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    fourth: could you imagine a griefer on your server mount on of these
    under a town and build up 200mill EUs over a week or 2 and then decide
    to completely decimate your server by blasting holes through everything?
    no one would be safe unless they built their house out of bedrock,
    which they can't :"

    honestly a greifer would not have the patience to do this especially when you have mining laser scatter shot which can swiss cheese a town in one shot so not only is this idea overkill and inconvenient. even greifers would find this difficult to use

    however what i would like to see is a dedicated anti mob turret. but a long range mining laser if plenty powerfull for that purpose as it will kill almoast anything in one 2 shots maby even one shot if you want to wait for the fire damage to take effect

    :thumbup: why not just apply a white overlay to the players camera that slowly fades back to normal to simulate flash blindness it would be much eaiser to code than messing with block lighting also add a high pitched tone kinda like how you code a flashbang in a first person shooter.

    I had a similar issue with a twist. for me jetpacks work flawlessly however if i use a jetpack in the nether fall damage seems to be a bit funny and the jet pack treats a landing like a fall from the starting height. additionally quantum boots will not protect you from fall damage in the nether as was stated on irc by the person who confirmed my bug

    the whole reason i posted this is because i DID do the wiring first and i cant install the machines because they explode before i can add the transformer upgrade to the expansion slot.

    and the reason i am posting this as a bug is because it is inconvienant to have to shut down your entire power grid to replace or add a single machine to a large system. to do as you suggested would involve halting the entirew production line or digging under the aray and wasting time and effort to cut a single cable than install the machine and go back through the tangle of wiring to reattach it. completely unfeasable and annoying

    If this is intended behavior than you should add some method of installing the transformer upgrade before placing the unit eg craft the unit plus the upgrade.

    but i fail to see why you would intend this behavior as it serves no purpose. it is one thing to allow a machine to explode if you try to USE it with improper voltage but there should be a method to replace a machine on a live circuit. how hard would it be to add say a 20 second delay to the explosion. when you look at it there is no reason not to do it and there is no real abuse potential

    i mean i am not asking for alot here just some convienance

    I am posting this as a bug because realistically machines would not be accepting input voltage until you flip the switch EG perform an operation. the ct of installing a machine in a high voltage environment should not trigger a detonation until the machine is activated for the first time. this will give the player a chance to replace a broken machine in a high voltage grid and install the proper upgrades without having to break down complex wiring just to protect the machine for the 2 seconds it takes to add a transformer. when was the last time you saw an electrician installing an appliance while it was turned on??

    i belive i had 3 threads all of which are completely gone including replies there was no notification that they were closed or deleted so i am trying to figure out what the hell happened

    honestly if for some reason a moderator or admin deletes a thread they should be morally obligated to at least inform the author why