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    Should I update my .24 to .25 now or should I use .26pre?

    My replicators, IV, EV or HV are not being connected any pipes. Tried to pump it directly from the mass fab but it did not work. I even added the pump covers to all the possible sides but the pipes did not attached. GT pipes and other fluid transportation methods did not attached nor worked on the replicators. Any help would be appreciated.

    Did you tried out to connect the pipe on eah side? From what I have seehn there is only on the back smth. what can be called output. Try this out on the back and report then; would not wondering if some GT-Machines are only giving stuff
    out on the back but this must I check too.

    Hope that I could help you with this :).

    As I said it fixes things that are otherwise broken. I don't intentionally break other Mods, that would be just as bad. But now on IRC we found out that Essentialcraft registers one Item under multiple OreDict Names that are incompatible to each other, what is basically unfixable. The only thing that can be done is blacklisting those Pale things from unification, since it is clearly not solvable with unification targets.

    You are right. This sould be blacklisted as soon as possible I think. And like also said on IRC it would be glad if a mod based blacklist for the unification is possible or not. I know that this then means core changes but at the end the user
    can then blacklist hole mods to prevent such things from the beginning ;).

    I think that this should only be add a for/if/else or a for/switch/case (which is quite better).

    The Unification is there to actually FIX Bugs inside other Mods. If other Mods add to the OreDict but don't use OreDict themselves (what is idiotic behavior on their side), then the Config gives you the option to fix it yourself. And don't tell me you only want Unification on vanilla Stuff, that is ridiculous and would have no effects at all. Unification makes it so that you only have one type of Ingot/Gem per Material instead of a dozen different ones with totally identical functionality.

    And GT Inventories unificate no matter what, that can and should never be turned off.

    If there is an Issue with a specific Mod then telling Bloody that one specific Mod is being stupid, might help setting a default Target (what in turn will fix all the morphed gems in the next update), what is used for fixing MAAAAAAAANY retarded Mods already.

    I can't agree with this GregoriusT, sorry. But you can't going to mod specific Items like those fromEssential Craft or other Mods which ar needed from the mod. If the mod EE3 would be mine then I would force you to blacklist all of the mods stuff and to do not touch it in any form. Sorry again but you don't have the right to go through the hole oredict and change the behavior of the mod without testing it and since many mods are no linger continuing anymore or won't get support since they moved to 1.10.2 it is rly bad to try to unificate them. I also think that you don't have read all of my posts twice since that your unification process destroys Essential Craft 3 compleatly because it changes three important plates which I have explained above and such things should not ... no did not have to happen!

    I only agree with all those metal ingots/blocks but not more, sorry, because you said it, they register them with the oredict but then they don't use it in the recipes which can be stupied or which is wanted and if so then don't touch such matrials if they not used over the oredict, simple as that.

    Sometimes you don't need the oredict if you have only one entrie in it so I would register my item over the ordict, but I would never use the oredict in the name if the recipe is a mod specific ones for a mod specific item.

    And yes, I will go into the config now and change the craftin and inventory unification from true to false until this problem is fixed and I hope Blood Asp can fix it (I can also try to help him with that), but If I should use in the feature any of your official Version I'll fork the repro and force out the hole unification from it (commenting them out should enough) because to say other modders are idiotic is one point but pls touch your own nose because it can be that you will be the one who acts false and breaks smooth running things.

    I like the mod but I don't like how the unification destroys other mods functionallity only why they are not using the oredict at all the time so not only they are doing it (eventuall) wrong but, so plesae think about the hole unification process and force out mods which can eventually break which can be bypassed if you only touch metal ingots/block and not more/less.

    This is my opinion.

    I don't know if some people can read posts a few posts ago but I'll quote it for you all again:

    The 1.10 version will take a while, it's tricky.

    In addition for ypu, Player:

    I am using your mod in my WIP Privat MP which is a lightly changed FTB Infinity Evolved MP with a few more mods as currently in it and since it isn't the original FTB-IE MP I let you now that I use your mod.
    If it will be stable and finished and publich then I'll response again in this thread :).

    you need to change the specific ingot. plate. gem under the specific mod that is effected. if there is a specific mod that is being affected because of the unification that is because they arent using the ore dic for there recipes so post a issue on github so bloody can look at it.

    trying to tell a modder what he/she must do to there mod or port of a mod is never a good idea btw. You arent paying them for the work they are doing so if ya dont the work they are doing then your getting what you paid for.

    Thanksfor your fast replay bear. Can I ask you for a private talk on/in the IRC-Channel? I think it is the fastes way so that I can prepare the bug-/feature report. And sorry if I was a little ... this was not what I wanted ;).

    I tried out - in GregTech.cfg - B:CraftingUnification=false and B:InventoryUnification=false but it did not work because if the prefered Item is pushed into an inventory it is "morphed" too, also the Pale Gem is "morphed" into Perodit(e) Gem which isn't rly funny because this item should and must be untouched and I rly don't know why it is in so many unified oredict entries ... means in fact that the unification process must be removed from this mod compleatly for all non-GT Mods which means that it only touches vanilla things on change.

    I hope that you remove it otherwise I please you to show me the source code so that I can fork and remove it on my own.

    I hope it's ok for doubble posting:

    If I am right and if the config does not matter I can revoke many changes if I set

    _false=true or _true=false

    , I am right?

    Also, if I did not find the boolean for an item (I think it must be registered in the ore dictionary), can I add it simply like I have done it with B:plateDemonic_false=true
    or was it only not be recogniced?

    Ok, now I have a big problem and I don't know how to fix it:

    essentialcraft {        B:dustMagic_false=true        B:gemDiamond_false=true        B:gemEmerald_false=true        B:gemEnderPearl_false=true        B:gemRuby_false=true        B:gemSapphire_false=true        B:ingotGold_false=true        B:ingotMagic_false=true        B:ingotThaumium_false=true        B:plateDemonic_false=true        B:plateDiamond_false=true        B:plateEmerald_false=true        B:plateEnder_false=true        B:plateGlass_false=true        B:plateMagic_false=false        B:plateMithriline_false=true        B:plateObsidian_false=true        B:platePale_false=true        B:plateRedstone_false=true        B:plateVoid_false=true    }

    As you can see I have changed _false=false to _false=true but now all plates are "morphing" into plateMithriline which is the Mithriline Plate. If I disable B:plateMagic_false=true then I get from each plate Magical Plate and this is also not good.
    Now the question is how to disable the process for the hole mod compleatly, so that GT does never change any item from Essential Craft 3 any more but it should be possible to use the item in GT Machines to craft them.

    I hope that you can help me with this because it is currently for this mod not good (but for the other mods it is ok, no more n-Stacks for each Copper, Tin, or what ever ingot is more then two times available).

    Ok, I think that I found the problem. It is the point the three plates have two unified oredict entries: plateMagic (include Magic, Demonic and Mithriline Plate) and then they are splited in plateDemonic, plateMithriline and the last one is only in plate Magic so this can possible cause this problem which I currently have, so is it possible to do anything at this point?

    Configs! Specifically, "Unification.cfg" in minecraft/config/Gregtech

    for a particular item type replace "_false=false" with "_false=true" for the mod you want GT to unify to.
    I predict you want to find

    essential_craft {	B:plateDemonic_false=false...

    This is nice, then I'll have to take a look on it. Does GT share the configs from the server to the client like Mekanism and other mods are doing it? Because change this on the server only without changing it on the client should then be enough or not?

    Ah ok, it comes from those small ores, good to know :).

    Hmmm, I am actaully playing with Essential Craft 3 but GT seems to hase a running thread which converts many objects into GT ones which is fine but not if I use Essential Craft's Mihtriline Plates which are converting into Demonic Plates.
    If I am not fast enough, I can't get with them those Mithriline Platings for the Mitriline Furnace. Is this "hardcoded" or is there an option or blacklist to disable item converting for gregtech?

    It is still fine for all those ingots and some other stuff, but for stuff whith which GT hasn't todo anything else it shouldn't touch it and let it be as it is, because then it can be that GT breaks the affected mod compleatly, if you don't want
    to trade the crafting materials instantly over creative mode.

    I hope that I am asking not to much but at some point google does not provide any information on that for GT5U or later.

    Ok, then I'll take a look on that too.

    However, what about the ores which are coming from GT5U? It does not seems that they are all silktouch able because my TCunstruct Hammer has Silktouch on it but it does not work.
    Is this a problem between GT and TC or is this wanted? Or can I only be silktouching GT-Ores with GT stuff? Also is the EnderQuarry with his silktouchupgrade be able to mine GT-Ores or

    Ore processing in gregtech is a little different than mekanism. In gregtech you process ores to get secondary by products (or more). Mekanism you just process to get multiplicative output. So if you process and ore like ruby you can get other materials out of it like Chrome. Where as in Mekanism if you fully process gold you get 5x gold ingots. I would go into more detail but I'm in class on my phone.

    Here is a link to all the ores and the byproducts you can get out of them with proper processing.

    Thanks for the link, now I have much more todo as tought :D - But I'll give my best to get those byproducts which I rly need, other stuff can go into Mekanism's x5 processing.

    GT ores can only be processed by GT machines mostly anyway. Mekanism or other mods have only <10% of the GT ores and can't process the other stuff. Also in some cases the byproducts are more important, so again you need GT oreprocessing. For the few things you can process with mekansism building a processing line is not worth the work.

    I don't think so since Mekanism changed the work for the Solar Evaporation Tower compleatly an labled it new as Thermal Evaporation Tower, also the recipes have changed so you can easiely go to x2/x3 and since that we have Draconic Evolution in the MP x5 is important for this because actually we don't have the power to run a world with draconium ore in RFTools. This is my meaning for this :).

    Well, nobady which has any idea for the AESU and IDSU?

    I haven't used Immersive Engineering myself, but I looked up its Arc Furnace on the FTB wiki, and based on the recipes listed, it seems closer to being a substitute for the GT Alloy Smelter than for the GT Arc Furnace. The IE arc furnace combines an ingot or grit with dust or another grit to get an ingot of some sort of alloy (and occasionally some slag), while the GT arc furnace takes various components and machines plus some oxygen to return up to 4 types of ingots and nuggets, roughly equivalent to the amount used to make the input (rounded down to avoid exploits), except that iron is converted to wrought iron, copper is converted to annealed copper, and non-metallic constituents like wood and rubber are converted to ashes.

    You are right. The IE Arc Furnace does not give me the wrought iron ... well, then I have to use the arc furnace which you have mentioned. Thanks for the help :).

    Other Question: <<< this is a nice setup for Ore Processing but how many is optainable? Because if I use Mekanism, I can get x5 from each raw/silk touch mined ore But what is with those byproducts like ferrous, cinabar, and so far?

    I am now not sure which processing is for which or the best because there is quite to much in NEI, which causes headaches :S ...

    EDIT: Also I can't find the ASEU nor the ISDU, if they included yet or not and if not, when will they both be added or are they already added but renamed? Searched for them but found nothing.

    Last I knew, GT5u had two common ways of making wrought iron:
    1. put regular iron nuggets in a furnace to get wrought iron nuggets, then combine them into ingots (slow and expensive in terms of charcoal/EU, but necessary until method #2 becomes available)
    2. put iron ingots in an arc furnace.
    Those can be hard to find in NEI, and I think some builds have had bugs that caused them to be hidden. Has that come back?

    Thanks for the Replay. I hope the Arc Furnace from Immersive Engineering is enough todo this work, so I'll proof this, because Arc Furnace = Arc Furnace, or not?

    Hey together,

    I have installed GT5U because GT6 is currently Alpha and I can't find an rly good up to date wiki (which means rly up to date explaing all the stuff for GT6) and because we are using Forge 16** the normal GT5 can't be used.

    So now, after I removed dense-/netherores I looked for the fusion reactor but I can't build it because there are many blocks for them missing which can't be because from what I have read GT5U has all the GT4 staff in it
    but without the Fusion Matrix (both) I can't do anything and no, youtube did not helped me, also google and the forum search did not showed me any post/thread if I searched for "fusion reactor".

    Also the Interdimensional Storage Unit is not available (I'll link a video from where I have all those stuff which is missing), AESU is also not in GT5U, no Industrial Electrolyzer, and much more. Pls refere to the following video
    where the Fusion Reactor is build in FTB Ultimate…3puI&ab_channel=Thorinair

    So know I am rly confused why I am reading that GT5U has all the staff from GT4 in it but at the end not? Also I have two blocks which are looking similar to those Fusion Matrix but no crafting recipe and names are and

    Did I eventually smth. wrong? I have compared the updated MP-Map with a fresh new SP-Map but it is the same. So what is currently in GT5U and what not and will it be implemented in the future? And what is currently in GT6 Alpha?
    Because I searched for the manuals but I found only 3 books looking similar to those from GT5 if I am right.

    Refering to this does not helped me because the images are different as in my NEI for the Hatches.

    It will be glad if some one can help me out to get ride off my wired looking face with those >>> ??? <<< in my eyes.

    I rly like this mod, have never played it but ahve looked many videos where it was used and now I can't get started or using it because of missing information which I did not found using any search methode. SO I hope that there is a Manual in GT5U and/or in GT6 which contains all the stuff explained like Tinkers Construct it does or RFTools.

    Well, I am done with all what I would say to this nice mod and now waiting for a small bit of help/answers, cheers.