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    Not really :/ The pipes fill up with coolant (visually seem full) and drain completely when I turn off the reactor. I have fluid ejectors in the LHEs so they shouldnt store it?

    All of those items (pipes, LHEs) hold some fluid. Though they are ejecting fluid, it is not instantaneous, and they have to take an action to remove the heat. So Let's say you have 14 pipes holding 500mb fluid each (waiting to be used) and 14 LHE's holding 1000 fluid each. you would need at least 21 buckets of fluid to keep the pipes filled. I often put 36-40 buckets of coolant into a reactor to keep it filled for 14 LHEs, and I will see 4 buckets, more or less, in the primary tank after that.


    Is there anyone who knows a good MOX Fluid reactor design? I would really like to utilize both types of Fuel in my Fluid reactors .

    Keep in mind MOX works just like uranium but with 1/2 the life, at 0 heat. Therefore you could just sub it in when you wanted. If I can fix the MOX reactor you showed for fluid, I'll let you know... but it's a HUGE balancing act, you have to get Net 0 heat loss or gain.

    IF you had something like Nuclear Control, you could pull a part when it reaches 7500 and add it back at 7000 to keep high efficiencies... but I don't have nuclear control

    I'm going to try to answer some of your questions. The biggest problem I have is I am a MOX NOOB.

    0. I use IC2 Experimental Reactor Planner from MauveCloud, It can handle anything.
    - A good "rule of thumb" is to run the simulator as an EU reactor, then double the result for Fluid HU/Tick. For example, this one runs 1280 HU/t average, because it is 640 Max Heat in EU mode:

    1. This seems like an EU reactor. Those stats are "if you heat it to 7500 for start, it will put out 1040 EU/t". this is confirmed in the planner. The planner also has it blowing up in fluid mode.

    - That is an IMPRESSIVE number for eu/tick, I can't see more than 1005 EU/tick from the best fluid reactor I have, with standard IC2 steam turbines.

    2. I have NO CLUE how to use the 20K+ HU/sec I see in IC2 minecraft, stick to the simulator.

    3. Use a setup like this to get steam generation. 2 LHCs per Boiler. Can't vouch for pipes, I only use IC2. Stackable Nuclear Steam generation Crib Notes You can yse fluid distributors instead of all of the tanks and control flow better, but its more expensive in survival.

    4. Again, someone else will hopefully talk on pipes. I use tanks and distributors.

    5. Here are my highest heat designs. Again, no MOX. I'll see if I can get a decent MOX reactor one of these days... but they're tricky.

    4x Quad Uranium / MOX, 1280 heat -> 960 EU/t in IC2:

    IRIDIUM REFLECTORS: 2x Quad Uranium, 4x Reflectors, 1340 heat -> 1005 EU/t in IC2:

    3 Quad + 1 Dual MAX, 1376 heat -> 1032/t EU in IC2: (WILL EXPLODE if run for 20,000 seconds)

    I propose a "small tank", holding 1000-5000 mB of liquid/gas, for loops which don't need permanent storage. I'm hoping it could be an easy "copy-paste the tank" to do this.

    The Tank is actually pretty useful... but its capacity causes problems when putting it into a loop. For example, using it in a Nuclear Reactor loop means you can possibly have a full tank of either cold coolant or hot coolant in the loop somewhere, at least 24 buckets of coolant wasted. Having a smaller capacity means less material gets stored indefinitely in a loop.

    Nuclear Steam Generation is a touchy, tricky business. The easy way out is just use Stirling Generators, but there is an advantage of something like 50% more power from Steam.

    I'm going to make a step-by step "How-to" on steam power on the forum, but I wanted to give the "shorthand" version in the form of a picture. NOTE: I'm pretty sure this will work, but I did not have time to test yet.

    This can be flipped upside-down and still work, for example if you have more space below your reactor than above.

    I suppose this could also be used to minimize the material for a Stirling setup, but the point here was to get enough heat to the Boilers to make steam constantly.

    The point is you can stack these next to each other, one for every 200 HU or portion of 200 HU your reactor outputs. If you have a 1340 HU reactor, you stack 7 of these next to each other and have all of your heat maximally used. Otherwise, I think you need to put multiple liquid ports on your reactor and it gets Frankenstein's monster-looking and huge.

    I suggest the boiler either have a facing for steam ejection, or have an option for an fluid ejection port, which would then force steam to only exit in one direction.

    I am having difficulty with the boiler and tanks because the Boiler seems to eject steam into every side it can. It makes more sense to me to at least have the option to eject steam to only one side.

    So Jetpacks can be added to armor. Why not Batpacks (and Adv Batpacks, and I suppose EnergyPacks and LapPacks)? This would especially be useful if you forget to take off your hazmat suit, or vice versa forget to take off your batpack before handling uranium :)

    CF Sprayer packs could also be an add to Hazmat... but I would die less if Batpacks worked, so that's more important!

    Is there a Gregtech thread? I THINK this 1207 heat reactor is the biggest thorium reactor that can be made. Not sure where to put it.

    9 QUAD THORIUM, 188E / 1207H


    I'm using just IC2, solar seems nerfed from what it was 3 years ago. I tried making a small array; it couldn't keep up with my power needs, and I resorted to pumping the nether and using lots of universal cells. A BB and pump can pump 100-200 lava without needing a recharge, and 20-30 cells can refill in 30 seconds or less.

    I go Nuclear because IC2 has no other major power source. It's expensive and can have major downsides, but what else can I do if I want to remain "IC2 only"? Lava would likely work, but I would guess 2-3 pumps in the nether would be needed for major construction.

    Wait... This is a Mark III MOX reactor! Pretty cool (warm?) for that.

    Also, I found you don't need QUITE so many advanced exchangers. I swapped out the two corner ones for standard.


    Because someone might ask, here's what I put in the miner:

    TRY 1: Added Diamond Drill, OD scanner. Drill did not mine.

    TRY 2: Added Diamond Drill, OD scanner, 1 pipe. Drill mined 1, pipe prevented new cobblestone.

    TRY 3: Added Diamond Drill, OD Scanner, 1 pipe, ejector upgrade. Drill mined 1, then ejected drill, pipe, ore. Miner stopped mining without drill.