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    @SphaxTextures: Now that I have changed the Textures of Machine Casings, I wait until you finished that.

    they are done.
    Everything is done but guis (which are being worked on). Also something maybe you could look into, the nei guis (or at least the fusion reactor one) don't pull from the texture pack folder.

    Also a heads up, you can make an electric crafting table using an electric crafting table in 1 recipe lol.

    I agree with mistaqur that the quantum tank should be more expensive than the quantum chest, and by a lot too. The thing that balances the quantum chest is that theres so many blocks you could put in there, over 100 with just vanilla. With liquids there aren't many at all in comparison. Using tons of mods that add liquids theres about 30 or so which is nothing compared to blocks. I'd like to see with the quantumchest and quantumtank maybe not allowing items to be deposited or taken out unless there is power (or maybe just requiring some power for each item deposited or taken out).

    You must have had to download minecraft from for the mods to work so your claim is false.

    I found a bug, sometimes in NEI, one of the slots in certain recipes is replaced by the charging electric jetpack when you have solar helmet on.

    Please fix this, thanks :D

    They are replaced with any item whos charge changes. Wear a quantum suit and get hit by zombies and you will see those overlay recipes too. I'm guessing its a nei bug, but mayb worth looking into.

    Interestingly thats a bug in NEI not this mod. If you put on a quantum suit and get a few zombies to chase you (and arent in creative) then look up a recipe, you will see when you get hit the quantum armor will replace items in the recipe when it changes energy levels. You only notice this more with this mod because the gravichest is constantly pulling energy.

    heres a few bugs, first off you cannot hit enderman with the vajera as well as the ender dragon.

    Second is just an opinion. The fact that the vajera 1 hits mobs AND 1 hits blocks is kinda op. I think if a tool is so powerful against EVERY block in the game it should at least only do half a heart of damage to mobs. Like your vajera is more powerful than a nano-saber which is the highest tier sword and only sword, it has no other functions.
    If you get that mode code working I'd love to see some new type of nano saber (quantum saber?) that had different modes that would apply the effects of enchantments that are in the game.
    That said I love your mod and think everything else is balanced perfectly. Also the sphax textures for the new items are just about done.

    one last thing breaking ice with the vajera only sometimes turns into water.

    i like its shape atm, its unique. and i don't think it should be redone, maybe it only makes steam if there is at least one water block on a face of the reactor?

    Nuclear reactors are indeed steam boilers. After all, reactors only heat up water to create steam. Which later powers the turbine. Well, a lot of people wanted more realistic reactors. So, here you go.

    On that note I think it would be cool if reactors didn't create power until you put a turbine block ontop of them which would convert the steam into electricity.