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    Hey I'm just messing around with mcp and trying to use the ic2 api. Is there a way to add ic2 to my dev build? I've tried putting it in the mcp/jars/mods folder though it crashes, and nei seems to crash as well so I'm thinking it isn't a bug in the mod but how i'm adding it to my dev build. Anyone have advice?

    download immibus core

    Thats not a Bug. In the first Post you can see it:

    BTW. Can you make the Ultimate Solar Helmet compatible with the Compact Solars mod?

    lol that'd b like wearing a mfsu on ur head
    But i'd love to be able to use a HV solar array to craft a helmet that would simply break even with charging my gravi-suit. (only during the day though and in view of the sky)

    Is it the fault of Ic2 or other mods not using a updated ic2 api that Ic2 ores aren't being registered in mods like forestry (they dont go into the miners backpack) railcraft (rock crusher can't crush ic2 ores into dusts) nether ores (can't macerate ores) and I'm guessing others but those are a few that i've tested. I'm using the absolute latest forge build and using the open beta from this thread.

    thats pretty freaking cool.It almost looks like a real city. thats really awesome.

    noone has noted that spriting w/ the q-suit on ice will make you go about 4x further than before, like you can jump into wayyy unloaded chunks. I'll edit with the distance once i test it.
    edit only happens in multiplayer (or maybe it just isn't happening anymore, will test once i get my server running).

    Awesome mod, I have an idea that might be a bit harder to code, but i think would be pretty cool, since the alloy used to make the drill and chainsaw is so strong maybe you can overclock it somehow (I'm thinking maybe a gui for the right click menu with the drill if you sneak and right click or something, or possibly just a few modes to the drill) but you could put in overclockers (or maybe add more of your alloy or something to the gui menu), but they would scale with energy just as machine blocks do so you could potentially overclock it so that it mines as fast as a efficiancy pickaxe but it would just use a lot more power per block broken. If it stores more power thats ok but most of us use a lappack anyway but if it is upgradeable then that would be absolutely epic imho.

    I also really want to have a solution for making this work with EE. With no EE-compatibility it's excluding quite a bit of people from using this mod. There has to be a way to circumvent that EE "no-other-flying"-issue? :)

    I disagree, why do you need this mod if you can just use your overpowered (debateable) flying thru ur ring. I think this is more of an alternative to ee, ee gives creative mode flying that no other mod gives. This finally fixes that.