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    I'd like to point two important areas in which this add-on is essential:

    While it's still a very useful plugin, I'd like to offer this to refute those two points:

    1) If you haven't got enough material to make an electric wrench, you're not going to have ANY expensive machines to risk. The worst thing you'll have broken is a basic machine. Repairing it isn't even as expensive as making an electric wrench.

    2) Any time you're wrenching multiple machines, odds are good that you'll be near a source by which you recharge your gear. Again, if you can't yet afford the energy storage to easily recharge, you probably don't have much to lose anyhow.

    If your textures are your own original work, you do not need specific permission - you're permitted to do so already. Still, it's nice to acknowledge the developers if you include a readme or something.

    Also, keep in mind that the machines are not rendered from this terrain sheet. Machines, wires and other blocks are all on their own sheets.

    I had the same issue and the same error. Looks like the other IC2 add-ons I was using (BC-IC Crossover and Advanced Machines - with Pwnedgod's fix) are working fine with 1.70

    I've released a fix for AdvM
    I've only released the modified files and these modified files were decompiled using a hacky way.

    So, how do we use this "fix"? If it only contains the modified files, it would be safe to assume that we don't just drop this in the /mods folder instead of the original.

    Please explain what we are to do with this file.

    It's best to put your windmills at level 127 to get the most energy from them. This means making a platform at about level 123, laying down your infrastructure and then running wires up to the mills.

    There's a pretty in-depth thread in the Electrical Engineering section on how to do this. It's not particularly expensive, to be honest.

    And do note that there's a small chance of recovering a machine block instead of an MFE.

    If you're dismantling an MFE with a bronze wrench, that's the price of foolishness. If you lose an MFE with an electric wrench... that's well deserved. :rolleyes:

    The question has been asked so excessively that Eloraam put it in Her EAQ:


    “Make cover plates work on X other mod”.

    It’s impossible. It’s not a matter of adding cover plates to another block type, but making a block type work inside cover plates. Covers require a huge amount of code, including a lot of custom rendering, and any blocks that use them have to be written, from the ground up, to make use of them. Anything using them would require RedPower Core to function, even if it was possible. So just use the RedPower equivalents.

    I'm sure that Alblaka doesn't want IC2 to become an add-on for RedPower, so this will never happen.