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    they wont do something like that since mods are the number 1 attractive of the game and the reason almost 22million of people around the world bought the game.

    In normal situations, if you dont like the way a game is, you absolutely complain about it in a forum that has nothing to do with the game (Although related in a obscure way) until the creators do something about it...

    Minor point of order:
    "Only" 5 million people have purchased the game. The 22 Million you quote is the number of registered users of Let's not confuse forum membership with ownership of the product.
    Still, 5 million is pretty impressive, and it puts it up there with some pretty major PC and console games.

    However, the other point is very relevant. WHY is this topic still in the IC2 section of the forum? It's so off-topic that IC2 is only occasionally mentioned as a tangential reference. The thread is nominally about "conversion mods" but to me, it looks more like a lot of griping about how Eloraam does things. When did this become the RedPower forum?

    That's an extremly thin ice you're working on.

    Mojang permits modifications of Minecraft for non-commercial use only.

    Their Terms Of Use seem to disagree with that assessment:


    Plugins for the game also belong to you and you can do whatever you want with them, including selling them for money.

    Now, one might try and debate what constitutes a "plugin", but it's hard to arrive at a definition that doesn't mean "mod". Most people wouldn't think to nor care to sell their work - but Mojang's license seems to explicitly, rather than implicitly, allow for it.

    I think it should work like the Induction Furnace (like the Rotary Macerator in the Advanced Machines mod). The induction furnaces uses so much less energy than an electro furnace with overclockers in it, and yet it is still super fast. Either the induction furnace is OP, or the overclockers are consuming too much energy(and they are expensive compared to what you need for an induction furnace)

    Perhaps that's all true, but keep in mind that the Advanced Machines were introduced months before the concept of overclockers was implemented, and so there was nothing to balance to but the Induction Furnace itself.

    Also, a regular machine with several overclockers (in the range of 9-12) will, in fact, operate faster than an Induction Furnace. The only disadvantage is the smaller input/output capacity.

    I don't personally think Advanced Machines are overpowered, but it would be kind of foolish to balance the performance of anything in IC2 itself against an item from an unofficial add-on.

    The funny thing is, I was using the wrench on the engine and nothing was happening. Never thought to use it on the pipe!

    I never remember having to worry about this in previous versions of BuildCraft - when you placed a pipe next to a machine or engine it genrally automatically aligned itself properly. Then we had that weird issue recently where wooden pipes were flip-flopping of their own accord...

    there is no difference in the code between connecting a golden and a stone waterproof pipe. If you having issues, then something has changed BC's code, or your doing it wrong.

    Well, I knocked away the gold pipe that was at the end of my coolant line and placed a stone pipe, and the water began to flow... so the only possibility I can consider is that the end of that pipe was pointing the wrong way for whatever reason.

    I tried it again, and it seems to be working. So I guess I just didn't notice that the end of the pipe was backwards. Thanks for clarifying, and I am sorry for reporting a "bug" that didn't exist. :S

    I crafted a Large Electric Engine, and it will accept power from the cable but it will not connect to the BC cooling pipe. I placed it next to a gold waterproof pipe and no coolant would flow into it. Replacing the items did not change this. If there's any further information I can provide that would help, please let me know. It seems to supply powe just fine, but I can't get coolant into it. Does that need to come from the "bottom" (or back, whatever you'd call the side opposite the piston)?

    For what it's worth, I'm using a couple of small electric engines and they work just fine.

    [EDIT: It appears that it will connect to a stone waterproof pipe, but not a golden one. That's odd. It can be worked around, but it's atypical.]

    Why are you using uninsulated HV wire? You're losing more power than is being transmitted, that's why you're getting nothing at the end. Use the type of wire best suited to carry packets of the given size. Copper is suited for low voltage (32 EU packets or less), Gold for Medium Voltage (128 EU) and if you can't afford glass fibre (512 EU packets), use iron for HV or higher.

    And insulate them to maximum so that you aren't bleeding power.