid profession) to accurately discern and coherently analyze a game for its play value before it hits open market. They have their own inside systems and tests to determine what factors could make the game better, and what factors should remain as part of the core mechanics of said video game...

    These mods are NO WHERE close to that level of complexity. In fact, the Steam Workshop is a better example as to how the quality of these mod should be treated. The biggest issue with IC2 and the mod community is the over-arching Modpack meta-game that likes to creep into every influencing decision of how a mod 'should be designed'. It's almost to the point of 'conform or die' philosophy in which every mod should fulfill the niche roles that modpacks assign it, and not doing so is regarded as such a blasphemous action that results in flames, short-tempers, and bullshit arguments...

    IC2 has taken a new path, that has ultimately decided that they don't give a flying fuck about said modpacks or the meta-game surrounding them. In which case, there are many who 'wish to voice their disdain' (a.k.a. bitch their little heads off) about the changes that have occurred. The changes go against the grain of the modpack meta-game (don't lie and say that this isn't the real issue you are having), and thus they feel that it's 'necessary' to come here and demand that it should be changed back...

    At that point, it's up to IC2 to see if there is any real value in actually changing to something more modpack friendly. Considering that modpacks don't give any additional benefit beyond 'more users' (hurting your average user IQ amount), I don't think the dev team has any true incentive to change their content for any other purpose that the one they have already set...


    Some pretty well-known names are leaving in a fashion that seems like rage-quitting, but most of the names on that list seemed to be looking for an excuse to move on. I didn't know that mDiyo considered his mod done, I thought he was planning to add more bows, but eh, he was pretty much standing in mid-air if that's the case, and the wind happened to blow the other direction. I remember KL stating he'd leave some time ago. Machinemuse seemed to have lost steam in a pretty major way. SirSengir had freakin' left already. EE3 was borderline vaporware even before this. Mikeemoo I didn't really follow, but it looks like a ragequit at a first glance. I'm definitely biased, as I always considered open mods a collection of "stuff" which, while fun, lacked coherence and vision, so I could be very much wrong.

    Rage quitting seems pretty legit as far as an assessment on their actions is concerned. Why they expected mods to be nebulous 'wild west' coding practices is beyond me (perhaps they lack the total understanding of a PR-business mindset?)


    Seriously, let's wait until after the EULA actually changes to see what the actual repercussions will be. As things blow over some people might return, and as time goes on new modders will step up to the plate. I'm not saying this to put people down in any way, or as a smug "no one is irreplaceable". I too am grateful for the great work of a lot of modders, with GregTech being an obvious one, but it's just how things tend to work.

    Agreed. There's alot of scientific material that you can write mods around, and seeing how education friendly most Nordic countries are anyway, I'm sure it's an avenue that Mojang may want to capitalize down the road. And yes, mod authors rise and fall, but I don't think Mojang has really done anything to discourage the 'mod exercise' on Minecraft in general...

    This may have been mentioned already, but Mikeemoo and Machinemuse have quit their mods. mDiyo feels the same way.
    This entire thing is stupid, and what we need mojang to do right now is sort this entire situation out. The ambiguous EULA is one of the things that started this in the first place.

    So Mojang took a stance on the Mod issue, and now they feel that it denies them their "rights?" Bull Fucking shit. I honestly doubt that there is anything really out there that violates the 'user's experience' with mods in general, and would be very surprised if there was a case where they force someone to close shop due to this. The way I see it, is that Mojang is finally setting boundaries on what is/isn't acceptable with their product. If they want to quit because they can't pull their bullshit shenanigans anymore, then so be it. Only proves how futility childish their creations were in the first place...

    (Although I think cpw does make some worrisome valid points about FML. Let's hope Mojang possess the discernment to see what mod is executing a proper coding function, and what mod is actually being harmful)...


    To be honest, I loughed my Ass off when I have read that, because I knew all the time that he was the cause of the Problem.

    And that Flamewar with the Terms has happened, because of him starting the Flamewar against me, what then of course fired back to all Modders in general.

    Karmatic Justice, my friend. You can't fuck around and dodge the flow of the universe forever...

    May all Goons be purged in the cleansing fire that is Mojang. May their persistent infection be finally staved away from our community...

    .....Origin has sales?



    I usually really wanted to play it, but EA just pisses me off so much I am not buying their games anymore (also, I really would have liked ME3 on Steam)

    Well, since they went DRM happy and have tried to desperately clone Steam, I don't trust anything for EA anymore. Course, I haven't seen anything that I really like coming out of their studio as of late, so, meh....

    I just now looked up the 1.8 update to see what it was about and they are adding more rock species to the game. If they are actually going to upgrade the world gen. to reflect geological accuracy, then it sounds pretty damn cool. But more than likely, they won't :S


    You worry about Sodium being Solid at normal Temperature? Look at the Tungsten! That Stuff would melt any Container it is in!

    No, my point was that you use Molten Na as a fuel in your mod, and I'd probably use the solid state (dust) in mine for chemical mixing, lol

    Started on the material list on the wiki:

    Anyone got any suggestions? Wasn't sure if we should keep it as a periodic table, showing the elements that aren't in Gregtech, or should we make it just a regular table with the elements that are.

    My only issue with that is the fact that Sodium is a Solid at STP (Standard Temp. and Pressure), and in GregTech it's a "fluid". Which is why I've been reluctant to continue of my add-on due to the fact that there are some chemical applications that I would conflict with between it and GregTech. That, and the fact that I'll be designating 'Cobblestone' and 'Stone dust' as part of the Feldspar series of rocks (which, it's formula is NaAlSi8O8). So that, in and of itself, would prove to be a balancing conflict of interest...

    I have thought about seperating the Al to different 'grades' which limit it's application in certain directions. In order to get higher grades of Al, you'd need to continuously compress the lower grades together in order to form a more metal-dense bar (Course, this could be expanded upon in GregTech mode, in any case that fits)....

    The whole reason we're in this mess, is because people wanted IC2 to update and change. When it did, the very people who wanted change no longer wanted change. There is no way to win.

    And that's why I've basically said: "Fuck them". They asked for change, and when they received "change", they didn't like the permutation that followed. What they really wanted, imo, was a replica of what was already becoming available to them in other mods, but rehashed off the EU energy system. That's not changing the mod, but copying it to be apart of another's design. Quite frankly, I do hope IC2's fan base shrinks down a bit, due to the simple fact that the following for this mod only exploded due to modpack involvement, and thus drew in a crowd who only knew the mod from "such and such" place because it had "such and such" things in it. That's not appreciation for a mod, that's waiting around and seeing when you can "haz moar l33t stuff" in between updates and content patches, and then running back to the servers the moment you get what you want. It's a lazy system that they've developed, and if they are so resistant to the idea of applying effort (even from a marginal click and drag standpoint), then I don't see how they are of any consolation to IC2 overall...

    The incentives to even do crops at all is so low, nearly everyone doesn't. They need to be more practical to get so more people will use them and realise why IC2 isn't all done by other mods. The fact a growth 24+ plant effectively turns into a weed is an example of your point.

    It's an incomplete feature from the days of the Dragon Lord. I don't think he was quite "impressed" with everyone's responses towards the crop system, and thus became a little discouraged from developing it out any further. Of course, it's expected considering the low level standard of complexity that the modpack communities desire..

    I don't even think we should worry/bother with modpacks in general. Those of us who have the ability to rub two brain cells together can already install mods without the usage of a launcher system. Sure, it makes things more convenient, but after some time, such systems become a debilitating crutch as far as how to go about interfacing with a program and altering things around. But in most respects, it's the cost of not having official mod support from Mojang in general...

    Edit: If I was to start on an add-on (again), should I just wait till Forge is stable for 1.7, or go ahead and attempt it on 1.6.4?


    You mean corporate funded NSA says Free Speech is Harmful because it hurts their bottom line and they want the population to "buy into" "compliance?"


    So if you are just saying "deal with it" then that is fine. But please understand that I personally object to the direction.

    MagusUnion : you are vastly over-estimating the importance of IC2 in my life.

    You are the one doing the bitching, thinking it's going to get you somewhere...


    I actually didn't even play it for over a year, just thought: why not give it another try, just to learn that some people massively and (imo) very badly changed it. So I am giving advice, but all I face is a single developer, who not only seems to be the only one left, but as well thinks of himself way too high, plus his fanboys. This is pretty close to the state IC2 was in about a year ago, just that there is no Alblaka left to fix it this time.

    I think you fail to realize that RichardG kept IC2 afloat for quite a long stretch of time. Alba has been gone for MONTHS now, and probably doesn't have much intention on coming back. If I had to guess why, it's probably because of what you are doing now: believing that "you" know what's best for the mod, and that the dev. team should take your advice "or else". To be honest, this isn't a business venture, nor are you a stock broker or an analyst. As much as you want to believe that you helping, the truth of the matter is that you aren't.


    Just seeing how many people actually participated in this discussion, tells me in which state the mod is: claimed by someone who just stepped into way too big shoes, but fails to admit it, yet has a bunch of people, ready to bark at anyone who disagrees. It will effectively kill IC2 eventually, if that false illusion of everything being just fine isn't corrected soon. Currently the mod is lacking development, it lacks a concept and it lacks a vision, and the details are designed for a very small minority, which effectively excludes many players who previously enjoyed IC2. And without an audience, the interest to continue this mod will as well fade away eventually, causing it to die from the very same path, that caused death to many other projects before, and most likely many projects in the future.

    Just because we don't adopt your vision of mod design does not mean that other people do not like what is currently in place. For example, that dreaded mod Better Than Wolves is still somewhat maintained, and its following is mostly confined within their forums. Does that mean that BTW is dead? Not necessary. It only means that it has a very small (and habitual ass-kissing) crowd that still plays the mod. Now, if you believe that a mod is "dead" or "alive" based on its stature of popularity, then yes, I'm sure IC2 would be dead in that case. But honestly, since NO ONE makes money off IC2 development (or at least, anymore), that's a rather moot point, and the mod has returned to being what all mods originally start as: a fun programming project for a video game that other people can also enjoy. No drama, no meta-game, no bullshit. Just a simple mod that you can add to Minecraft, clean and simple...


    The problem with life-experience however is that everyone needs to make his own, so no matter what I say or how much of it, you'll either listen in the first place, because you have learned the lesson to listen already, or you never will. As we are on page 6 with no relevant progress, I assume it will be the later. So go forth, do your thing, and either prove me wrong, or - should I be right - learn from it.

    Again, you HONESTLY think you can berate us to side with you. Seriously! That behavior is the EXACT reason why we AREN'T taking your advice. This mod doesn't have to "prove" anything to you. This mod doesn't "need" to be popular. Only YOU think it has to be. For what? For Modpacks? For Let's Plays? If you have some business where you "needed" IC2 to be famous or user friendly in order to make a profit, then it's your own damn fault for depending on something as volatile as a community creation for money. And if that's not the case, then what the hell is it? To feel "right'? To "get your way"?

    Wait, so the MINUTES you would need to smelt Iron into refined Iron for Machine Blocks, which were needed before, are irrelevant to you?

    Because when you overclock a Electric Furnace, it doesn't ramp up the EU cost nearly as high as the Metal Former does. Plus, people circumvented this with the Induction Furnace anyway, so it wasn't a "big deal" as Iron Plates are now. (Basically, they are bitching about mechanics that they can't "cheese" around anymore, lol)...