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    so. It would be awsom to have space dimension. (no, i got this idea not from that april prank) i would code if i would know how, or i could buy this project from alblaka as addon, but im going start working (in job) like after half year and now i have stoopid card wich doesnt let donate and buy stuff in internet.
    So to idea now. By talking i'll be using my oppinion. i would like to see same dimension as The End and maybe with few endstone meteor balls, (well i would just love to have nothing in there) that endermen would not spawn, and that portal would be as instant ender one and horizontal. I guess it wouldnt be hard to code. Delete or edit a bit dimension land generation, make platform on wich you stand smaller or out of other material, and make endermen spawn rate to zero or something like that and maybe add small/no gravity (but not needed).
    Why we would need this dimension? If honestly... I dont know :D its fun to build industrial craft space ship.
    I wont be mad or something if it gets rejected (as it will) but at least i tryed :D
    (btw. Black dimensin. Why? Because no one would visit space dimension thread)

    welcome to forum.

    Well its called dynamic light. Well idea is nice but i dont know if alblaka would take this on to code. This feature has alot of bugs sometimes. Well you should try out dinamic light mod. Just type in google: minecraft dynamic light mod

    ya. I really like stargates sg1. I think im going to get into it in my next world :D make mining laser texture into one from SG and add rings out of slabs around teleporter, ill use new wold hight to make space ship and i would love to fully destroy The End and be able to teleport into it using teleporter. The End looks so like space. Well at least some how to get that portal out of strong hold ;D well... My dreams... Sweet... ;)

    They are Stackable (64 * 1000EU == 64000EU) and so better than RE-Batteries or Batpacks in capability of Storage.

    I use the Batpack/Lappack instead of RE-Battery since IC² 1.81 made it possible to put these packs in the Energyinputslot of Machines and Storages.

    interesting. Should try useing them :)

    so im asking for ideas from you. Im trying to make my texture for that crops watching thingy. Mostly i know how it should look but maybe you boys n girls can help me :)

    mostly im trying to make it look like machine that has some holes in it from where it will spray everything.

    1. Yes but no longer since i know the a bit more efficient Superfuel
    2. Only at Gamestart and maybe in Miners but i use now Lapotrons for that.
    3. Too inefficient. I just use manned Watergens to start power my Base (ca. 8000 EU per useless Tiningot)

    hmm.. Interesting. And why you started using them because normaly 1st batery for me is already re-battery and you lose recourses through those SUB's. I dont even know why alblaka made them :D maybe for IC2 newbies.

    OK, look at the generator and at the wind mill, they are almost the same thing. They have the same metal looking color.
    Since its turbine face random directions, it is annoying to detect broken wind mills.

    well i could try do something, just say what. But i would give you only sprites image because my laptop cant run mc but if you know a programe where you can texture(see how it looks with texture) a block easily then gimmy a link.

    So when i was reading suggestions i saw that someone typed about single use batterys (SUB) and then im like... What... Amm... I know them but never used :D so honestly now.

    1. Have you ever used them:
    2. If you did,then where and why and when(start of game or when you were rolling on that world):
    3. Why you didnt used them:

    1. Have you ever used them: nope
    2. If you did,then where and why and when(start of game or when you were rolling on that world): as i sed, didnt used them.
    3. Why you didnt used them: never needed and didnt found where they would be usefull because i instantly bounce into re-battery. Usualy at 1st-2nd minecraft day i have already poop loads of redstone and few diamonds sitting in chest and waithing to become diamond tip drill. :)

    Haha, Cuteness can be used as Weapon against your Enemys!!! Just create something extremly cute and show it your enemy and he will be knocked out immidiately.

    But back to the Remote. As i said there should be a controlblock/computer for the reactor to link it to. If you additionally want to switch the reactor off then you should use Wireless Redstone for it.

    you know. Computer craft would fit well with reactor :D coding and stuff like that, you open your computer, put in brand new thermometer program :D oh... My dreams... Sweet... :D

    btw. Turning on n off reactor? Job done by Wireless Redstone + RP2 :)

    WR-to send rs signal
    RP2-to hold signal on useing gates

    ya that sounds nice :D but i would be happy even having that one storage block with instant storing and taking out. Now i would really like to hear alblakas opinion but i heard his having some hard times as he posted on his blog so he even might not care about this :) btw what can i do, im happy persone, i like some times to overdose smiles :D