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    Because someone might ask, here's what I put in the miner:

    TRY 1: Added Diamond Drill, OD scanner. Drill did not mine.

    TRY 2: Added Diamond Drill, OD scanner, 1 pipe. Drill mined 1, pipe prevented new cobblestone.

    TRY 3: Added Diamond Drill, OD Scanner, 1 pipe, ejector upgrade. Drill mined 1, then ejected drill, pipe, ore. Miner stopped mining without drill.

    I tried to follow the image Aroma1997 tossed out, but I cannot seem to make a miner break one level of cobble. I tried an advanced Miner on Whitelist with just a cobblestone... and it started mining a while level of stone before I realized it.

    Can someone give me the specifics of what is supposed to be set up and what I should expect while it is working? I must be missing something, show me the baby steps.

    Ok, agreed. If Uranium is 20,000 seconds, it is a Mk II. I wish I could find some additional cooling, It has to be really close if it's running for 18,000 seconds.

    According to the same page, 10% of a cycle is 16 min 40 sec. That would mean a full cycle from full rods to depleted is 10,000 seconds. This reactor "dies" at over 18,000 seconds, so I think it would be a Mk II.

    If someone can squeeze just a HAIR more cooling into it, I think it would be a Mk I / completely safe.

    1376 heat.

    Finally got this into the Exp planner v2, it dies after 18,285 seconds. That's 5 hours. Is that adequate to be considered a "safe" or "full run" reactor, or is this inadequate?

    I'm looking for "the hottest reactor that can be made" , and this is the hottest I know of.

    EDIT: The hottest SAFE reactor not needing external cooling or condensators.

    Wrench rotating is side based. If the wrench is used on the front (back on shift-click), it picks up the machine. If the wrench is used on another face, it will move the front (back) to the wrenched side.

    Hope I got that right, it might be backwards.

    Hard to give exact amount, because I'm using the mobile planner at the moment.


    This is a 991 reactor.

    1. 0202020009110D0C09020200000C0D0C0D110200000C0D0C0D0C0D0C000C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D110D140D140D110D11

    This is a 1280 Reactor.

    1. 0003030C0A140D0C0A03000C0D0C0D0C0D14030C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D140D140D140D140D14

    Once you get iridium (from a dungeon), this is a 1340 reactor, the highest-heat and about most efficient stable, non-external reactor you can make.

    1. 2303230C09110D0C0903230C0D0C0D0C0D11230C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D110D140D140D110D11

    I've melded down reactors. I've messed up reactors. Apparently I have never run one with no heat escape... until now.

    Completely inadequate energy storage means I was running the reactor to refill an MFE, a not more than 5-minute operation. I was SURE I had enough time to shut it off before it melted, and I had it nearly enough heat dissipation.

    Apparently that goes out the window if the energy has nowhere to go. This screenshot is where my reactor used to be. Apparently lack of heat dissipation means it exploded, rather than melting the reactor core like it has always done in the past.

    I've decided I'm going to make a new world and turn on cheats. this was something like 1-2 week's worth of work, all gone, with not enough resources to rebuild. I am going to cheat and get me back to this point, I can't afford the time lost :(

    Interesting side note: my machines are as strong as reinforced concrete!

    From my other Fluid Reactor Post (Ordered Reactor vs Mutant Reactor), The amount of Tin involved in setting up a pure IC2 reactor is on the same order as the amount of Lead.

    At the same time, if you have automated miners, you get that much tin. I ran out of both close to the same time for my first reactor.

    What about making the switch and teleporter one taller, and put a wire between the MFSU and the teleporter?

    EDIT: you could move the whole setup one lower, or move the switch and teleporter one to the side, as well.

    I am comparing costs of 2 ways to build a fluid Reactor, up to the liquid heat exchangers. While I will show Stirling engines, there should be room when properly built to add boilers and turbines or any other heat-needing device.

    Here's the "Mutant Corner" fluid reactor. The top shows the placement of Fluid ports; the bottom shows heat exchangers and distributors. Every 6 Heat Exchangers need 3 distributors and 4 ports.

    (I call it the "Mutant Corner" reactor because the corners of the reactor kind of "grow outward".)

    Here's the ordered high-distributor reactor. The first pic shows the side, needing 3 distributors for 12 (or more) heat exchangers. The center is the distribution, while the top and bottom exchangers are returns. The second picture shows you can stack these linearly, 3 distributors to 2 heat exchangers.

    To do 12 exchangers, (close to) the normal amount for a high-functioning liquid reactor, these are the key differences in materials. I'm ignoring the heat exchangers or other items as being equal in either case.

    Mutant Corner reactor:

    8 fluid ports = 80 lead - 10 lead for not-needed normal blocks = 70 lead

    6 distributors ~ 190 Tin, 68 Iron, 8 copper, 12 glass (This is for 7, but it'll be proportional, I'll do the same next)

    Ordered High-distributor reactor:

    3 fluid ports = 30 lead
    (not enough blocks replaced to reduce lead need directly)

    18 distributors ~ 570 tin, 204 iron, 24 copper, 36 glass

    The driver is definitely TIN. I haven't looked for reduced rates when using 1 return, then replacing 2 feeds with Weighted distributors.

    I don't know the spawn rates for various items. I've been mining a 100x100 block with a miner from height 49 or so; this should give SOME idea of how hard it is to get lead vs tin.

    I was nearly out of both lead and tin when I finished my reactor, perhaps 4 lead and 100 Tin total.

    I currently have 57 lead and 205 tin, or about 81% of lead needed and 36% of tin needed to do this again. It is favorable to do this again with Lead.

    If you factor in a second reactor housing, it is likely better to do this with Tin to help save the total 230 Lead to make a second fluid reactor. (60 for the reactor, 170 for the fluid vessel)

    If comparing in terms of UU-matter, Tin ore is about 8x cheaper than Lead ore. While I may need 365 tin vs 170 Lead, I should be able to make it with 1/4 the UU-matter (if that was what I wanted to do).

    Just my 2 emeralds:

    I try to limit the number of mods I use, so I'm only use IC2 and JEI. I realize these are expensive, I would like them less so, but once a minder is running Tin does not seem to be an issue. Admittedly, my tin looks much more sparse compared to when I played 2-3 years ago...

    Don't forget to reduce the number of motors by making Dense Tin Plates!

    7 distributors = 190 Tin, 68 Iron, 8 copper, 12 glass

    1 Distributor = 27 Tin, 10 iron, 1 copper, 2 glass
    VASTLY reduces the amount of copper & iron

    9 ejectors = 36 Tin + (1 engine = 3 iron + 1 tin + 6 copper?)

    36 ej = 148 Tin, 12 iron, 8 copper

    21 univ. cells = 42 tin, 12 glass

    7 casings = 56 iron

    total for 7 distributors: 190 Tin, 68 Iron, 8 copper, 12 glass

    I became a bit enamored with the idea of a "no waste" reactor, in that there are no used-up components. This reactor uses double rods and therefore can recover all materials (in IC2).

    6x2 U Reactor

    Output: 260E / 1120H

    Efficiency: 4.33

    Overall Efficiency: 4.33


    1. 020202000A140D0C0A020202000C0D0C0D140000000C0D0C0D0C0D0C000C0D0C0D0C0D140D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D140D140D140D140D14