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    well i dont care how much you can store in. As i agreed before it can store one item. Im not suggesting stuff like you guys because i want to simplify this idea that it could be implemented and i leave job for you guys how to make it better. Anyways. Ill put quates in first post.

    i dont mean shelf or something where you can see item. Just some sort of crate where you can put tool(s) in. Better then having poop loads of same chests wich makes that annoying noise when you open them for just single tool. Well i have such a thing but for seed bags or not needed items at that sec. I place mcvanilla claudron and i just drop stuff in and after i do my buisness i take them back out.

    Also growing crops in the swamp is best so that also may help you out. I originally started growing my stuff in the desert which was border to a swamp now all my stuff is located on swamp side and is doing quite well.

    well as i heard biomes dont have any effect on crops but may that info isnt right.

    omg. Im getting bored of you guys not cathing the idea. I sed that it shouldint be like chest. You dont have to open it and place something in slots. You just right click with item and it gets automaticali into its inv and then you can take it out with empty hand. I undestand you alblaka. You may not want it because its just waist of time for you. But it would be socool to have such a thingy. Almost same thing flowerchild has for vase (he made better then wolves mod) If no then no. Just lock it. If i would know how to code stuff like that, i would make such addon because in my oppinion its cool.

    So my idea is that we could have storage block but not like chest. Lets say we can put in 3-5 tools. You take that tool, right click on that toolbox/crate, and it disappears from your hotbar into that storage block and so on, and when you want to get tools back you just right click with empty hand and you reseave them back. Its good to set those boxes near agriculture farms and near mines. Near farms you put some hoes and cropnalyzer and lets say weed-ex, near mines maybe pickaxes or drill. So thats my idea i may add something or change.

    For others to understand what is this idea about.

    basically they want a tool storage device that they don't have to open and you can simply right click it and the tool appears on the rack, right click it again and the tool appears in your hand.

    so basically you want to make tools in some way placeable so when you are at your farm or in your workshop you can quickly whip around and swap the tool you have for the tool you need off the wall like making an ic spin on the shelves mod? i think decorators will love it cause they can make a workshop or tool shed that well doesn't look like another chest room. IT ACCTUALLY LOOKS LIKE A TOOL SHED! :D

    I like the idea, that way i can keep the set of tools where i need it and not carrying those around.

    The toolbox i carry on my person would be for weapons and things i need on the field. The toolbox near my plants would be for cropsticks and similar shits and so on.

    Be happy, the certified asshole gives a +1 to this idea.

    Suggested ideas.

    well ya. Nether wart should grow in nether but i dont spend alot of time in nether so its good to be able to farm wart. And as i heard there is new plant to grow that weed-ex ingrediant so it might do something with wart or maybe a new flower. So back to topic. Its suggestion to give some conditions wich makes wart growing interesting. Stop talking like im trying to suggest to make wart grow in overworld.